BENANE Balignisa an agronomist in love with research is going to start a new course with Agriculture-Sol-Eau in order to generate technologies that best meet the challenges of sustainable development. The control of water and natural factors of production being one of the stakes of agricultural production. The Agronomist is then interested in developing a processor responsible for better managing of the factors of production in a field in an autonomous way.

The edge computer is our best-known product, a processor that sprinkles, treat and kernels the soil in place of humans. We train engineers, technicians and farmers to use this production technology for their larger assets.

We have put this innovation at the service of young people through a project responsible for generating 2100 jobs in the sub-region. We have already trained more than 100 people and start using our production technology.


The report in French:


website of the project:

The digitization technologies of the production are recent. in the sub-region of Africa we have Israeli competitors settled in Ghana. We are the least expensive in terms of cost and our technology is slightly ahead in terms of functions and the possibility of sowing and let our processor do the rest and wait only for the harvest.


We make money through the sale of technology

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Balignissa Benane

Computer edge field made by Agriculture-Sol-Eau a company based in Togo who can
watering, treats plants and fattens the field autonomously. the innovation was put at the service of the youth in a sub-regional project charged to generate more than 2100
jobs through series of training Engineers and Technicians in uses of this technology to take care of. (

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