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Brannd Hub helps you name your startup in the most unique way

Tell us a few words about the founders and how the idea came

The founders : John & Peter Adelakun, the Co-Founders of Brannd Hub, are Nigerian twin, brand name & slogan developers, aside being preachers and Gospel singers. The identical twins started Brannd Hub in 2016.

The Idea : While growing up, the twins would perfectly name their creative projects in a way that got people fascinated and curious to learn more about the project.

Once, this ability to give effective names to their creative projects got a popular TV presenter interested in their projects landed them on his popular education show for an interview. A few years after that, they discovered the relevance of business names to the overall performance and success of businesses. In addition to that, they found out the brand name & slogan of a business are two of its most valuable assets.

Hence, they decided to acquire more knowledge and experience by working alongside other brilliant brand name developers around the world to develop brand names & slogans for entrepreneurs. Subsequently in 2016, they started Brannd Hub, a professional brand name & slogan development startup that uses a unique business-client relationship strategy to develop effective brand names & slogans for entrepreneurs and startups.

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Brand name development

Business Naming, Product Naming, App Naming, Book Naming, Non-profit Naming, Business Slogan, Product Slogan, Non-profit Slogan, Ad Campaign Naming, Ad Campaign Slogan, Brand Name Analysis, Brand Slogan Analysis, etc.

Your success factors

We create a very enabling and comfortable atmosphere in which we collaborate with our clients to develop highly effective brand names & slogans for their startups, etc.

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing

We use a very unique business-client relationship strategy to render desired, quality and effective services to our clients. We do our job and relate with our clients such that the brand name & slogan development process becomes entirely participatory and mutually satisfactory.

Your business model

Our business model is quite unique as a result of the nature of the services we render. The kind of service a client comes for usually determines what we charge. In other words, we have to ascertain the nature of the service and all it involves before we can say this is what the client pays.

A few words about your competitors

Brand name & slogan development is a unique kind of business. This is because it requires research, diligence, creativity, intelligence and carefulness. Top two of our topmost competitors are Lexicon Branding and Siegel+Gale.

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