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Chooka, all natural organic Hibiscus Juices




Tell us a few words about the founders and how the idea came :

Passionate about food and drinks, at the end of my graduate studies i decided to create a brand that will create and launch 100% natural organic drinks (with an accent on exotic flavors). Also creating links/partnerships with small communities in Africa for the sourcing of raw materials.

Your products and services :

Chooka distributes a range of natural organic juices based on Hibiscus flowers. We have also formed partnerships with food experts in the industry and propose complementary products like macaroons, nougats, tea & infusions mixes, frozen yogurts and more, all based on Hibiscus.

Your success factors

Product development (R&D), Communication and Marketing, Distribution network (National & International)

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing

 Innovative recipes (nominated SIAL 2016), novelty, large range of products, natural, organic (BIO), history (story telling)

Your business model

 We source our princpal raw material “Hibiscus” from farming communities in Nigeria. The Hibiscus arrives in France and we carry out the transformation and production in Nantes. The finished products are distributed (B2B). At the same time we communicate in our niche about the health benefits of our products and the values of our startup.

A few words about your competitors

 Recently, there has been a few startups making similar products but the years of persistent communication and positioning of our brand has paid off because more and more consumers can identify our brand.

To learn more about you

Instagram : Chooka Juices

Twitter : @ChookaFrance

Facebook : ChookaFrance 

Website : 

Other :

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