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CampusConnect, a platform where students can meetup with each other



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CampusConnect was developed by university students in Ghana.

I was working on a project and I needed the expertise of an engineer; my school offers engineering and I know I could get an Engineering student who could help me. But there was no way of contacting the engineering students in my Institution. Thus the birth of CAMPUSCONNECT.

I formed a team to develop a platform that will make team formation among students easy.

With hard work and strong team spirit, we built CampusConnect.

Our aim is to link students with each other within and outside their university. They can see profiles of students in their school and students in other universities even outside their country.

Features of campusConnect

  • Market place
  • Discussion
  • Events
  • Hostel finder


Students don’t pay to create accounts, but schools would pay to publish articles or advertisement about their institution. Schools would pay to own a profile.
It also comes with events page where parties or education related programs can be posted at a rate of course.
A market place is also available where students can sell and buy things on the platform.


Big social media companies have the market but fail to link students up based on universities. I can be on a popular social media but can’t locate with the person I saw on campus and would like to meet up with.

CampusConnect has been developed but not online yet.

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