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Adipex Review – I Tried It for 30 Days! Here’s My Adipex-P Results.

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Adipex is a brand name for Phentermine generic, a sympathomimetic amine and anorectic developed in 1959 for exogenous obesity. Adipex occasionally is recommended as a combination therapy with other agents to halt the fat cells productions in the body. Click Here to Buy Adipex Online

Pharmaceutical weight loss drugs are prescribed short-term to naturally obese patients; one of the most recommended diet pills Adipex is the best accelerant to fat loss and is used in a number of medical conditions. For anyone who has used Adipex, things may not always go so well since Adipex usage by healthy people could lead to unwanted reactions.

But why do people use weight loss medications?

Weight gain is happening around the world and in the US only; around 70% of people are struggling with their overweight problems.

I am or should I say “I was” one of those individuals who got severely caught with weight gain problems and my physician recommended me Adipex (Phentermine) using which I got the results I was expecting to get. Click Here to See My before and after results

About Me

I am Andrew and like many obese people due to their sedentary lifestyle, I was also the victim of exogenous body fat. As a construction worker, I travel around the country and there is not so much healthy diet in my schedule. Unfortunately, when you get too much weight it starts to store in your arteries which could lead to multiple complications in the heart and other organs.

Visiting the doctor sooner is one thing I did right because I didn’t know I was on the verge of obesity with my BMI of 29 which is worrisome. My wife vouched for me to ask my doctor if I could Phentermine for weight loss and after doing some brief consultations, the doctor couldn’t agree with her more.

So I ran Adipex cycle for weight loss and I am going to explain how it went. 

First thing First! What is Adipex?

Adipex is one of the powerful amphetamine analogs which means it can trigger addiction in some users, no wonder FDA listed Adipex on the Schedule IV drug list. 

When you search for Phentermine online, you may find that this compound came into the consumer market in 1960 soon after its introduction in the medical world. At that time, you could have found various combinations of Adipex with other agents i.e Fenfluramine, topiramate, and dexfenfluramine most of which are discontinued for causing heart valve problems.

Only Topiramate was approved with Adipex in 2012 in tapered dosage to have satisfactory results from Phentermine.

Adipex Weight Loss

Adipex as in Phentermine is prescribed alone or sometimes in combination with topiramate for not more than 12 weeks. Adipex indication says it is used as a regimen for weight loss along with dietary modification, and behavioral alteration for patients who have greater BMI. The BMI considered higher to be on Adipex was more than 30 until 2017 when FDA renounced that anyone above BMI 28 and having diabetes, hypertension or dyslipidemia can use Adipex.

Obesity driven by the lot of food intake must require the patients to take few restrictions in terms of their diet. This condition commonly takes place when a large amount of fat tissue is stored in your arteries and this could trigger some life-debilitating conditions.

Adipex and Adipex-P are recommended to initiate appetite suppression in those patients who have been eating without feeling fuller until they ate too much. 

Adipex Prescription

Adipex diet pills are not for casual weight loss but it is recommended as a first-line treatment for exogenous obesity and that’s not something anyone could get. You must ask for a prescription from the doctor which is carried out in the following easy steps.

Submit the information about your health and weight, also if you have any pre-existing medical issues that are connected to your weight gain issue should be reported.

  • Do your research and find out what are Adipex benefits and risks, you may be amazed to see Adipex has more side effects than benefits and that’s why only those people should use it who are experiencing downzones of exogenous obesity.
  • Visit the doctor, show him all your previous and current records, and also argue with him if you need an Adipex prescription.
  • Never argue with your doctor if he/she doesn’t think you are eligible to use Adipex, the doctor will assess your situation correctly.
  • You could also seek a second opinion in case you think the doctor would recommend you weight loss therapy riskier than Adipex.

The doctor gave me the prescription for Adipex on the 2nd visit as far as I can remember.

My Adipex Results

Before using Adipex, I weighed around 180 pounds and my objective was to get at least 30 pounds reduction in 3 months.

Below are the briefly explained Adipex results which appear after a week, one month, and 3 months respectively.

  • Adipex Results after 1 Week

Even a magic pill wouldn’t get you the best results after a week, Adipex before and after results state they usually appear within 7 days which is what I believed too. To be honest, I was expecting a wave of energy burst and so many other things but here is what I found.

Adipex suppressed my appetite mildly even after a week which was fair considering I had to control my food intake anyway. If you are taking Adipex, then you should wait at least a month to see visible changes. And also, minimum 30 minutes workout is recommended if you want to see your belly shrinking in size.

