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Best Synthetic Urine Kits To Pass a Drug Test

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Cannabis and its use have been a social and political issue for quite some time. Despite the many uses of this recreational drug, there are some complexities in what is legal and what form of cannabis cannot be bought. This circumstance has resulted in companies being wary of employees who use cannabis despite their excellent performance. You might be working peacefully and then find yourself at the mercy of a drug test when you are a regular cannabis user.

While asking someone for their pee might be very unhygienic and unreliable, you can use a synthetic urine kit to pass a drug test. The workplaces that are most likely to offer such tests would be the maintenance and manufacturing industries. Since they required the workforce to do heavy-duty tasks, intoxication could put their lives in danger while causing monetary loss if any accident occurred.

If you work at a company where they ask you for drug tests, but you are also someone who has found solace in cannabis products, you have come to the right place. Urine drug testing might be one of the most common forms of drug test; therefore, we wish to help you by introducing you to the market’s best synthetic urine kits that will help you with drug tests the perfect way.

The list we finalized contains the 5 synthetic urine products, so if you want to keep your job and recreational activity alive, continue reading for more information!

5 Best Synthetic Urine Products

  1. Incognito Belt – Overall Best Synthetic Urine Kit
  2. Quick Luck – Most Accurate Fake Urine in the Market To Pass a Drug Test
  3. Sub Solution – Highest Selling Fake Pee Kit
  4. Test Clear Urinator – Synthetic Urine With Multiple Uses
  5. Test Clear Urine Simulation – Most Trusted Fake Urine Kit For Best Results

#1. Incognito Belt: Overall Best Synthetic Urine Kit


After rigorous research, Incognito Belt produced by Clear Choice became our overall best and number one choice. As one of the best fake pee brands in the market, this has 100% effectiveness, meaning that almost everyone who bought and used this product was satisfying. This is an ideal product if you will be going to take an unsupervised drug test and can be used as a unisex kit so that the woman does not have to spend a few extra bucks or the men have to worry about their test coming back with a positive pregnancy.

This premixed synthetic urine comes in the belt, making it easier to use and conceal. The kit contains the following things: a Velcro belt, a 3.5-ounce bladder bag, heat pads, and a temperature strip. The company has been given the title of having one of the most flexible, discreet, and comfortable belt systems that are also effective in passing drug tests. The belt, in particular, has a natural look and stretches up to 48 inches so that even obese people can use it readily. It goes under any clothing you choose, while no external pouch is attached, so you can wear it anywhere.

As far as the bladder bag is concerned, it is 3.5 ounces and can last for more than 2 hours of continuous use. You can easily open the bag and fill it with warm tap water. You can then refill the bag multiple times. Before being disposed of in the toilet to the dustbin.

We have previously discussed that synthetic urine must be at the correct temperature to do its job. Clear Choice ensures this by providing two heat bags and even a temperature strip. The heat bags are safe to use and very reliable. They will give the exact temperature that is required.

Clear Choice recognizes the importance of good customer service and offers a money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with the product or do not get the desired result, you can claim a money-back in less than 90 days of purchase.


  • 100% effective in passing a drug test
  • Urine is free of biocide
  • The belt works and wears like a normal belt
  • A temperature reader is included in the kit
  • Synthetic urine is free of all toxins
  • Urine can be used by men and women alike


  • Liquid/Premixed form means it has a shorter shelf life
  • Urine has a maximum of two uses

Click here to visit the official website of “Incognito Belt”

#2. Quick Luck: Most Accurate Fake Urine in the Market


Another product that has made it to the top 2 of our list is the Quick Luck Premium Synthetic Urine Kit. The company, Clear Choice, was founded in 1993, and two decades later, it still provides the same quality products and excellent customer service. The company has been able to master its Quick Luck formula by including 11 different compounds to replicate human urine perfectly.

The company claims that their experimenters, scientists, and researchers spent more than 16 years creating the formula they use today. This claim can be proven true by the number of people who buy the product and can pass the test through it.

This is another premixed synthetic urine that comes in a 3oz container, so you do not have to mix it with anything. This method reduces the chances of it getting wasted by dilution. You simply need to transfer the urine from that container to an appropriate container so that it can be on for testing. The urine does not contain harmful toxins but is very convenient to use.

