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I'm the co-founder of The Footwear Academy, a footwear training and production school for individuals interested in the art of footwear production and sales. Our vision is to reduce shoe imprtation in Nigeria (Nigeria with a population of over 180 million people imports an avarage of 20 million pairs of shoe in a year). We are also empowering youths and less priviledged people with the right skill in footwear making that will enable them compete with the international market. We want to place Africa on the road map of Footwear Makers in the world.



    Glympse Aug2017 62e Chris Ruff scaled 1
    INNOVATORS VS COVID 191 day ago

    The CEO of Glympse, Chris Ruff says staying true to their core values is what will keep them longer in the game. Here’s is the full interview Joseph Aditya
    Ecommerce2 days ago’s Chairman Joseph Aditya reveals how they want to exponentially grow Indonesia’s economy through empowering MSMEs

    Asad Khan LambdaTest
    INNOVATORS VS COVID 192 days ago

    LambdaTest Launched an Amazing New Developer Oriented Browser that Provides Users with a Website Responsiveness test over a Variety of Mobile Views, says Asad Khan

    Daryl Hatton ConnectionPoint
    INNOVATORS VS COVID 194 days ago

    Creating a Company out of Thin Air that Addresses a New market is one of the most Stressful Things you can do in Business, says Daryl Hatton, the Founder of ConnectionPoint

    Bhavesh Kumar TheSmartWare
    Digital Marketing1 day ago

    We are doing more hiring during the corona times to strengthen our platforms and prepare for the future! Bhavesh Kumar, CEO TheSmartWare reveals the company’s plan for the future

    Carles Nacher Busconomico scaled 1
    Finance2 days ago

    Carles Nacher the Co-founder of Busconomico shares with us how Relocation allowed the Team to Adapt to each Moment, Innovate and Emerge Stronger from the COVID-19 Crises

    funding for startup
    Resources2 days ago

    How do I get funding for my start-up?

    Muhga Eltigani NaturAll Club
    INNOVATORS VS COVID 191 day ago

    Muhga Eltigani, the founder of NaturAll Club reveals how they managed to successfully work remotely despite being totally new to that kind of working arrangement

    cherie curtis revelian
    Human Resources3 days ago

    Revelian’s CEO Cherie Curtis reveals how they still use startup strategies to innovate despite being 21 years in business

    Gabriel Engel
    INNOVATORS VS COVID 199 hours ago

    We’ve been seeing our numbers growing rapidly over the last quarter! Gabriel Engel, CEO reveals how his company is thriving during the COVID19 times.

    Bartosz Skwarczek G2A
    Ecommerce6 days ago

    Here is how Bartosz Skwarczek G2A’s CEO has turned his company into the largest online gaming marketplace in the world

    Robert Lynch Americans for the Arts
    Art3 days ago

    Robert L. Lynch the President of Americans for the Arts share with us how he Supervised Mergers, Created Action Fund and Connected Political Action Committee to Establish Arts-friendly Public Policy

    Chris Lin Slrlounge
    Education3 days ago

    Chris Lin the Co-founder of Slrlounge says a High Level of Skill and Creativity will always be in Demand, Regardless of how the Economy is doing

    AV TEST Andreas Marx
    Information Technology6 hours ago

    AV-TEST is making an important International Contribution to the Fight against Digital Viruses, says the CEO, Andreas Marx

    Natasha Baker SnapEDA
    INNOVATORS VS COVID 194 days ago

    Natasha Baker the CEO of SnapEDA is on a Mission to help Engineers Design Electronics Faster and Improve the World Through More Impactful Products