  • Adipex Results after 30 Days

Adipex results after one month are mind-boggling yet surprising. You could see your waist circumference decreasing overnight and this is the result of limited calorie intake as far as I understood. Adipex formula equips your brain with marked energy levels so you could still feel fresh and motivated after losing 15-18 pounds of weight in just a month!

You may have seen Adipex success stories where dudes are losing over 20 kilos over 1.5 months’ time period.

  • Adipex Results after 90 Days

Adipex is a real deal if you are up for 3 months of use, within 90 days you may not be in the right place of mind (since phentermine is associated with plenty of psychological side effects) but your body would lose an enormous amount of weight. Note, you will also experience decreased sex drive which is another side effect of Adipex.

Overall, my experience with Adipex was great because I got to lose over 28 lbs within 90 days which was something I think not every diet pill could do.

Adipex Special Dietary Instructions to Follow

Phentermine is a part of a weight loss program that shall not be taken without dieting and exercise, missing any of those things would make a difference in results and you may not like those.

You would also stop consuming alcoholic beverages with Phentermine since it causes interaction which is not good for the liver’s health.

What if you miss Adipex Dose?

If it’s been less than 6 hours, you can take Adipex dosage promptly to cover it up. If it’s over 6 hours, you could skip the missed dosage and continue the regular intake of the remaining dosages.


Nowadays, we see Adipex-P online which is the same as Adipex diet pills. Both of the brands have Phentermine HCL available in 37.5 mg strength. Some users spoke about the difference between Adipex and Adipex-P which is not just about their dosage or type whatsoever.

The reason difference in the Adipex-P brand is the “p” clarifies the compound Phentermine inside which is the generic inside Adipex brand. It can also be perceived as Adipex-P the new brand name for Adipex which has a blurry sound of Phentermine in it.

Adipex Reviews

Before buying Adipex myself, I searched for the Adipex reviews, and let me tell you, those were not fake reviews by the people. Rated for obesity, Adipex has 5 stars from the users some of whom also lives outside the US.

I am not going to sugarcoat it but you could see how some people are enthralled by Adipex before and after results. 

I started taking Adipex in May, I weighed 227 pounds when I started the drug, I now weigh 165 pounds I’ve lost a total of 62 pounds by eating right, and exercising and getting good sleep. Adipex helped me and gave me the motivation to not eat like I was before. It’s like a miracle.

Posted by Joseph

This pill has worked for me i lost 7pounds in 5 days my immune system is used to it already i would recommend this drug to anyone!

Posted by Nancy

Adipex Side Effects

Adipex must not be combined with other weight loss medications unless prescribed by the doctor. Combining Adipex with Fenfluramine chemical is linked with notable and serious heart diseases.

Gotten approved from clinical trials, the common side effects of Adipex are:

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Dry Mouth
  • Confusion
  • Infertility
  • Palpitations
  • Faster heartbeat
  • CNS Side Effects (Insomnia, Tremors, Dizziness, and Restlessness)

Serious side effects of Adipex involve:

  • Pulmonary hypertension
  • Heart valve defects

Adipex Drug Interactions

Never take anti-depressant drugs like Tricyclic Andi-depressants with Adipex or Adipex-P for it may cause a rise in blood pressure. Taking Adipex with Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors could lead to elevated serotonin levels in the blood or allergic reactions.

Until the 14 days of using MAO, Adipex should not be used. Diabetic individuals who are on insulin or hypoglycemic drugs must take them in lower dosages if they are on Adipex therapy. 

Can You Find Generic Adipex Over the Counter?

No, Phentermine inside Adipex is not available Over the Counter simply because it’s a controlled substance. Controlled substances of any type are very unlikely to be sold over the counter in the US or outside the US because of an unlimited number of risks attached to these compounds if they are misused.

Doctors recommend Adipex to their special patients who did not respond to other weight loss therapies. 

Adipex Diet Pills

The success rating of Adipex diet pills is 8 out of 10 which is based on over 500+ customer reviews. Of those numbers, around 86% of patients experienced positive effects using Adipex while 4% had to go through unwanted experiences.

Adipex contains Phentermine as an active ingredient which is an anorectic compound used to control appetite. Anorectic drugs are usually prescribed at the very start of the weight loss journey so the patients could pause their binge-eating activity. The regular dose of Adipex is one tablet daily, typically 2 hours after breakfast.

Adipex 37.5

Adipex 37.5 mg is a special brand that is different than other phentermine brands such as Lomaira. Lomaira contains phentermine in an 8mg dosage whereas Adipex-P comes in 37.5 mg phentermine which is the highest possible dose for this compound. 

Phentermine is available from 15mg to 37.5 mg strength which always comes in oral disintegrating tablets and goes through the first path of metabolism in the gut.