The 11 compounds it contains include urea, uric acid, creatinine, and others, while the pH levels and specific gravity match that of real urine. Quick Luck also comes with a patented and unique heat activator powder which needs to be added to the urine sample so that the fake pee may reach the correct temperature before it goes for testing.  You can also freeze the formula for more than 6 months.


Guaranteed and Effective results

Comes in a 30z container

Synthetic urine contains no biocide or toxin

Safe for use by both men and women

Sealed with safety for protection

The kit includes 2 heat pads

An interesting heat activator powder also included


Maybe a bit more expensive than other options

The temperature settings can be unreliable sometimes

Click here to visit the official website of “Quick Luck”

#3. Sub Solution: Highest Selling Fake Pee Kit


The third product on our list also happens to be created by Clear Choice and is a clear indicator of the company’s excellence. Since its launch in 2003, the Sub Solution synthetic urine has taken the market by storm and is easily in the top ten lists of major magazines. This effective urine has to be one of the highest-selling kits yet, and those numbers prove its effectiveness.

No toxins or biocides are added to the urine, so you do not have to worry about any side effects or harmful reactions. The lack of odor allows the synthetic urine to be easily used by men and women alike, meaning it is unisex. Unlike the other two, Sub Solution also allows you to buy powdered formulas that you could mix on the day of the drug test. This preparation would ensure that the water does not separate from the powder, so you can use it for as long as eight hours after it is created.

Like the other synthetic urines on this list, Sub Solution has eleven main components that help it replicate real urine, including uric acid and urea. You can rest assured that it will perfectly mimic human urine if created by following the instructions given on the package.

Like Quick Luck, Sub Solution comes with Clear Choice’s patented formula of heat activator powder. The powder helps raise the temperature of the urine almost instantaneously so that it further replicates human urine. It would help if you exercise caution when using this powder since adding too much would waste the entire kit. Because of the effectiveness of the product and its lower cost, Sub Solution has been a popular choice for a long time.


  • Completely effective synthetic urine kit
  • The best form of heat source
  • No toxins or biocide in the formula
  • Comes with a heat activator powder and heat pads
  • Synthetic urine has all the compounds of human urine
  • Easily mimics the smell, color, and actions of real urine
  • Not detectable during testing


  • Shorter shelf life
  • It can be a bit tricky to maintain the correct temperature

Click here to visit the official website of “Sub Solution”

#4. Test Clear Urinator: Synthetic Urine With Multiple Uses

As we move on from Clear Choice and its excellent products, Test Clear is not far behind in terms of the products they have come up with and the number of repeat customers of this company. Unlike the other options on our list, the Urinator is a name given to an electronic device used for urine testing and keeps note of the temperature for more than four hours on the same battery.

Nearly nothing on the market could match the skills and technology accompanying this cutting-edge gadget called the Urinator. The entire synthetic urine set comes with: a self-regulating heating element, temperature test strips, complimentary synthetic urine powder, bottle filling device, and a detailed manual. The main device is responsible for maintaining the correct urine temperature so that the test results return in your favor.

The powder urine needs to be mixed with water, and then the filling syringe transfers 60 ml of synthetic urine into the IV bag. This gadget is popular because it solves the main problem of keeping urine at the correct temperature. If you buy this, you will no longer have to worry about checking and rechecking your temperature.


  • Free of toxins and other harmful chemicals
  • You can use the gadget multiple times, so you only have to purchase the powder.
  • Self-regulates the temperature of the urine.
  • The electronic system reduces the chances and risks of human error
  • The synthetic urine kit comes with a free sample
  • Detailed instructions are provided that you have to follow


  • Slightly expensive
  • Powdered urine so a little higher chance of messing up
  • Needs additional time to create the urine
  • The gadget is not easy to hide

#5. Test Clear Urine Simulation: Most Trusted Fake Urine Kit For Best Results

Last but certainly not least on our list is another product sold by Test Clear under the name Urine Simulation. Test Clear has been in the industry for decades and has mastered the formula to help pass drug tests. This synthetic testing kit is one of the highest-quality kits on the internet. One of the claims made by Test Clear is that they dehydrate real human urine and add it to the powder. This method makes it a very reliable and effective form of synthetic pee.

