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I'm a Ghanaian entrepreneur and a startup founder. I'm passionate about revolutionary technologies and businesses that solves problems in our communities.



    Alejandro Rivas Micoud userlytics
    Information Technology8 hours ago

    Alejandro Rivas-Micoud about how and why Userlytics’ revenue drastically increased during the lockdown

    Baby Sweets Tino Hartmann 002
    Fashion2 days ago

    Tino Hartmann from Baby Sweets on how to run an e-commerce shop during a lockdown

    Jens Hallek CEO Hamilton Medical scaled e1593763088958
    Health and Wellness3 days ago

    How Jens Hallek And Hamilton Medical Team Are Revolutionizing Critical Care Ventilation

    mind blowing facts about startups
    Resources15 hours ago

    10 Mind blowing facts about Startups

    INNOVATORS VS COVID 191 week ago

    How Fred Schebesta and the Finder team went from comparing 100+ Australian products to a marketplace fueled by creativity and resilience

    Norfico Michael Juul Rugaard
    INNOVATORS VS COVID 194 days ago

    Michael Juul Rugaard from Norfico (Denmark) tells us about how the fintech industry will get through the crisis (and there will be losses)

    worldwide crowdfunding platforms e1585309219519
    Resources2 months ago

    TOP 100 Crowdfunding sites from 30 countries

    Andrew Gowasack
    Information Technology2 weeks ago

    Andrew Gowasack about how his AI company Trust Stamp invented touchless fingerprint technology during the lockdown

    Csaba Konkoly
    Finance7 days ago

    Csaba Konkoly a VC turned Product Builder is making investments data-driven vs. relationship-driven with his “Capital Machine”

    Information Technology2 months ago

    MAKEZU : AI-Powered Social Engine that helps companies to convert Twitter users into customers

    INNOVATORS VS COVID 195 days ago

    Peter Trebek, GoTranscript : “Now, it’s time to get back to work!”

    Resources1 month ago

    Why you need a strong team to have a successful startup

    start llc
    News1 week ago

    Are LLCs in North Carolina popular and why?

    how to start an llc
    News1 week ago

    All You Should Know About Registered Agent Services In Florida

    david maman
    Health and Wellness2 weeks ago

    Israeli startup founder David Maman wants to detect COVID-19 patients vital signs using AI and a smartphone

    covid 19 startups
    Resources2 months ago

    COVID-19 Survival Strategy for Startups