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Brain Training For Dogs Reviews: A Dog’s Expert Opinion

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Think about training your dog at home with the help of a dog trainer, and start seeing the results right from day one.

Success Stories and testimonials like these are common for Adrienne Farricelli’s online dog training program. Adrienne is the CPDT-KA certified dog trainer who created an online dog training program called Brain Training For Dogs to make your dog well-behaved and intelligent who follow your every command.

With over a decade of experience in helping dogs of all breeds and ages, Adrienne’s work is also featured in USA Today and Every Dog magazine. Moreover, she has experience in training and solving the problems of service dogs for military veterans.

She guarantees that you can fix all your dog’s problems and bring out untapped natural intelligence if you follow her style of teaching and remain committed to it.

Why I Decided To Join Brain Training For Dogs:

I am Andrew, and I am a passionate dog lover and certified dog trainer, who has struggled with aggressive dogs. I decided to sign up with Adrienne’s program after several recommendations.

Over the past few years, I have become passionate about dogs and studied different dog problems.

Even though I successfully developed some effective training methods, I still struggle in handling aggressive dogs. That affected my confidence, passion, and business as well.

As a dog owner, I understand that we all want to see quick results by giving the best to our loving companions. Determined to find the solution, I decided to join Adrienne’s dog training system.

After testing the course myself, I developed a strong opinion and decided to create this Brain Training For Dogs review.

I hope this review will help you determine if this training system is right for you and your dog.

However, if you are ready to join, then

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My Thoughts On Brain Training For Dogs:

Brain Training For Dogs is created for owners to learn the information inside it and apply it to their dogs. This dog training system is carefully created to eliminate the root cause of dog behavior problems and bring out the hidden talent that every dog has.

I decided to trust Adrienne because she is not here only to sell her program. You will find plenty of useful articles and videos created by her for different magazines and websites.

Adrienne took more than 10 years to perfect this system by working with thousands of dogs worldwide. She believes most dog training programs fail to keep dogs and their owners engaged because they never address the underlying cause of behavior problems.

Adrienne decided to create an affordable system to solve the root cause of behavior problems and strengthen communication between dogs and their owners.

After noticing the results initially, I thought if there is anything that can end my struggle with aggressive dogs and save my dog-training career, it would be this innovative system.

What You’ll Get With The Brain Training For Dogs

Brain Training For Dogs is a comprehensive course that provides every tool you need to train your dog. All the content material is provided inside an easy-to-use members’ area containing a lot of dog training information.

FYI, I bought Brain Training For Dogs at a 20% discount using the secret link someone posted on the dog forum I was a part of.

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After I paid for the course, I got login details into my email. Inside the members’ area, I found solutions for all problems I have with my dog, Benny, and also solutions for problems a dog can have in his lifetime.

Adrienne has provided solutions for every behavior and lifestyle problem inside the members’ area. She has divided her online training course into six different categories, which are:

  • Dog Training
  • Puppy Training
  • Behavior and Lifestyle Problems
  • Adrienne’s Archieve
  • Case Studies
  • Community Forum

Here’s a brief overview of these categories:

Dog Training and Course:

This first section introduces the author, Adrienne, along with the course and some activities dog lovers can play with their dogs. This section is further divided into subcategories as it contains many articles explaining the process behind these activities.

I found the members’ area to be friendly and easy to use. Adrienne has explained all the steps along with her dog, “Einstein”.

Puppy Training:

This section/category focuses on puppies and how owners should spend time training their puppies to avoid problems in the future. This information is also essential for people planning to adopt a new dog.

This section contains techniques and methods for training a puppy according to age. For example, the fear stage (between weeks 8-10) is the most crucial time to build strong bonding with the dog.

Behavioral Problems:

This is the most comprehensive and important section of Brain Training For Dogs. This section mainly focuses on solutions for dog behavior problems that dog owners face or can face in the future.

Every subcategory contains 10-15 articles on methods for solving dog behavior problems. This section helped me to understand Bunny’s attitude and psychology and apply the solutions.

Adrienne’s Archieve:

This category contains solutions for the behavior and lifestyle problems that Adrienne feel every dog lover should know.

This section contains articles on common dog problems like barking. Moreover, this section also includes videos Adrienne has recorded with her dog, Einstein, and training tricks that could not be explained through written content.

Case Study:

This section contains Adrienne’s methods of training two dogs. These dogs were Sadie and Maggie.

Sadie was a service dog who came to Adrienne as a rescue dog. She has several problems like whipping, possessives, and standing next to the door for many hours. However, Maggie had weird issues, like jumping around people.

Adrienne has shared how she solved these problems in this section.

Community Forum:

Adrienne has provided access to the forum because she knows users can have doubts and queries regarding the methods and techniques mentioned in this system.

