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10 VR Startups to Keep an Eye on in 2021

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vr startups

The Web as I envisaged it, we have not seen it yet. The future is still so much bigger than the past.Tim Berners-Lee, Inventor of the World Wide Web.

Technology is rapidly evolving and popping up in places you would never expect. Now, you can have business meetings in the living room or explore the ocean as a pirate from the comfort of your bed. The cyberworld continues to surprise the masses with its continuous innovations.

The name of the game today is virtual reality. Virtual reality serves as a very immersive bridge between people and the cyber world. VR ends up teleporting you to a whole new world with unlimited possibilities.

This is usually accomplished with modern goggles attached to a computer and a pair of handheld controllers.

Virtual reality is very useful and accessible today, just because it is the future for multiple sectors doesn’t mean that it’s out of your reach. This innovative bridge already has millions of users, go out and experience virtual reality for yourself

VR is gaining popularity and different startups have begun to gain traction – partially thanks to the covid pandemic. Whether you are here to invest, dream, or simply looking for things to spend money on these are 10 VR startups to Keep an Eye on in 2021.

Up and Coming VR Companies

1. Black Box VR

Service: Fitness

Have you been struggling with committing to a workout? Well starting us off is a company that aims to get rid of boring old workout routines. Showing us how technology can improve various aspects of life Black Box VR provides a whole new way to sweat it out.

With a pair of goggles and some modified gym equipment, you are transported to their exciting arenas. Different exercises bring you to different worlds where you get to see your crunches and exercises translate into a fun and exciting game.

Shadowboxing is more fun when you’re not just against a boring old shadow. So wear your boxing outfit and continue your workout routine without going to the gym. 

2. Magic Leap

Service: Business affairs

Many of us by now are probably well accustomed to meeting coworkers online. With Magic Leap, you can say goodbye to boring old Zoom meetings. Magic Leap allows you to access a whole new virtual workspace with lightweight goggles.

They allow business meetings, sales pitches, interactive visual aids, and anything your business needs. The lightweight headset also leads to a very hassle-free experience. Project Create also lets you have a modern-day virtual playground to unleash your creativity.

Magic Leap seems to be the future for new businesses as we reimagine and remodel how companies are run.

3. Meow Wolf Art

Service: Art Exhibits

Museums and Art galleries have always been popular among various age groups. As new generations show up, so do the advancements. Meow Wolf Art creates an immersive and interactive experience that literally brings you into a new world of art.

Maximizing all the different senses with a combination of amazing music and video production Meow Wolf is a treat for the eyes, ears, and the art-loving soul. This company constantly gives credit to its artists and ensures that they get the applause they rightfully deserve.

Try and check out some of the mind-boggling and eye-pleasing art.


4. Niantic

Service: Leading in the AR industry

Yes, this list is dedicated to Virtual reality startups, not Augmented reality. However, it would be rude to not mention the brilliant minds behind Pokemon Go which brought so much love towards AR and VR. Niantic is currently pioneering a global augmented reality platform.

Augmented reality and virtual reality come from the same branch and are often discussed right beside each other. Augmented reality involves adding to the world that you see on a day-to-day basis. Niantic achieved this with cell phone applications such as Pokemon Go. Virtual reality on the other hand takes you out of reality as a whole and brings you to a fully virtual world.

With Niantic’s great success in Augmented reality, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if they slowly took over the virtual reality scene. Niantic is working on several programs that could help cartographers, security systems, and plain old gaming companies.

Niantic isn’t just a company that makes games, they provide an entire engine that can run AR and bring people outside of their homes.

5. VirtualSpaces

Service: Real Estate

Blueprints have been guiding architects, realtors, and even home buyers for decades. Although very helpful they serve a crucial function that Virtual Spaces just accomplishes way better. VirtualSpaces helps users to see an incredibly immersive and detailed version of a house (even though it hasn’t been built).

Virtual tours have been aiding people by showing homes at a distance for a long time. In fact, remote viewing of properties has been a real hit for the United Kingdom. Awards garnered by VR companies show how well VR is suited for the investment sector. Now, VirtualSpaces lets people walk through their dream homes and decide on things before a single physical brick is laid.

Take a gander at a magnificently rendered tour of a house from VirtualSpaces.

6. 8i

Service: Incredibly accurately sized holograms

Holograms have always been a hot topic in science fiction. 8i takes pride in its ability to produce lifelike holograms that don’t just transport your eyes but your entire body into a virtual world.

With their impressive image capturing technology they can move these holograms into any place they wish. Making use of multiple green screens, cameras, and other modern inventions to bring lifelike holograms to life.

8i already has an impressive list of clients such as Google, LGU, and Apple among many more. The clients’ list alone shows how big 8i will be in the coming years.

7. Vivid Vision

Service: Medical treatment

Our first entry into the medical field is a company that made a creative solution to treat lazy eyes. They provide entertaining and effective exercises for both kids and adults. These interactive exercises have also been found to be effective even when other binocular vision treatments fail.

Discussing a medical problem is one thing but using modern methods to effectively treat it is another. Vivid Vision sheds light on how VR is already being utilized in the medical field. 

8. Owlchemy Labs

Service: Creative Studio

Creative studios allow users to make their own programs and make the most of the tools provided. Owlchemy Labs has already won awards from the Emmys, Forbes, and even Gamasutra. Most can recognize their work from wildly-creative games such as Job Simulator and other wacky programs that provide a new perspective.

Owlchemy Labs doesn’t simply provide one groundbreaking game. They provide the wires, screws, and all the tools to the masses so that they can make their own programs. Companies that give users creative freedom will continuously have new innovations as long as there is interest.

9. Lighttricks

Service: Art Tools

Filters and editing apps are extremely popular. Lighttricks can be seen as modern-day photoshop as they provide the different tools to help artists maximize their talent. They let people edit photos, videos, and even sound.

Lighttricks is innovating the entire art scene – not by inventing a new art style but by inventing new kinds of paintbrushes that also serve as markers or even clippers. New and more accurate tools such as Facetune and Enlight are all thanks to Lighttricks.

The future of editing isn’t found with elaborate setups but with a couple of light tricks.

10. Surgical Theater

Service: Medical Practice Operations

Everyone is probably acquainted with the idea of flight simulators. These are machines that let pilots feel like they are flying a real plane and see how they fare. This is actually related to how Surgical Theater started out.

A doctor overheard a couple of inventors discussing flight simulators and then wondered if the same could be done for the medical field. Failed operations are a great concern – especially with the masses being more critical of hospital procedures due to the pandemic.

Surgical Theater isn’t simply a chance to poke at virtual hearts but the opportunity for future doctors to perfect their craft. Practice does make perfect, and this company intends to give doctors and students all the practice they need.

Surgical Theater allows users to see everything they need and more to perform a successful operation. But, of course, there’s still a fine line that separates VR from a real-life patient. 

VR On the Rise

With just a handful of the starting companies, we can already see the great potential in VR. This potential will only grow as time passes. No matter who you are there is probably a virtual reality fit right for you and don’t be afraid to take a second glance at 10 VR Startups to keep an eye on in 2021.


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