Adipex near Me

You can find Adipex from the local pharmacy nearby, but it’s hard to attain the prescription so you have to take a doctor’s appointment first. If you are looking for over-the-counter Adipex Nearby, it’s hard to find it because a controlled substance is no longer available without a prescription or a doctor’s written recommendation.

How to get Adipex

Phentermine is an FDA-regulated drug which means a medical practitioner is responsible for its misuse or illegal purchases. If you want to get Adipex, then you must find a doctor who is into prescribing diet pills to their patients which are common in the hospital OPD for a dietician. You need to visit the doctor first and after assessing your physical condition he or she will recommend you Adipex or maybe something else which you should completely go without arguing. Click here to Purchase Adipex from the Official Website

Adipex Amazon

Just because Amazon sells hundreds of thousands of products online doesn’t mean it will sell you a Controlled Substance over the counter. Thousands of searches have been found from users searching for Adipex diet pills on Amazon which make sense because Amazon Pharmacy deals with phentermine-containing brands.

But again, you cannot find it without a prescription or illegally.

Adipex Doctor near Me

Online, some physicians nowadays prescribe Adipex to their patients through telemedicine. The video call with the doctor let them analyze your situation which is sort of easier for extremely obese people because the doctors could see they need an anti-obesity medication.

Before getting an appointment with a physician or pharmacist specializing in telemedicine, you must also check if he is licensed or has any credibility issues. This can be done by asking their patients about the experience they had.

Adipex Before and After

Adipex or Phentermine is a potentially active compound when it comes to reducing body fat percentage. As a weight loss drug, it has a few benefits that are:

  • Sticking to the healthy eating habits
  • Controlled binge-eating and late-night cravings
  • No stimulants like caffeine but it still keeps you mentally active throughout the day
  • Adipex patients do not experience lethargy like with other anti-obesity medications

Once done with the Adipex cycle, a person shows remarkable healthy eating habits which are temporary and based on their own way of handling it.

Adipex Cost

Finding Adipex in the stores isn’t easy because every store has its own price tag on it. I found some basic stores that are rumored to sell Adipex at lower prices than what hospital pharmacies would charge you.

  • Adipex Cost at CVS Pharmacy is around $81.17 for 1 month’s supply.
  • Walmart sells Adipex at $99.44 price
  • At Walgreens, Adipex price is $86.23
  • Rite Aid Pharmacy sells Adipex for $110.10

You can simply multiply these prices by the months of use and you will get your whole budget on Adipex weight loss.

Buy Adipex Online

The generic Adipex (Phentermine Hydrochloride) is an appetite suppressant and amphetamine by nature that has been used for decades to combat obesity and its symptoms. Adipex diet pills must never be taken without medical guidance because they could do a lot of harm to your system including raising blood pressure and triggering abnormal heart beats. 

Due to this notion, purchasing Adipex online is okay if it has been prescribed to you by a doctor after a brief or detailed inspection. Most diet pills available over the counter are natural and they are nothing like Phentermine (not dangerous) so it’s in your best interest to choose the legitimate online website which sells Adipex via telemedicine. Click Here to Buy Adipex now

Important Notes for Adipex Users

  1. Always, keep all appointments with your doctor and the laboratory. Your doctor will order certain lab tests to check your body’s response to Adipex.
  2. Do not let anyone else take your medication. Ask your pharmacist any questions you have about refilling your prescription.
  3. You need to keep a written list of all of the prescription and nonprescription (over-the-counter) medicines you are taking, as well as any products such as vitamins, minerals, or other dietary supplements.

Adipex Personal Review Summary

It doesn’t matter which brand of Adipex should you buy, the ulterior motives are always the same which are nothing but to put the overweight problems to an end. Weight loss isn’t a piece of cake and it demands various contingencies that a normal and mentally occupied person cannot simply execute. Dietary alteration with behavioral changes is recommended with a 30-45 minutes workout daily if you want to attain the Adipex results within the safer time window.

Consuming Adipex or Adipex-P for more than 2 months isn’t really polite to the health. You could notice mild jitteriness and insomnia, especially at night time, this feeling sometimes turns into crankiness and irritability which are the common psychological effects of Adipex diet pills.

If you are looking for casual weight loss, over-the-counter phentermine would be the best choice because chemicals like Adipex are meant for terminally obese patients who have to lose weight no matter what.

If you see your BMI is still below 26, do not attempt to buy or use Adipex phentermine because this way you’re going to lose a large sum of money and compromise your health system. 


Kokou Adzo is the editor and author of He is passionate about business and tech, and brings you the latest Startup news and information. He graduated from university of Siena (Italy) and Rennes (France) in Communications and Political Science with a Master's Degree. He manages the editorial operations at

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