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Bright Internships : Find your first job in Asia



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Bright Internships is a placement agency focused on providing internships in Asia. Florensia, the founder, was born in Surabaya and has lived in 4 different countries such as Indonesia, Mainland China, Hong Kong, and New Zealand. She worked at a leading placement firm in Greater China before opening her own firm in Indonesia. Florensia is fluent in Indonesian, English, and Chinese.

Bright Internships provides placements in several Asian locations: Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, China, Indonesia, Thailand and Australia. The company has several packages adapted to the specific needs of every student. 

Unlike most Asian internships providing agencies, we are born on this continent and the company is Indonesian native. Therefore we have a keen insight on local work culture and strong partnerships with Asian companies. But we never lose sight of the needs of European students and know the difference between what they and Asian students expect from an internship abroad.

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