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26 Post-Covid-19 Pandemic Business Opportunities You Can Pursue

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Post Covid 19 business opportunities

The covid-19 pandemic had a massive impact on the business world. While companies couldn’t predict its impact, coronavirus gave existing and aspiring entrepreneurs an incredible learning opportunity and experience.

Virtual solutions have replaced some traditional in-person businesses or services such as events, retail groceries, and restaurants in order to promote social distancing. This has generated creative solutions and opened up a world of opportunities for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to meet new and evolving consumers’ needs.

While opening a new business now might seem risk-taking, innovative and creative entrepreneurs have identified a niche or a gap, particularly in the digital marketplace that they intend to fill.

Here are 25 post-Covid-19 pandemic business opportunities you can pursue.

Commercial Cleaning Services: During the pandemic, cleaning and antibacterial supplies were in high demand, so they flew off the shelves due to a shortage in supply. To keep their employees and customers safe or disinfect their spaces, restaurants, office buildings and other public businesses rely on these commercial cleaning services. Therefore, you can launch your cleaning services business and target such institutions and help to stop the spread of viruses and other germs.

Home Care Service: Are you a professional caregiver? Starting your own home care service business can be profitable post-covid-19. The need for caregivers is expected to grow going forward because of the growing population of aged people. The number of seniors aged 85+ has been on the rise, and so is the demand for people to take care of them in their homes. You don’t need a healthcare background to start this business because seniors have different needs like running errands, making repairs around their house, cooking, cleaning, and more.

Online Therapy: Are you a therapist, counselor, or psychologist? If so, you can create teletherapy services or online therapy. Actually, mental health treatment has switched from face-to-face therapy sessions to teletherapy sessions due to the need for social distancing as a result of the pandemic. Also, there is an increased demand for mental health specialists like psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, mental health professionals, and social workers. Private practice in mental health or counseling is an attractive and booming business but make sure to understand that there is a successful way to start your counseling private practice.


Handmade Products: The pandemic has showcased the resilience of eCommerce businesses. This marketplace involves selling online, and the demand has significantly grown during the lockdowns. So an inspiring seller of homemade products such as infused olive oil, hand-knitted gloves, and more can launch an online store and display their wares there. Still, these artisans and crafters can promote their business on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Still, they can sell them through platforms such as Etsy. Actually, you only need creativity and 20 cents to start selling your handmade products on Etsy. Therefore this is a unique opportunity to turn your skills and passion into a business.

Home Beauty Kits: People started creating their own beauty routines during the lockdown because hair and nail salons were closed. Most governments have loosened the Covid-19 containment measures, but even so, many people prefer to pamper themselves at their homes. Therefore, you can target these consumers of DIY home beauty products and kits with your products, especially if they focus on self-care and holistic wellness. These products include aromatherapy, essential oils, and facial products, likely to see a consistent demand going forward even after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Cloud Kitchen: Professions are overwhelmed with work, especially parents with a couple of kids. So shopping for ingredients, preparing meals while going to work, playing, or spending time with kids can be adaunting tasks. So helping them to cook healthy and delicious meals for their family as the focus on other aspects is a relief. On the other hand, an entrepreneur with a meal prep delivery business, passionate about cooking and applying best practices to prepare healthy food, can make a decent income. In fact, it’s possible to make $100-$200 a day from this meal prep niche, and it can grow as your business grows.

Delivery Services: On-demand delivery services is now the highly sought-after market. Actually, the food delivery services is expected to witness tremendous growth going into 2023. Therefore, diving into the fast-growing industry is an excellent way to make a decent income post the pandemic era. For instance, you can start an independent courier service for delivering essential items such as groceries and food or a business to run errands like picking up medication and more. Still, you can become an Instacart shopper or Uber Eats driver.

Educational Toys and Games: Parents and their kids are looking for alternate ways to grow their creative stimulation and analytical thinking even after the resumption of in-person classes or the adoption of hybrid learning. So creative individuals can tap this opportunity and provide educational toys and games, thus filling this gap in the market. In fact, today, children are spending a significant amount of hours on the screens than they previously did. So parents have a strong preference for educational materials for their children’s entertainment than just watching cartoons. Therefore, an entrepreneur can create and sell digital games, apps, and physical toys that are more inclined to help children learn while having fun.