The fake pee has many ingredients in real urine, including creatinine, dissolved ions, chloride, and distilled water, so it replicates human urine in its reactions, smell, and color. The proper instructions are written and included with the package, so there is less hassle. The expiration date and other important dates are also visible to reduce problems.

The pee kit has a vial of powdered urine; uric acid definitely stands out among its ingredients. If mixed properly, you would not face side effects and pass the drug test with flying colors. It would help if you also made sure that the urine is at the correct temperature, and for that, you will have to use the heater included in the kit. This heater would raise the urine’s temperature to that of your body.

The entire process does not take longer than 45 minutes. The kit is also more affordable than some of the more popular options available, yet its effectiveness is not affected (pun intended).


  • Highly effective in passing the drug test
  • Perfectly replicates human urine
  • Longer shelf life because of powder form
  • No toxins or biocides added
  • The cleaning process does not take long
  • The urine will last around six hours after being produced
  • Heat pads and temperature strips are included in the kit
  • Allows you to take a sample test by yourself


  • Mixing water with exact measurements increases the risk of error
  • There may be inaccuracies in getting the exact temperature right

What is Synthetic Urine?

While we will continue to elaborate more on the uses and types of synthetic urine, we have covered the top brands you could choose from to pass the drug test. But what many don’t know is what synthetic urine is. The misconceptions about fake urine hide its advantages and multitude of uses.

Synthetic urine, fake pee, synthetic pee, fake urine. All these are names for the same thing. Artificial urine is made in a lab but shares the chemical components as real urine to mimic the real thing. The best quality synthetic urine reacts, smells, and looks like real human pee but is much more hygienic.

The fake urine is made of components such as urea, uric acid, and creatinine to match real pee’s specific gravity and pH levels. Other synthetic urine attributes include proper sulfate levels, ammonia, and other crucial elements.

Three aspects are crucial to getting any synthetic urine right: color, temperature, and creatinine level. Skilled chemists can give it that perfect warm yellowish color with the right hue. Similarly, chemists measure the temperature of real urine before it can be depicted in synthetic urine.

This might also be why many good urine kits include thermometers or temperature-controlling equipment. If the pee is not at the correct temperature, the chemical compounds might not work properly. Creatinine is another component that drug tests check for since it is a by-product of muscle metabolism.

The Different Types of Synthetic Urine

Now that you know what synthetic urine is, you might wonder why some of the companies on our list had urine in a powder form, but others were selling the fake pee as a liquid. The truth of the matter is that you can choose from two forms of synthetic urine.

Each has its advantages and drawbacks, and it is up to you to decide which suits your needs best. We have explained both types in detail for you.

Powdered Synthetic Urine

Instead of getting diluted synthetic urine, you may opt for powdered urine, which you must mix with water before sending it for a drug test. When you receive the package, it will contain the urine sample as a powder in a vial, and you’d have to transfer the components to a larger storage to create the perfect urine. Powdered urine is also sometimes referred to as dehydrated urine.

You must not use tap water to create the urine at any cost since it would waste your efforts and money. Instead, you’ll be required to use distilled water. Most brands that sell powder urine send enough to create a full bottle, so follow all the instructions and measurements properly.

While it may seem like many steps to create this synthetic urine, it also has less chance of failing once you have nailed down the formula. Whichever drug tests it undergoes, the results would be satisfactory without any traces of drugs.


  • The powdered synthetic urine foam looks exactly like real human urine
  • It has a longer shelf life than liquid urine
  • Easier to store than the liquid alternative, which could leak
  • It has excellent mimicking properties
  • Smells exactly like real urine


  • Mixing the synthetic urine means it is less convenient
  • A little mishap in the following instruction will waste the entire vial
  • The chances of things going wrong are high
  • It might not be ideal when you go to labs

Liquid Synthetic Urine

Powdered synthetic urine does sound like an authentic method, but it is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. Even a minor mistake could ruin the vial. But that does not stand to be the case with the other type of fake urine: liquid synthetic urine.

Since no preparation is required, you do not need to add water. There is little to no chance of you messing up the formula before the test. It resembles real urine in chemical behavior, aroma, and appearance. Like human urine, it contains uric acid, sulfates, creatinine, specific gravity, and pH levels.

