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Why You Should Consider Buying a College Admission Essay

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buy college admission essay

High school students looking towards college have a lot on their plate. Why? Because top schools are increasingly competitive, with the best schools sporting low acceptance rates and the best career prospects.

It puts students in a difficult spot, as it’s a simple fact that not everybody can get into their school of choice. That is to say; it’s doubtful that students will get into their preferred school. However, there’s no way to know for sure whether or not you’ll get in, which is why you need to submit the best admission application possible.

That means squeezing your extracurriculars and life experiences and your perspective on things all into one tight, concise, and well-written college essay. It can be challenging for many college hopefuls, as they’ve never written such an important document before.

Let’s get into why hiring someone else to write your paper or buying an essay can prove beneficial.

  • Why Buying a Paper Can Be A Good Decision
  • How Using the Paper Can Help You
  • Save Time & Stress
  • Get a Higher Quality Paper
  • Stay Objective and Unique In Your Storytelling

Why buying a college essay is beneficial

Buying a college essay is beneficial for many reasons. While it may sound like paying someone else to supply you with a paper wouldn’t help you get into college, this is just a traditional way of thinking.

Buying an application essay for college entrance comes with a ton of perks. You can supply the writer with facts about your life and help them structure a paper that’s more you than you could have portrayed yourself.

Think, why do so many CEOs hire ghostwriters to record their memoirs? Sometimes, you need an objective eye to recount events accurately and interpret the results correctly.

7 tangible reasons to buy a college admission essay

Below are seven tangible reasons why you should buy an application essay for college admission.

1. Objectivity

As mentioned earlier, it can be challenging to be truly objective when looking over your own life. Most college essays require students to recount some event in their lives and draw an epic conclusion from it. These essays are supposed to help bring a potential student’s conversational, problem-solving skills and sense of self to light.

The truth is that college essays are hardly the representation of the likely students they’re supposed to be. Some students will struggle to word things correctly, create a compelling academic essay, and identify critical events in a way that resonates with the admission committee.

Working with a third party to find out which events or people you admire or whatever your potential school requires will help draw out what truly inspires you and help identify the right topic of your passion.

2. More time to revise your essay

Procrastinating is a terrible habit, but it’s one that we all occasionally do, for whatever reason. Frequently, students will push things off to the last minute, especially if it causes them stress.

But by planning and working with a third-party writer, aspiring college students can pass the work off to someone else with months to spare. It allows plenty of time to fine-tune the college essay as possible.

3. A fresh perspective

Working with a professional essay writer or someone new doesn’t just give you an objective opinion on things. But it can give you a fresh perspective that is just as subjective as yours. In other words, ideas from another mind are a creative opportunity that allows for both parties to coordinate and collaborate on ideas.

Any writer you work with won’t know what you’re looking for upon first receiving your request. And it’s hardly fair to assume that a first draft would be some perfect paper. What’s great about working with others to create something even as commonplace as a paper is that ideas tend to flourish.

And that happens when they have a surface to bounce off. Essentially, another person can tell you whether or not something sounds quite as elegant as you’d imagined. They might also be able to tell you that your experiences sound a little exaggerated.

A professional can help bring your ideas down to earth, where they can take root and flourish in the reader’s minds. The reader, in this case, is the board reviewing your essay submission. Therefore, it makes sense to outsource writing projects.

4. Higher quality academic paper

While there are plenty of intelligent, capable young people looking to get into college, it’s no secret that students in their senior year of high school don’t always have the best writing techniques. It’s been well-established that reading and writing capabilities have been going down in the United States, even among adults.


Because people don’t read or write in an in-depth manner as they used to do. Instead of long, fancy letters, students send a video message or a quick text. It’s not anybody’s fault, but it has led to writing at a much lower quality level than things used to be. We’re not trying to be old-fashioned here.

Instead, we’re just saying that if you want to submit a high-quality college essay that will excite the admission committee, then working with a professional writer or author isn’t a bad idea. Writers have better instincts than people who don’t write much.

They understand things like word flow and structure and recognize when imagery or word choice doesn’t work. Plus, there’s the simple fact that different kinds of writing require different writing styles. While you might be a fantastic poet, that doesn’t make you a good essayist, and vice versa.

5. Ease of mind

Another benefit of relying on expert essay writers to do your work for you is that you’re trusting someone else to do your job. I’m trying to say that having someone write your college essay can free up your mind and schedule and help you take care of other essential responsibilities.

It can be a significant boon when figuring out all the different things you need to get into college. For instance, think of your:

  • College entrance application
  • Compiling transcript and financial documents
  • Tracking down parental incomes and the like for your free application for federal student aid (FASFA)

The list goes on; however, the list is a heck of a lot shorter when you don’t need to write your essay yourself.

6. New ideas

You can be pretty sure that the people who read college admission essays have heard the same story told the same way tens of thousands of times. Everyone thinks they’re special and have a unique perspective until they see their essay stacked up next to a hundred others.