Adrienne also answers some of these doubts that she feels need her attention. Moreover, I also solved my dog’s aggressive behavior with the help of the solution mentioned by one of the kind members of this system.

Free Bonuses In Brain Training For Dogs:

That’s not all, and you will also receive a free bonus.

Behavior Training For Dogs:

This bonus guide is recently included in this system and is available for a limited few customers. However, Adrienne has not mentioned how long she will continue offering this free bonus guide.

This guide covers the most common and irritating dog problems. This book explains why these problems occur and what you can do to stop them for good.

Adrienne has provided gentle yet effective techniques to make your dog stop whipping. Moreover, you will learn some easy methods to stop a dog from barking, digging, chewing, and jumping.

These are all techniques and methods that Adrienne uses to solve the problems of dogs.

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Adrienne’s Brain Training For Dogs Pros and Cons

As we all know, nothing in this world is perfect, so I have gathered some pros and cons to help undecided people to decide whether Adrienne’s training program is for them or not.

What I Like:

  • It targets the underlying cause of doggy behavior problems.
  • It keeps dogs and their owner engaged with its self-paced activities and games.
  • It helps in building a strong communication bond between owners and their dogs.
  • It only requires a few minutes every day to understand and implement these techniques and methods.
  • It allows you to train your dogs on your own timings.
  • You will develop strong knowledge about the psychology and attitude of your dog.
  • It prepares you upfront if you are planning to adopt a new dog.
  • This online training program allows you to access the content from anywhere.
  • You will get access to a community where you can discuss your doubts and concerns.
  • It is much more affordable than many online dog training programs.
  • It is created by an experienced and certified dog trainer with tons of experience training dogs of different breeds and ages.
  • You can ask for your money back if you are not fully satisfied with the methods provided in this program.

What I Don’t Like:

Self-training your dog needs time and dedication. People with a busy schedule will not find this course ideal.

You will need the internet to access its content anywhere and anytime.

Methods and techniques may not work as claimed on the official website, as dogs have different learning abilities.

As you can see, the pros list is much bigger than the cons list. However, it is still important to objectively determine if Brain Training For Dogs is suitable for your lifestyle.

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My Brain Training For Dogs Review and Results:

I know you’d like to know whether my problem with aggressive dogs solves after using this program.

Not only I learned new and effective methods for handling aggressive dogs, but I also learned some amazing techniques and games that I have included in my training to deliver results quickly to my clients.

I consider my small purchase of Brain Training For Dogs as a significant investment in my career and business.

I used to charge very low for my services because I knew people will not pay high for my average service. However, after sticking with the program for a couple of months and delivering quick results to my clients, I now feel my service deserves a price upgrade.

Even though it took me a while to overcome my problem with aggressive dogs, I feel Brain Training For Dogs did more than any online program or dog trainer has ever done for me.

I am impressed with all the techniques and methods I learned inside Brain Training For Dogs to solve my dog’s aggressive behavior, and now I am using them on my clients’ dogs to improve my business and career as a dog trainer.

Brain Training For Dogs Pricing Strategy:

I know the product’s price matters a lot to all of us.

I bought many dog training books from several authors. The price of these books varies between $20-25.

Most of these books contain the same training methods because they were created by people with no experience or certification in dog training. However, one thing I noticed in most of these books is they suggest online dog training programs that come with a monthly subscription plan.

Although some of these monthly subscription training courses are awesome, I don’t particularly appreciate paying $40 to $50 monthly for the same content with a few updates.

Thankfully, I saw this was not the same case with Adrienne’s Brain Training For Dogs. You must pay a one-time fee to access all articles and videos on the same platform. Yes! You get access for LIFETIME.

You can get Brain Training For Dogs in a one-time payment of $47 without any extra charges. That’s what I like the most. You will get a top-quality dog training program with just a one-time payment.

Final Verdict: Very Impressed With Brain Training For Dogs

Overall, I am extremely happy and satisfied with the information I learned from Adrienne’s training system.

Being a dog trainer, I have spent thousands of dollars on numerous online dog training courses, but unfortunately, they just scammed me for my money. Brain Training For Dogs contains solutions, techniques, and methods I never found in other online courses.

Another thing I like to mention is the team behind Brain Training for Dogs really cares about this program. Adrienne is a certified dog trainer, and she keeps adding new articles and videos to the members’ area that are free for existing customers.

With just a few days following the program, I understand why Brain Training For Dogs has gathered such a huge following and positive testimonials. The information in this online dog training program is innovative, and you’ll not find it in any other course.

I will continue using these solutions and methods to solve problems in my future dogs and deliver quick results to my clients.

Thanks to Adrienne for creating this dog training program that is not only helping dog owners but also dog trainers like me.

That was all from this Brain Training For Dogs review. If you want to give this program a try, then

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