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10 Ways to Make Money Online with Video Editor Skills 

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Video editing with CapCut free online video editor 

Now that you’re becoming a professional video editor, you can cash out dollars online using your editing skills. Working as a video editor is creative and exciting while getting paid for your efforts. Read further as we offer ways to make money online using your skills. 

Who Is a Video Editor? 

A video editor is a skilled individual trained to examine videos for editing purposes, eliminate errors, and align all parts with marching the storyline. A video editor collaborates with others in the team, adding voices, sounds, and music to align with the script appropriately.

With the advancement in technology, a video editor job is made easy. Several online tools and applications make it possible for editors to carry out their work with ease successfully. For instance, CapCut free online video editor is one of the best tools available to video editors to craft high-quality videos for social media platforms, educational purposes, business/commercial use, etc., without compromising quality. 

With CapCut video editor, you can create/edit top-notch content pieces for your clients and get paid awesomely because our online tool is free for all, and with all features available on the website, you’ll work as a pro.     

How to Become an Online Video Editor

The points below will help you to become an excellent online video editor; 

  • You must master the specialized software or online tools, such as Final Cut Pro, CapCut, Adobe Premiere Pro, etc., and be super creative at using them. 
  • Understand storytelling and aesthetics strongly because you need to see through your mind’s eyes to tell the best story that resonates with your audience visually.
  • A successful video editor must be focused and pay close attention to every work detail.
  • In digital video editing, time is equivalent to money. You must be proactive and responsive to delivering clients’ work quickly, especially as a freelancer. However, you shouldn’t compromise quality, and if you need extra time to get the job done, communicating with your client is essential.
  • Also, you must be a good problem solver, as video editing sometimes requires flexible tricks like cutting segments by 25 seconds without removing essential elements in the story. 

Ways to Make Money as an Online Video Editor

Making money online with your freelance video editing skills or working for a white label video editing  organization is possible. To get started, here are some valuable ideas;

#1 YouTube Content Creator

You can start as a YouTube content creator. Creating a YouTube channel is one sure way to earn online as a video editor. You need first to create professional-looking videos. And once your channel is well established, you can start monetizing your content by running ads on your video.  

Interestingly, CapCut free online video editor is the best for you. Our robust features, such as adding effects and filters, video background remover, auto-subtitle, text-to-speech, etc., allows you to make high-impact YouTube videos that’ll thrill your target audience and get them glued to your content.

Also, you can provide sponsorships to promote products or services on your platform. You can quickly complete this using your camera, phone, and CapCut’s free online video editor.   

#2 Create/Edit Wedding Videos

Every year millions of weddings take place, and couples seek professionals to keep a reminder of their special day. Even if you didn’t shoot the videos, you could help make footage of the wedding videos and make some cool cash. 

You can contact a local videographer and liaise with them to see if they’ll like to outsource the post-production stage to you. You could even offer to do some events for free to earn their trust and finally win the contract. 

#3 Create a Website to Showcase Your Service

Good to have an impressive portfolio to wow your clients and display your skills. The more samples, the better your chances of securing high-paying jobs. And having a website to showcase your work speaks volumes. On your website, you get to display your professionalism and capability.

Please look at CapCut’s official website for a clear-cut guide on how to craft top-notch content using our features for your website. 

#4 Provide Promotional Videos for Businesses 

Promotional video creation/editing for businesses

Several enterprises hire professionals to edit their promotional videos to stand out from the crowd. A professional video editor finds ways to creatively break the patterns of several corporate promotional materials and deliver unique videos.

These videos are mostly displayed on the company’s website, events, and sales pitches. Therefore, providing promotional videos for brands that’ll create a good impression of the organization and increase sales is an excellent way of immersing wealth. 

#5 Work Independently as a Freelancer

Over the years, freelancing video editing has gained popularity with an increasing rise on social media and video content channels. 

There are several online job sites where you can sign up for free and work as a professional video editor. These websites offer a gold mine of clients for freelance video editors. Some of the largest and most prominent freelancing websites include;

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Flexjob 
  • TopTal, etc.

Although you might not start big on these sites due to immense competition, with hard work and quality service, you should be harvesting dollars in no distant time.

#6 Video Editing for Non-Profit Organization

 You could also offer your professional skills as a service to humanity. Offering video editing services to non-profit organizations like churches and charities will likely be the highest-paying job in the future. However, it’s an opportunity to gain exposure and expand your professional network.

Also, collaborating with these organizations promotes your skills and exposes you to several business opportunities soon. 

#7 Work with an Advertising Enterprise

According to research, advertising companies are the fastest-growing sector in the video industry. And since your dream is to make money as a video editor, you could reach out to potential employers in the industry where you can make significant impacts and earn big.  

Also, remember that a professional portfolio and CV are a gain changer for you. Never undermine that!

#8 Create and Publish Video Editing Tutorials

Another exciting way to make money online is by creating and publishing video tutorials on platforms such as Udemy and Skillshare. Here, you earn based on the number of students that watch your course. 

As an essential skill for businesses, there’s a continuous demand for tutorials and courses. And some of the online tutorials you can create include;

  • Show students how to use video editing tools/software like Final Cut Pro, CapCut, free online video editor, Adobe Premiere, etc.
  • Give tutorials on how you edit some specific projects you’re working on. 

#9 Edit Home Videos

unnamed 4 1

Home video editing adventure is a friendly one for beginners; only a little training and knowledge are required to commence. 

Many people like to record videos of family events like holidays, picnics, recreational activities, etc. You can contact them to help edit these videos to leave a lasting impression on family memories. That way, you get compensated for your service.

#10 Create Music Videos for Entertainment Industries

If you’re interested in the entertainment industry, providing services to bands and music artists is a great career path. You could edit videos for musicians and make money as a freelancer.

Additionally, you can invest in promotional music videos for high-paying gigs while you build your reputation and portfolio to offer service to high-level artists and brands. 

How Much Can I Make as a Video Editor? 

Video editing skill is in-demand, with a growing percentage of about 12% yearly. And with millions of opportunities across the globe, the demand for a skilled editor keeps skyrocketing. 

On average, a full-time video editor earns about $50k yearly, and freelancers often command rates of around $40 or more per hour, depending on their experiences, clients, etc.  


In conclusion, several significant opportunities exist to make money as a video editor. You can be sure of a massive income with your skills and the right tools/software. So, get started with the method that best suits you and put in all the hard work and consistency needed to deliver excellence to your clients. 

CapCut’s free online video editor is the best tool for beginners and experts. With this, your video editing journey is made seamless.   



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