Also, think of the average life experience in the US, for instance. If you assume that most people are ordinary or average, most lives are relatively uneventful, and therefore normal. Differentiating yourself from the competition can be a challenging task, especially if you struggle with writing.

Writing an essay that fulfills basic grammar requirements, flows well, and makes sense to the reader is extraordinarily tough. But it’s also a challenge to write a persuasive essay paper that makes admission administrators consider you as someone who would be a positive addition to their campus.

Working with a professional whose job is to write allows for an opportunity to mold actual events into intriguing and poignant anecdotes. It helps conclude experiences you may not have been able to translate into words.

A writer’s job is to paint with words. And you want the college administrators to see you as a promising student when they read the application you submit to them.

7. Makes your task easy

It’s up to you to work with an expert writer to flesh out your college essay paper. However, there’s no doubt that hiring someone to do your writing job for you is easy. It is pretty much the definition of outsourcing. So aspiring business majors take note.

Hence, it is effortless to have a professional writer look over your work and make adjustments where they think it can help. Editing and revising are crucial to producing an excellent job. And you should never be submitting the first draft unless you have supreme confidence in your writing abilities.

But until someone with a little more authority than you (say a professor or publisher) verifies your admission essay, essay document, or research paper, then the only person who can vouch for you is you. So, maybe work with a writer to feel a bit more confident in what you submit.

How to pick a trustworthy essay writing service

There are several criteria to consider when choosing a reliable essay writing service or agency for college students. But below are the top six must-haves for any trustworthy essay writing agency.

Does the agency offer dissertation writing services?

Dissertations are thesis materials that require professional writing. Thus, not all writing companies provide this type of writing. So you need to ensure that the custom essay writing service you select qualifies and offers such services.

This aspect is more important to graduate students and those looking for admission since they will write dissertations on different projects.

Do they have specialist essay writers?

Whatever online writing company you choose must have specialist essay writers to guarantee that your work will be authentic, therefore, dig in and do a little research to make sure that the academic writer assigned to your project is an expert on the subject.

The writer must know about academic writing and grammar rules. For this, he may have a degree in journalism, technical writing, or a bachelor’s degree in the chosen theme.

Does the online writing agency write in any style?

Why does it matter whether the essay writing company offers various writing styles? Because there are multiple types of essay writing often classified into four groups. These are:

  1. Argumentative essay
  2. Expository essay
  3. Narrative essay
  4. Descriptive essay

Accordingly, college students get to write on these types of essays. Therefore, your selected essay writing service should be able to cover these topics without stress. For example, if you approach an online writing service with a narrative essay project, but they tell you, “we can write a descriptive essay for you,” they’re not a match for you.

Besides, the academic writing company should be able to pick the right words and develop your arguments and ideas in a consistent and easy-to-understand manner. Knowing the style of academic writing is a vital step to creating quality college essays for students.

Do they offer guarantees?

Offering a guarantee to customers is a sure way to boost your online writing credibility. So, have a look at the guaranteed status of the essay writing service to be sure of the guarantees they’re offering you. For instance, they should offer guaranteed:

  • Confidentiality
  • Thorough research paper
  • On-time delivery
  • Up-to-date materials
  • Original & free of plagiarism
  • None resell projects
  • Money-back guarantees

Your academic writing service must provide these guarantees before sealing the deal with them.

Does the online writing service provide free essay revisions?

What is the agency’s revision policy? Do they offer free multiple revisions to meet your desired project goal? That should be a prominent part of their essay writing policy since you’re paying for their service.

It means that if you’re not satisfied with the job after delivery, you can ask them to revise it as many times until the essay paper meets your expectations. Moreover, because you signed up invested in their services, they should ensure you get the ROIs.

Must have a 24hr customer support service

Another factor to examine is whether the academic writing company has a 24 hours customer support system. With this service in place, you are sure to access their customer service personals at any time.

That way, you will know what’s going on with your essay assignment at any point in time. The service provider will give you details of who’s handling your essay assignment via its 24/7 support program.

This service is crucial because students can come up with ideas that will help improve their documents whenever. Thus, you can communicate essential information to your writer and get detailed responses concerning your paper round the clock.

Take away

Considering the benefits above, buying a college admission essay is safe and sensible. That’s because you are sure to get impressive essay samples that will help you get admission into your desired college.

Moreover, you will learn new writing tips from the samples that will improve your writing skills. Remember that the essay for college admission lets you display your writing ability and creative experience.

Besides transcripts, grades, and test scores, your admission paper is where you display your abilities. That is where you tell the admission committee that you are an excellent fit for college. Hence, the more impressive your paper, the better your chances to gain admission.

So if you think that you cannot write a spectacular essay for college admission, consider buying your article from a trusted essay writing service. Did I miss something? What other reasons for buying a college essay can you add to this article? Please use the comments below!

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