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Counter Pandemic by Leveraging Data and Call Center Services 

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Ananth Prasath P KAP Call Center

We talked to Ananth Prasath P of KAP Call Center,,, and about the best bulk SMS provider company in India, and he had the following to say:-

First of all, how are you and your family doing in these COVID-19 times? 

Ananth Prasath: The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic took everyone by surprise. No business or individual expected its impact to be so harsh and isolating. Ditto was the case with my family and me.

However, with time, we learned to cope with the pandemic. We effectively followed the necessary instructions given by WHO and India’s Government related to social distancing and wearing masks. We strictly stayed indoors during the entire lockdown period.

We introduced the Work-from-Home (WFH) option for our employees during the total lockdown period – March to June 2020, and monitored their operations from indoors. Once things started improving and opening up, we began our office operations.

So far, we have been successful in offering our data and call center services to several businesses. We continue to take full care of our employees by maintaining clean and hygienic office premises. Our recruitment process is active and continues to offer livelihoods to many during these rough times.

Tell us about you, your career, how you founded KAP Call Center,,, and

Ananth Prasath: I hold MCA and B.E. (CSE) degrees from prestigious Indian institutes.

I am a dynamic and result-oriented leader with a strong performance track record in high-paced organizations being the CEO of KAP Call Center,,, and companies for more than ten years. 

I have successful experience providing fiscal, strategic, operations, and technical leadership in uniquely challenging situations. I am also an avid blogger – my articles in the Tamil language can be seen on the website

We started our operations in 2008 as a bulk SMS service provider company under the banner – KAP Computer Solution Private Limited. Our team effort soon led us to become one of India’s best bulk SMS provider company that targeted almost every business.

Having achieved great success as a prominent bulk SMS provider, and we did not rest with that. We took a plunge in 2017 by starting our new call center business venture – KAP Call Center Private Limited. This venture enabled us to make breakthroughs in tapping businesses across industries and laying the foundation for us to dwell in the world of databases!

Our entry into the digital marketing field started in the year 2018 under the banner – Arishna Digital communication Private Limited that offers services in Content Marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and Social Media Marketing (SMM). In a fast-transforming digital world, we create an impact by enabling businesses across industries to grow with our accurate and reliable databases and contact lists.

How does KAP Call Center,,, and innovate? 

Ananth Prasath: We are into the latest trends in digital marketing and deal in robust databases that are regularly updated, thoroughly verified, conforming to guidelines, and customized as per client needs. We help businesses grow by enhancing their lead generation, email marketing, cold calling, and other digital marketing efforts.

We offer innovative SMS solutions by using mobile applications and products like Shortcode, Virtual Number, Promotional & Transactional SMS, IVR, Voice services, and Voice SMS.

Our Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) inbound call services allow us to play the welcome messages, answer calls instantly, and intelligently route them to available agents. Our outbound call services utilize multiple predictive, preview, progressive, and manual dialing options that manage to pace and comply with regulations.

How the coronavirus pandemic affects your business, and how are you coping?

Ananth Prasath: The onset of the Coronavirus pandemic has created various operational and financial challenges for us. During the lockdown, we dealt with reduced cash flows, and there were delays in the execution of a few projects due to workforce restrictions and shortage.

The impact of the lockdown has been such that it compelled many companies to shut their processes. However, our business that offers reliable data and call center services was able to carry on with its activities. Companies around the world today are depending on various digital channels to market their products and services. And, our call center services and robust databases have come to their rescue. During these rough times, we have been able to generate livelihoods for many and continue to do so. During our office operations, and till the pandemic subsides or a vaccine remedy arrives, we will continue to ensure that our employees follow social distancing, wear masks, and regularly sanitize their hands. We are taking full care to maintain our office premises clean and hygienic to prevent the spread of the pandemic.

Did you have to make difficult choices, and what are the lessons learned?

Ananth Prasath: Our call center services provide support to consumers across the country. Many businesses rely increasingly on our remote assistance due to the closing down of many storefronts. However, our workers were in a dilemma to make some difficult choices. They were unsure whether to follow our demands to work near colleagues or heed to the WHO recommendations of social distancing to prevent the Covid-19 community spread. To continue with our services to our clients, we had to make arrangements for our workers to facilitate their work-from-home operations. Along with adjusting to the remote teleworking mode, we had to institute emergency paid leave provisions to support those who were impacted by the pandemic.

It’s imperative to be agile on all fronts – top to bottom if you need to survive in the business – that’s the lesson we have learned from the difficult times we faced. Further, the ability to assess a situation quickly and then take remedial steps in response is another lesson we learned – it can help to be the deal-breaker. Lacking this agility can lead anyone to the end of the road. We have learned how a continuing crisis amplifies flaws that hamper serving the customer at speeds. This time the pandemic was unexpected, but next time something else can erupt, so we need to be better prepared to avoid any suffering – that’s again a lesson for us. Perhaps, going ahead, implementing augmented workforces need to be considered. We foresee more changes in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and intelligent automation.

How do you deal with stress and anxiety?

Ananth Prasath: Bad news for any business can make them anxious. The pandemic has been beyond that! It has made us brim with depression and stress. But we are adapting to the situation and learning to cope up with the stress and anxiety associated with it.

Taking care of my employees and family has indeed proved to be a stress reliever. It has helped us cope with their stress by providing social support and has also helped to make the community around us better.

Taking care of emotional health and remaining clear in thought has also helped us to deal with stress and anxiety. We took breaks from work. We watched, read, and listened to the news that enabled us to keep abreast of what was happening around us. This way, we also encouraged our employees.

Further, taking care of our body by taking deep breaths, stretching exercises, meditating, proper sleep, and eating healthy has also helped us cope with the situation. Connecting online via social media, phone, and emails was another way that helped to de-stress.

Who are your competitors? And how do you plan to stay in the game?

Ananth Prasath: Those players who are in the call center industry and those dealing with databases and bulk SMS solutions are our competitors – but not all are as good as us! We stand apart.

We offer inbound as well as outbound call center services and bulk SMS solutions. Both these services use robust databases that facilitate the digital marketing efforts for companies across industries. Our call center involves highly-trained agents. Further, you experience a low bounce rate with our databases. It enables our clients to grow at a fast pace. Happy clients give us repeat business, and new clients are getting added rapidly to our existing client list – all this has not only enabled us to stay in the game but gallop ahead! 

We are always on the lookout to have a competitive edge against our competitors. We try to be in sync and on top-of-the-mind of our clients and prospects. We strive hard to push our services to the forefront of innovation and agility.

Your final thoughts?

Ananth Prasath: After being several months into the coronavirus pandemic, what we are witnessing is that the economic pain dispersed unevenly, and this is true even within individual industries.

This pandemic has forced all to self-isolate forcing businesses to pool their interests and compelled them to find effective remote work-tools and digital solutions to hold their meetings, conferences, or lessons. Organizations have understood the power of data, and one foresees the utilization of IoT and Big Data to monitor, manage, and even prevent them from absorbing any future pandemic.

Most employees in many companies continue to work from home. Perhaps this could be the trend going ahead. For example, companies that have gone digital, such as those in entertainment, online-banking, or fintech sectors, are bound to remain stable and future-proof irrespective of any anticipated global crisis. For those companies that are yet to go digital, we can help them work remotely with little to no performance loss.

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