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9 Most Impressive Content Marketing Campaigns in 2021

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Companies were successfully using traditional marketing methods before the introduction of the internet. However, today’s digital options are facing a lot of challenges because internet users across the world are installing ad-blocker.

Content marketing is the answer to this challenge because it drives users seeking your brand’s information and products to your website. But writing blogs or creating simple videos is not what there is in content marketing. Actually, the articles and videos may even fail to drive much traffic to your site.

Still, there are brands across the world with impressive content marketing campaigns. This post will deep dive into their strategies to see what they are doing and tell you how to duplicate their successes.

Social Media Marketing

Do you want to succeed? Then put your brand on social media. Actually, more than 3.6 billion people are on social media, and the figure keeps on growing every year as smartphone use and internet accessibility grow. Here are two brands that are skilled at social media marketing.

Netflix: Covid-19 pandemic locked billions of people at home, and Netflix became everyone’s darling. The brand helped people connect with mental health experts through the Instagram Live series, thus allowing them to talk about how the pandemic is affecting them. The brand also promoted minority TV projects and films, which helped it draw many subscribers. So by sharing social care, a brand can show how passionate it is to its audience, and this can drive traffic to the site immediately people realize that aside from business, you’re genuine, caring, honest, and open.

Airbnb: While brands such as Netflix and Disney were driving in visitors in millions, Airbnb was negatively impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Amazingly the brand didn’t give up but instead, it launched a global campaign that offered free to subsidized housing in partnership with its 100,000 hosts to Covid first responders. Also, through its high-quality images, the brand inspires people to travel to new destinations as well as showcase real-world uses of its service.


Writing blog posts is the first thing that brands think of when they hear the term content marketing. Well, blogs are the most effective way of converting casual readers into buyers. Better blogs can drive traffic to your site as well as increase sales. However, because everyone is doing them, you have to create evergreen content that keeps your readers coming back for more.

The following two brands have mastered the art of running impressive content marketing campaigns this year.

HubSpot: The brand generates in-depth posts to educate its readers. Through HubSpot Academy, the audience can get several free online tools, eBooks, webinars, and more. To grow its 100,000 plus customer base, HubSpot has clear CTA’s such as “Download the Full Report,” which helps convert casual readers to subscribers. Further, their URL tracks users’ info in order to see how they found their blog content. The strategy has enabled them to attach real conversions to their content marketing efforts, and so can you.

Buffer: The brand leads with blogging for it created social sharing and remote, transparent workplaces. So its blogging strategy and a great product have grown Buffer’s customers to 73,000 and thousands of followers who come back to read its blogs regularly. One way you can apply their content marketing strategy is by expanding the topics you cover on your blogs. This ranges from managing the workforce to the use of your products to industry news and events that your readers would like to know and attend. SEO audit will help you to identify content that will rank well on Google and other search engines.


Videos are the bestselling strategy a brand can use. Actually, 80% of buyers are convinced by a product video to complete their purchase because visual appeal is everything. The following are excellent examples of companies that are driving numbers through video content marketing campaigns.

Toyota: The brand correctly optimized its videos for SEO, thus helping it to rank well on Google rather than only on YouTube. Therefore optimize your content accordingly when producing your YouTube video, just like Toyota Europe’s YouTube featuring the snippet, thus reaching a larger audience.

Toms: The brand produced a virtual giving trip video that is interactive and exciting to watch. So Tom’s video engages the audience and elicits their participation. Because of a constrained marketing budget, you may not be able to produce a high-quality video like Toms; however, you can ask questions, answer your listeners’ questions or get real-time customer feedback on your YouTube update or Instagram Live. This will show your audience that their opinion truly matters.


There are 4.1 million-plus people using email at least daily, and marketers can use this option to increase their revenue. Here are what some brands are doing it.

Spotify: Through email campaigns, Spotify keeps its audience informed about exclusive offers from their favorite artists, which inspires them to click through every time they see that notification. Their email content marketing campaign is successful because they dropped the old tired referral bonus and discount promo and welcomed personalized ones when dishing out exclusive offers. So you can as well have the exact email template but tailor-make it to each customers’ needs using different images.


Thousands of Google searches are done every second, and this is an excellent opportunity to get your company, its products, and services out there. Based on your website design, a visitor can choose to stay and scroll to see your offerings or exit right away. That simply means your website should be simple and easy to navigate. Here are how brands are doing their content marketing campaigns using their websites.

Sasaki: Just because you’re managing a design firm, it does mean you should a complicated website; instead, a simple one can draw in your audience visually. Further, the brand uses SEO keywords on the titles and properly spreads them throughout the pages. As a result, Google ranks its content at the top of the search engine results when a user searches for information using keywords in its website copy. So you can also implement this content marketing strategy for better Google ranking and ease navigation on your site.

Colgate: The brand created a resource page with helpful links on certain topics that help to provide valuable content to its audience. Therefore, you can cluster related content of a given topic to help your business build authority around that subject. Actually, Colgate has more than 2,400 posts about gum disease and has made its website to navigate when searching for this content. So you can search for gum disease cause or gum disease diagnosis, and you will get various subtopics and links to relevant content on Colgate’s website.


The post has given you the most impressive content marketing campaigns in 2021. The aim was to help creatively get your juices flowing. You can use one or all of these 9 examples to strengthen your content marketing efforts.

I'm a passionate full-time blogger. I love writing about startups, how they can access key resources, avoid legal mistakes, respond to questions from angel investors as well as the reality check for startups. Continue reading my articles for more insight.

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