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On March 16-17, Startup Safary Paris will open the doors of innovative companies and flagship places of the Parisian tech ecosystem.

Success on a European scale

Since the first Berlin edition of Startup Safary 5 years ago, the event has become a reference for the German tech scene and has spread to a dozen of European capitals. On March 16-17, Startup Safary arrives in Paris.

The objectif of this Paris edition is to allow the participants to discover innovative digital ecosystems and flagship places of  the host city. Every participant is free to tailor their own discovery path and listen to pitches and inspiring talks of Parisian startups of their choice, made by their founders in the location of the startup.

The first edition in Paris

The first edition in Paris will allow you to discover companies like Pulpix (online video, Y Combinator alumnus), Algolia (search software), Mangopay (fintech) or Damae Medical (skin cancer diagnosis).

The two young entrepreneurs Vincent CHAUVET and Ondrej SVOBODA were chosen by Berlin founders to organize the event in Paris. One of their challenges is to keep the « Berlin spirit », one of the success factors of the concept.

« Our goal is to connect European tech ecosystems together to foster exchanges, with a special perspective towards Central and Eastern European hubs», said Ondrej SVOBODA, a Czech citizen himself.

«A lot of European entrepreneurs are attracted by the dynamism of the French Tech and want to gain a foothold into Parisian ecosystem but do not have the keys to do so » said Vincent CHAUVET. « We are addressing also students, freelancers and employees who want to see from the inside the offices of startups to directly connect with the people who work there.»

Video portfolio

Discover video portfolio of former editions in European capitals HERE

Contact : Ondrej SVOBODA +33 6 89 92 98 83 or

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