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AMIgoo, another way to travel in Camerron, and soon in Africa




Tell us a few words about the founders and how the idea came :

 AMIgoo is a startup with FANFE – DE – TAKOU YVON ARNAULD as Founder and Ludovic Taghe as Co-Founder. The idea of AMIgoo came after a weekend, traveling back to my residential town (Douala – Cameroon). Facing so much challenges to get a travel ticket in traditional travel agencies, because all the buses were full, i saw the necessity of having a Car-Sharing platform where authenticated drivers can post their travel and authenticated travelers can subscribe and get a place in the travel. We believe that such a platform can help travelers to move easily and drivers can travel in their personal car with less fuel cost.

Your products and services :

 AMIgoo is offering professional and secure Car-Sharing travel services inside a town (Quater to Quater Car-Sharing) and between cities (Town to Town Car-Sharing). To travel/move with AMIgoo, just create an account on our platform (web platform already accessible, mobile platform coming soon) and search and subscribe to a travel according to your needs. Driver can also create their account, ask for driver authorization, register their car and after the car validation, post their travel.

Your success factors

Car-sharing is not a new service in African environment, particularly in Cameroon. Many peoples practices it already, but in a none formal way. So our a peace of market and users are already existing for our stratup. To gain them and also to bring new AMIgoo’s, we have implement :

  • Security in the process flow : It’s not possible to travel without identifying your self with your National Identification Card and you TRUE mobile phone number. The process flow have been design in such a way that if one of the two information mention before are fake, you cannot be part of the travel. Details of the travel are send to the number you register with by SMS, so with a fake number, you cannot receive details of the travel and almost most of the population are identify with their number today and drivers receive SMS and mail with all the travelers National ID before the travel to identify travelers before the travel.
  • Subscription mode : the use of SMS to forward registration to travelers is good in an environment where internet is not yet well used. We also plan to integrate call centers and USSD (we are steal negotiating with partners that can offer us this channel) for not connected to internet travelers, to easily subscribe to travels and for drivers to easily publish their travel.

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing

 What differentiate us from existing platform is :

  •  The adaptability of our process flow and solution for African environment (SMS, Call Center, USSD)
  • The little level of security we implement and his capacity to ameliorate with time and cases we will be facing.

Your business model (how do you make money?)

We have adopt a chicken-and-egg business model. The platform play put in relation travelers and drivers who travel in the same direction and have empty seat in their car. Because the passenger pay less money than the normal price through the travelling agency, we plan to make them pay some fees to get in touch with the drivers and to put all drivers in contract to have a few percentage on every traveler he get through AMIgoo.

A few words about your competitors

As competitors, we can mention They have been working for a while now but, their process flow are not so well designed and adapted for the African environment. We believe we can do well and better with our services and marketing program. 

To learn more about you :

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