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Valyou X: Building the World’s First Music Artist Stock Market Powered by Blockchain Technology

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Bobby Oparaocha, founder of Valyou X tells us about the music artist stock market.

First of all, how are you and your family doing in these COVID-19 times? 

Bobby Oparaocha: Other than a couple of lion king circle of life situations, the family is doing well. I am a music artist rapper, alias Bobby K.9, who discovered that the music industry was broken and plagued by a slew of issues, resulting in a dying ecosystem. This means that most artists become yet another statistic of aspiring artists who give up on their dreams because most talented musicians lack the necessary funds to launch their music careers on their own, the primary or major way.

How does Valyou X innovate? 

Bobby Oparaocha: Valyou X breaks new ground by allowing anyone, including you and me, to invest in musicians. As a music start-up company, we help artists obtain the capital they require to launch their music careers. Buying Tesla and Facebook stocks is one thing for the majority of people on Valyou X. Investing in upcoming independent or major artists is more exciting and less complicated. Anyone can recognize talent and provide “Valyou” “Value to not only their music, but they can also invest into that artist brand in a newly developed ecosystem.

How is the coronavirus pandemic affecting your business, and how are you dealing with it? 

Bobby Oparaocha: Traveling played an important role in validating and presenting our project on a global scale. It enabled me to validate my idea globally, recognizing the need for a music platform, which is so disruptive. So I figured that if you’re going to devote time to working on a start-up, you should test the idea as much as possible, and my team and I had the opportunity to visit eight countries to discover that the pain points we were solving existed globally because the music was a universal language it. We were extremely fortunate to have done so before the border closure.

The coronavirus pandemic validated the need for implementing business models within the Valyou X music platform that allowed artists to earn still using mobile digital devices at their fingertips where concerts and shows are not possible. We provide them with alternative revenue streams and ways to still earn.

Did you have to make difficult decisions, and what did you learn as a result? 

Bobby Oparaocha: I believe that every decision you make should be viewed as a test and measure. When making decisions, you must not be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone. Sometimes you just got to “do it like Nike” and forget about the difficulty.

What tools, software, and management skills are you employing to help you navigate this crisis? 

Bobby Oparaocha: I use Adobe Xd to implement the feedback and build it into the product prototype, iterating it with any further updates or things to consider in our roadmap, using Zoom, Google, Hangouts, Skype Telegram for meetings. These platforms allow you to share your screens while having feedback sessions. There is numerous back-end and front-end development that requires coding the technical analysis and strategic marketing developments, to say the least.

What are your competitors’ names? How do you intend to stay in the game? 

Bobby Oparaocha: I prefer not to name any competitors because I want them to work hard to establish themselves as emerging startups. That way, I can keep track of those who are genuinely passionate about improving or bringing innovative changes to the music industry space, as well as those who are willing to put in the effort to solve problems for our industry. My concept is out there, and it’s great to see some new startups doing their own version or spin on what we’re doing for the compliments. There is no shortage of ideas. It’s all about executing a good idea, and if something does not yet exist, the first to market gains a competitive advantage. It is critical to be aware of competitors to stay in the game possibly collaborate. Competitors validate and compliment your work even more, establishing you as the innovative market leader in the field of development. Being early movers and using blockchain technology to rebuild the entire global music industry and economy gives us that edge.

Your last thoughts?

Bobby Oparaocha: The global blockchain cryptocurrency market cap reached about $2 trillion this year. I think that Music will play a massive role in adoption and scalability. We have seen this with companies like Apple in the era of iPod iTunes, Garageband integration in their devices, and now in Tik Tok. We are focused on the creators being recognized and appreciated as they should. Enabling and putting them at the forefront as entrepreneurs.

The Valyou X platform is critical to the mainstream adoption of Blockchain, cryptocurrency, and the future of the music industry. If you are the last person to learn about an opportunity where change is constant, you will get left behind. Do not be the blockbuster versus the Netflix situation.

Your website?

Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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