Cyber Security Consultant: The internet is filled with data breaches reports from across the world. For instance, cybercriminals hacked a major hospital chain with 400 locations spread across the US in September 2020. This was one of the biggest cyber-attack in the country, and so many corporations are investing billions of dollars in cyber security. Cybercriminals do not only target big institutions; they also attack small businesses and SMEs. Also, as many companies embrace remote working, they face challenges such as transitioning from in-office to at-home. So if you have IT knowledge, you can become a cyber security consultant with a view of helping such companies find permanent solutions from a technology front, perform cybersecurity maintenance and train their employees on how to stay safe when using the internet and secure their customers’ data.

Social Media Marketing: Have you built a huge following on social media? Are you skilled at getting likes, reviews, recommendations, and favorites? Then you can get started as a social media marketing professional. Many startups and SMEs across the globe are struggling to create awareness and visibility online. So you can pitch to them, and if they like your proposal, they can hire you to take care of their social media channels in order to promote their business. Aside from promoting their products and services through content marketing, you can engage their customers and respond to their queries and more. You can do all these activities in the comfort of your home or while traveling as long as you have a laptop and a good and stable internet connection.

Remote Fitness Training: It’s important to maintain your physical health even during and after the pandemic because it improves your immune system. So during the quarantine, consumers found creative solutions to help them exercise indoors. This led to the introduction and increased use of digital training sessions and virtual workout classes. Therefore, if you’re an entrepreneur passionate about fitness, nutrition, kinesiology, or physical education, you can start holding virtual classes or conduct personal training at people’s homes. Still, you can market your live-streamed classes and prerecorded fitness videos on social media platforms in order to attract more customers.

Online Therapy: Are you a therapist, counselor, or psychologist? If so, you can create teletherapy services or online therapy. Actually, mental health treatment has switched from face-to-face therapy sessions to teletherapy sessions due to the need for social distancing as a result of the pandemic. Also, there is an increased demand for mental health specialists like psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, mental health professionals, and social workers, particularly now due to adverse effects of the Covid-19 pandemic that led to the loss of employment and collapse of several businesses and companies.

Home Improvement: Now that most people are working remotely or spending a huge amount of time in their homes, the need to maintain and upgrade their homes is high. Because of this, the number of home improvement projects rose significantly, especially during the first three months of the pandemic. Some consumers may be comfortable with basic redecorating, but bigger renovations and repair projects require skilled and experienced talents. So if you have some construction knowledge and experience, you work with homeowners to remodel or renovate their properties. You can begin by targeting new homeowners, overwhelmed parents, or remote workers who want to create a functional, dedicated remote, or home office space.

Ecommerce: Physical retail stores were negatively affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, many retailers began exploring how they can start an eCommerce platform. There is plenty of retail marketing techniques to boost your eCommerce business and stand out from the competition. Also, you can take advantage of high-quality products that are being offered at an affordable price to help you make good profits to sustain your eCommerce business. For example, China provides products at relatively lower prices compared to other countries, so using sourcing product sourcing agents, you can manage suppliers in this country. They will find you the best prices for your products, evaluate their quality by sending you samples and explain all the export and imports requirements in order to help you comply.

Virtual Assistant: These are online personal assistants that help business owners or entrepreneurs complete specific day-to-day tasks such as managing their calendar, emails, travels, etc. A person with excellent organization and communication skills, computer and stable internet source, can work as a VA. You can also launch a business, create a website or app and promote your VA services online, especially if you have bilingual skills, can edit video, design, or develop software. Offering extra services will help you earn a decent income as an online personal assistant.

Virtual Resume Editing and Consulting Services: Many people lost their jobs when the coronavirus pandemic hit, but they are starting to look for new work opportunities as nations open their economies. So a person passionate about professional coaching and consulting can launch an online resume editing and consulting business to help others find jobs. You can also share your professional etiquette knowledge at a fee through videoconferencing tools like Zoom, Skype and use collaborative digital tools such as Google Docs. These tools require minimal funding to get started, and you can offer consulting appointments either in-person, virtual, or hybrid.