The other name given to liquid synthetic urine is premixed synthetic urine; both are self-explanatory. You have to shake and warm the liquid before you can use it!


  • Very convenient and easy to use
  • Premixed synthetic urine, so there is less chance of wasting the product
  • Chances of you getting caught during the ‘fake peeing’ are very low
  • Higher chances of success when compared to the dehydrated option


  • Shorter shelf life

Things to Look Out for When Buying Synthetic Urine

While we did list down the brands that we think produce the best synthetic urine, you might find yourself researching or looking at companies that may not have been on our list. Of the hundreds and thousands of brands producing fake urine, you need to select one that suits your needs and is the right.

These are some factors you need to keep in mind when purchasing synthetic urine of the highest quality.

Color and Smell

A good quality synthetic urine perfectly replicates real urine. Therefore, you must ensure that the synthetic urine’s color and smell are correct. It would be best if the product had no smell, but even if it did, it had to be very similar to human urine. To test out the smell, you’d have to apply a few drops of the sample onto a clean fabric, and there should be hints of ammonia.

As far as the color of the fake urine is concerned, the color of real urine depends on aspects such as hydration, medication, and diet. The color is given through the compound urochrome so that it may vary from darker yellow to a lighter hue. Therefore, a good urine product will have varying shades of green and yellow.


Creatinine is a waste product created by the body that is removed from the blood supply with the help of the kidneys. This creatinine is then removed from the body through the urine you pass. Creatinine levels in the real urine of humans may range from 60 ml/dL to 300 ml/dL. If the urine is low quality and not concentrated enough, the creatinine levels would be lower than normal, thus alerting the lab technicians of irregularities in the urine. It would help if you made sure that every urine company you choose has the right creatinine levels, so you do not get into trouble later.

Other Ingredients

While creatinine is an important part of the final synthetic urine product, it is not the only one determining the worth of the synthetic pee. This would include chemical compounds such as uric acid, urea, salt levels, and the exact specific gravity of urine. Most of the products will have uric acid since it makes the product smell like actual urine. But others may also opt for urea which is slightly expensive but has a better odor.

Temperature and PH Levels

The normal urine sample tested in all labs may have a temperature anywhere from 90°F to 98°F. As soon as the urine leaves your body, its temperature decreases. This factor also happens to be one of the main requirements when labs test for the presence of drugs in your body.

If the temperature goes below this range because you did not use the correct synthetic pee, you might be in trouble. Some of the best synthetic urine kits include heat pads, so the temperature is not a big issue.

Closely connected to temperature is the aspect of pH levels determining how acidic or alkaline the sample is before it can be passed off as fake urine.


The urine that humans produce has an enzyme called albumin, which creates the foam you might have noticed while peeing. This foam is an excellent indicator of how good of a quality the synthetic urine has. Many of this urine will come with the instructions to shake the sample so that the protein is evenly distributed without overdoing the levels.

Shelf life

The shelf life of any urine you set out to buy is impacted by the product’s quality and its type. Powdered urines have longer shelf lives than liquid ones since they are dehydrated. However, you can expect the fake pee to last anywhere from two to three. Other factors that might shorten the life of your synthetic urine include exposure to the sun, very low or very high temperatures, and natural elements like wind and dust.


It has been established multiple times throughout this article that many companies are selling fake urine, which means that there would also be different price points for different brands. You might get tempted by the lower prices or shy away from some expensive brands. But an important thing to remember is that synthetic urine production is expensive, so the final product is also pricier. You might be scammed if someone offers fake urine at a very low price.

Other Uses of Synthetic Urine

Since our discussion so far has been on how fake urine would help you pass a drug test, some of you might come under the impression that passing a drug test might be the only use for synthetic urine. But it couldn’t be far from the truth. If you have already used synthetic urine to pass tests, you might want to explore the other uses there, including urinalysis, research, education, sales, wildlife, and simple fun.

One of the crucial uses of synthetic urine, which may or may not be connected to use in passing tests, is calibrating urinalysis equipment. Synthetic urine is used as a dummy during the calibration process to ensure that these tools work properly and can detect the right elements within any real urine. Similarly, experiments in the research field might require the use of urine. Using real urine for hygiene might not be ideal, but synthetic urine works perfectly by mimicking actual human urine.

