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Amir Inditzky: The Man Behind dayzz’s AI-powered Sleep Program

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Amir Inditzky dayzz

Amir Inditzky of dayzz tells us about wellness sleep solutions.

Tell us about you, your career, and how you founded dayzz?

Amir Inditzky: I have 20 years of experience leading innovative and complex online products. Prior to dayzz, I was the head of technology innovation at IDB. I was an online marketing and strategy executive with broad experience in all aspects of advertising, strategic planning and buying media, multi-channel projects execution, sales team managing, product management, and building an e-channel strategy with a focus on ROI and long-term customer relationships. I am an eCommerce expert with a wide-angle view on all aspects of online performance optimization projects, from lean and mean start-ups to large-scale corporations. I graduated from Tel Aviv University with a B.Sc. in Life Science and an MBA.

After a long career in the corporate world, I decided that I wanted to fulfill my vision and help people have a better life quality and better sleep quality. As a commander in a special ops unit in the Israeli Defense Force, I was exposed to experiences that impacted my sleep for a long time. I remember the challenge and the frustration of coping with the condition. I thought that helping others would be a powerful motivation engine for me.

How does dayzz innovate?

Amir Inditzky: dayzz uses an AI-based digital platform that offers a scientific, patient-centered approach and a validated, comprehensive solution for people struggling with their sleep. The dayzz machine learning-based technology provides an innovative end-to-end solution. The user journey begins with a proprietary clinically validated sleep assessment followed by a personalized, digital sleep plan. Our engine uses multiple data sources (geolocation, activity data, fitness data, mobility, in-app behavior data, and smartphone usage) to provide users with real-time insights, calls to action, and reminders. Through smart technology, the dayzz app allows for a well-rounded treatment for individuals dealing with sleep conditions, making it accessible at all times from the comfort of one’s own home.

dayzz has developed a bridge between clinical and wellness sleep solutions, providing evidence-based at-home sleep interventions while at the same time guiding patients through clinical pathways when relevant, by partnering with certified medical partners and integrating solutions such as sleep experts and clinics, DMEs, among others.

How did the coronavirus pandemic affect your business?

Amir Inditzky: COVID impacted us, but fortunately, the impact was less than many others. The pandemic allowed us to diversify the team because we were able to move to hybrid and remote working environments. We no longer had to hire only people in Israel within a certain radius from our offices. It also helped us bridge a gap in the health industry—remote care. As everything moved online, people realized how important digital communication truly was. And with Zoom taking over the workplace, helping keep people connected, many also began to realize the need for remote care. No one wanted to go into doctor’s offices or hospitals, let alone go to studies to see how they sleep and if there is an afflicting condition. Moreover, many people were experiencing drastic changes in their sleep patterns due to the pandemic and multiple quarantines; they were desperately searching for assistance. Our app allows people to get the help they need without having to leave the comfort of their own homes. 

What are the current trends in the health/wellness industry, and how quickly do they change?

Amir Inditzky: Many changes have transpired over the past few years regarding remote healthcare and telemedicine. These concepts were previously overlooked and perhaps even ostracized within the health and mental health communities. Patients, as well, preferred in-person consultations under the assumption that they would be more effective. During recent times, society’s vision has shifted as both patients and professionals began to experience the necessity and convenience of remote care while recognizing that the service remained just as efficient and perhaps even more so. Initially, the healthcare industry was not inclined to take on these new service channels; however, it has slowly begun to adapt. Fortunately, many apps, such as dayzz, were readily prepared to provide end-to-end solutions.

The use of virtual resources had made health and mental health care more attainable for individuals, especially during a time when the need for both was on the rise. Virtual care technologies have been welcomed as a significant part of the healthcare system to make healthcare more cost-effective, accessible, and efficient. We are also seeing a significant trend of offering data-based personalized care. This results from the understanding that often, one size doesn’t fit all, and a tailored plan based on the patient’s status and data will result in much higher adherence and success.

Who is the target audience of dayzz? Do you have any interesting partnerships?

Amir Inditzky: dayzz offers its sleep solution to US employers and payers with the objective to improve employees’ well-being, health, sleep, and productivity, as well as optimize the usage of the healthcare system and reduce associated costs. The dayzz program was designed with the employer in mind and includes a plug & play implementation: no integrations and no hassle, further providing periodic corporate data analytics as well as comprehensive deployment plans that go beyond the mobile app, including email communication, educational content, webinars, etc.

How do you see the future of dayzz? What are the next steps for the company?

Amir Inditzky: Our company’s vision is to bring better sleep to everyone, and we won’t rest until the world sleeps better. We continuously make sleep care and sleep therapeutics smarter and more accessible to anyone in need. We believe that our mission is to spread the word of the importance of good sleep and its value to users and organizations. dayzz is on a journey to become the leading sleep solution by providing a one-of-a-kind end-to-end sleep solution.

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