Video Editing Service: Video editing is a top in-demand skill because of the exponential growth of YouTube and video marketing method. So if you’re creative and proficient in adobe premiere and final cut pro, then you can start your video editing business. Start by charging $15-$18 an hour and then upgrade to $35-$50 an hour. You can also start by creating a website and promoting your video editing services on social media channels. Still, you can work as a freelance video editor on platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork among others.

Freelance Copywriter: Possessing writing skills and marketing knowledge is a great wealth because you can create a platform for writing web content, press releases, blogs, social media content, resumes, and more. Actually, there are several companies offering these services, but the market is not yet saturated. So use your SEO knowledge to write SEO-friendly content and charge $40-$50 per hour for any copywriting job you receive. You need a laptop and internet connection to get started. Still, you can work from the comfort of your home and can hire more freelance writers when you build a large enough network and get referrals from your customers.

EBook Writing: People who are passionate about writing can write and publish eBooks. This is helpful, especially when you’re not interested in blog posts yet you have lovely writing patterns, excellent storytelling skills, and a platform such as Fiverr, Amazon, or NaNoWriMo to publish your work. The good thing with writing for yourself is that the success of your business depends on your skills, interest in the subject, and the usefulness of your story. Additionally, you can get free eBook templates online, hire a freelancer to design your work, and publish it on the mentioned platforms.

Translation Service: These services dropped significantly during the pandemic when companies closed and workers laid off or began working remotely. Since this decline was short-term, the demand for translation services is expected to thrive again as nations loosen Covid-19 pandemic containment measures and open their economies. All you need to get started is a computer, a stable internet connection, and knowledge of more than one language.

Transcription Service: This involves transcribing a voice recording into the written word. Many sectors such as healthcare, law firms, podcasters, and market researchers seek transcription services from native English speakers. You can launch this remote business to provide high-quality transcriptions and hire experienced freelance transcribers.

Online Teaching: Online teaching began some decades back, but it grew remarkably during the pandemic when schools, colleges, and universities were closed. Online schooling or e-learning exploded, and so individuals passionate about teaching have a profitable business opportunity here. You can teach math, music, English, biology, art, and more based on your expertise. Indeed, with specialized skills, you can charge as high as $35-$0 per hour.

Pet Products and Services: The Covid-19 lockdowns led to increased pet adoptions and fostering because these animals offer companionship. A new furry friend needs to be taken care of, fed, groomed, and sheltered. Many pet owners turn to online retailers and service providers for pet products. As a result, the demand for toys, homemade treats, and online pet training classes has grown. Therefore you can turn your love for animals into a new business that focuses on pets and their owners. Your new business venture might make the two live better.

Affiliate Marketing: Do you have a large fan base on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn? If so, you can earn some money by promoting a brand, its products, and its services. One way to do that is to highlight its products and services on your profile or create a YouTube channel. You can also leave a positive review and rating. Personal branding is the first towards getting started with affiliate marketing. This will help you grow your following and engagements. Still, you can add an affiliate link on your blog post, which will help you earn commission every time a reader purchase a product by clicking on it.

Bookkeeping: You can launch a bookkeeping business if you have ledger book maintenance, accounting, and technical skills and get higher pay. Remember that every successful business needs bookkeeping services and so you can work remotely for any company as long as you have basic bookkeeping and are good with numbers. Most platforms pay bookkeepers $30-$40 per hour at the start, and the pay can increase as you can experience and build rapport with your customers. Get started by promoting your services online using social channels.

Online Reseller: You can start a side hustle business selling clothing online if you’re passionate about fashion and have incredible sales techniques. You can start your business by marketing brands online on your social media channels or simply creating a resale website. Turn the business into a full-time resale company when you build a large customer base.

Final Thoughts

Some of the businesses ideas that seemed popular pre-Covid-19 are laughable at the moment, while those considered silly or unheard of are now workable post-Covid-19 pandemic. This is because the coronavirus health crisis came as a nightmare and introduced new normal.

However, adversity opens up opportunities, and you can explore them to create and grow a business based on your passion, skills, and knowledge. Discussed above are 25 post-Covid-19 pandemic business opportunities you can pursue. They will help you to get started.

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