Regarding education, medical students can use fake urine during the experiments and lab exams they appear for. In contrast, gardeners found that synthetic urine works as an amazing insect repellent, so they use it to protect crops against pests and insects. Hunters might also rub the synthetic urine to hide their real scent.

The market has abundant products targeting cleaning urine or simply hygiene. Salespeople would then use synthetic urine to explain the effectiveness of their products. Technical uses aside, many people buy fake urine to make videos for entertainment or prank their friends.


Q. What is the shelf life of synthetic urine?

It is true that no matter how excellent synthetic urine is, it will not last forever. Fake pee can last from a few months to a few years, but this time frame will depend on factors such as storage, manufacturer, formula, product type, etc.

Q. Can you freeze synthetic urine?

Many people might have the habit of freezing urine samples they bought online or from their friends and family. The frozen pee could then be reheated for later use. A lot of people have used this trick for decades. However, it is important that whichever urine is used returns to the correct temperature between 90°F to 98°F.

Furthermore, there may be some complications in trying to freeze and reheat urine samples that you need to keep in mind. Expired products or compromised samples cannot be frozen. Thawing the urine in the microwave is not an option; direct sunlight also harms the urine.

Q. Can the test detect synthetic urine?

The answer to this can be yes. This depends on the urine test you’ll take and the time that has passed since your last urine. If you take an initial test after using the product but then wait a few weeks before the next test, it will be detected. Contrary to that, it won’t be detected if you fail to take any other drugs or retake the test. The differences between real and synthetic urine are subtle enough not to be detected by the lab personnel.

Q. Can you hide synthetic urine in drug tests?

When you are going for a drug test and have synthetic urine with you, there are quite a few ways you can hide the sample until you have to go to the bathroom for the test. It is never recommended that you store it in your jeans pocket because it would be easily recognizable.

Most of the time, people use a belt with a tube that runs down their leg to give the impression that they are peeing. Most companies will give the belt in the urine kits, but if you are unable to get one, you can make it yourself. Some have even tried bringing the urine through the vagina or rectum, which can be highly dangerous.

Q. What is the cost of synthetic urine?

Before buying synthetic urine, you must remember that it will not be inexpensive. If any brand offers fake urine at a cheap price point, then it’s probably not of the best quality. The price for good quality urines may range anywhere from $40 to $100, while additional accessories like heat pads and belts might further raise the price.

Q. How much synthetic urine do I need?

Any test will require around 2 ounces or 60 ml of urine, however, it is always a good idea to have an extra sample on your hand in case of any problem.

Q. Is synthetic pee unisex?

One of the insane thoughts you might have while using synthetic urine would be if it was detected as the opposite sex’s pee. It would be horrifying to go through the drug test as a man and find out that you are pregnant. But we can assure you that these worries will only remain fictional. Most synthetic urines are unisex, while these drug tests do not even test for gender. If your fear remains, you could buy urine samples specifically for women, but it would be a bit pricier.

Q. Is synthetic urine legal?

The law and ethics question might be at the front of your mind when you contemplate cheating on the drug test to pass it so you can keep your job. We cannot give you a straightforward answer. It is legal to buy synthetic urine in all states of the US, but if you get caught cheating on the test, there might be repercussions.

Conclusion: Making the Right Choice for Synthetic Urine

As was highlighted at the beginning of this article, recreational drugs can be a man’s lifesaver when they have too much going on and need a moment’s break. However, not all workplaces and employers might think this way. You might join a new job, and they’d ask you to give a pre-employment drug test, or the one you are at might start asking for a regular test. In such cases, it would be in your favor to buy one of the synthetic urine so that you may pass the drug test.

Of the hundreds of brands selling synthetic urine, we set out to create a list of the top synthetic urine brands so that scams or false advertisements may not trap you. Of the five brands we shortlisted, Incognito Belt got the first position for its excellent performance in all categories. The other four excelled in particular aspects, such as Sub Solution having the highest selling while Urinator was ideal for multiple uses.

We hope that drug testing becomes an easy and stress-free process for you with the best synthetic urine kits out there and that you keep enjoying your cannabis intake without worry. But make sure that your intake is also under control.


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