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AgroCenta : empowering smallholder farmers in Africa through technology and innovations



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Tell us a few words about the founders and how the idea came :

Francis Obirikorang is the CEO/Co-founder of AgroCenta and Michael Ocansey is the CTO/Co-founder of AgroCenta. Francis and Michael are both ex-employees of Esoko, one of the largest market information platforms in Africa for smallholder farmers. AgroCenta came about when both co-founders identified the missing gap in the post harvest value chain, that is access to market for smallholder farmers. This gap gave way to exploitative buying from middlemen at the disadvantage to the smallholder farmer.

 Your products and services :

AgroCenta’s core services are

  1. AgroTrade : Which is a sales platform that connects smallholder farmer directly to a larger market to trade fairly. AgroTrade matches smallholder farmers in rural areas to small, medium and large buyers in the urban areas.
  2. TrucKR : TruckR is the on-demand trucks & logistics aspect of AgroCenta where farmers can book for truck delivery services to cart their commodities from farms to markets just at a click of a button
  3. AgroInfo : Real time weather, market prices and extension advisory services are delivered via SMS and voice solutions to smallholder farmers using mobile technologies
  4. AgroPay : AgroPay is the financial inclusion platform for smallholder farmers where farmers in rural areas, without bank accounts, receive payments for goods and services via mobile money technologies.

 Your success factors

AgroCenta’s success factor is the elimination of the exploitative buying approach from the post harvest value chain, and putting the smallholder farmer at a pivotal position where they are able to sell their commodities to interested buyers fairly, generate enough income and become financially independent

 Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing

AgroCenta provides the “last mile” approach for the smallholder farmers, going a step further to help farmers sell competitively after the get market information only from existing e-agriculture products on the market.

 Your business model

AgroCenta makes money through commissions on sales for every purchase, subscription for businesses and Licensing/franchise model.

A few words about your competitors

 AgroCenta’s main competitors are Esoko (, FarmerLine ( and Farm Radio ( These 3 competitors are “information-based” only, delivering market prices, weather information and extension advisory services via SMS to farmers.

To learn more about you

More information about AgroCenta can be accessed at and from our social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter

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