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Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse Review: The Best Detox Drink For A Drug Test

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Detox drinks are a great way to pass a drug test, especially if you are facing one at short notice. In this complete Rescue Cleanse review I’m going to tell you exactly why this is the best detox drink for passing one.

Rescue Cleanse has the most potent formula, the simplest instructions for use, and the best track record of any detox drink on the market. I’ll explain exactly why, and compare it to the rest. You’ll learn how it cleansing drink works, and what its limitations are. I’ll explain what types of drug tests you can use it for, and the strategy for passing other types of tests.

You’ll get full instructions, warnings on detox drinks to avoid, tips to make your use of Rescue Cleanse more effective, and I’ll finish up by telling you about the best alternative cleanser.

What Are Cleansing Drinks Exactly?

A detox cleansing drink is used to remove toxins from your body so that you can pass a drug test, even at short notice.

However, it’s important at the start of this review to say that drug detox drinks like Rescue Cleanse do not remove all of the toxins. They are not a permanent detoxification agent.

I’ll explain how a detox drink works in a moment, but that’s the important point to get across. All a detox drink does is mask the toxins in your body for a few hours to give you a chance of submitting a clean sample.

When To Use A Detox Drink To Pass A Drug Test

There are basically two types of drug tests you could face:

  1. Unsupervised drug test where you are behind a screen or even in a different room when you submit your sample.
  2. Supervised/observed test, where somebody will be in the room with you, or even directly watching you urinate.

The second type of test is very unusual. Less than 5% of the drug tests carried out in the USA each year is observed. They are mostly reserved the people who have failed previous tests, who are on probation, or if the test is to do with law enforcement.

For an unsupervised drug test, your best chance of passing is actually a good quality synthetic urine like Sub Solution. However, some people are very scared about smuggling a sample in, even though you won’t be searched.

If you are too scared to smuggle a sample in, or it’s an observed test, then a good quality detox drink like Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse is your best strategy.

Detox Drink Is Best Chance Of Passing A Drug Test At Short Notice

You simply will not be able to get clean quickly to pass a drug test unless you have very low levels of toxins in your body.

Although most drugs disappear from the body in three or four days, if you are a more regular user then it could take a week or more.

In the case of slow-release benzos, two or three weeks, and if you are a regular cannabis smoker, because of the way that cannabis metabolites cling to fat cells in the body, you could still test positive a month or more after your last joint.

So doing natural detoxification, even accelerated by detox pills, to get completely clean, may not work for you quickly enough.

So, if you are facing a drug test at short notice, especially if you’re a regular user, then the convenience and potency Rescue Cleanse is your best option.

How Does A Drug Detox Drink Work?

Now you understand the detox drink is just a masking agent, how exactly does it work in the body to mask the toxins for long enough to pass a drug test?

This is exactly how a THC detox drink works:

  1. When you consume it, the volume of liquid (sometimes with additional water), floods the body. It pushes waste through your kidneys more quickly, fills your bladder, and makes you urinate more frequently. This removes drug toxins from the body faster. But more than that, it also contains things that not only make you urinate more frequently but push out more toxins.
  2. The flood of clever liquid pushes toxins heading toward the kidneys out faster. This creates a gap in the toxin flow. It will be several hours before more toxins reach the kidneys and pass through them into your urine. That’s the clear zone, usually between three and five hours when fresh urine passing into your bladder is free from signs of drug use.
  3. Flooding your body with liquid would usually leave the sample pale and diluted, and not containing all of the things found in the urine in the right quantities. So, a good quality detox drink also floods the body with many things found in urine, such as creatine. Some of this is passed through as waste in the correct proportions, meaning urine from your bladder is still balanced.
  4. The last thing a good quality drug detox drink does is use vitamins and other ingredients to stain your urine the correct color. So it isn’t visually detectable as having been adulterated.

As you can see, a detox drink is not just liquid. It’s a smart liquid that flushes out your body and then maintains the balance and looks of your urine, giving you a few hours to submit a perfect sample even if your body is riddled with drug metabolites.

Why Rescue Cleanse Is The Best Detox Drink For Drug Test Success

The reason why I love Rescue Cleanse detox drink, and why I’ve used it twice to pass a pre-employment drug test, is because of what I’ve just explained to you.

It’s superior for several reasons:

  • Very high-quality formula
  • Perfectly balanced with things found in urine
  • You don’t require any additional water using Rescue Cleanse
  • Works in 60 minutes
  • Creates a clear zone of up to 5 hours

With most other detox drinks there is a need to drink additional water. Usually, you’ll refill the bottle.

Rescue Cleanse is so potent, that you don’t need to refill the bottle or drink any additional water. The potency of the formula means that the flood of liquid, with the ingredients that help to push out more toxins and make you urinate in more volume and more frequently, is enough.

Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse Instructions

Let’s say you are facing a pre-employment drug test in two hours’ time. You’re not sure if it’s going to be observed in any way, so you’re not going to risk using fake urine.

These are the full Rescue Cleanse instructions you need to follow:

  1. The day before your scheduled test you must do a 24-hour detox. If you get more notice than that, do 48 hours, or even 72 hours. The longer the better. Abstain from toxins, live cleanly, drink plenty of water and urinate frequently exercise, and sweat, and use detox pills to push out more toxins. I’ll explain more about this later.
  2. 90 minutes before your test time, drink the contents of the Rescue Cleanse bottle for over 15 minutes.
  3. From the time you drink the bottle, urinate as frequently as possible. From the time you’ve finished the drink, urinate at least four times in the hour after.
  4. Do not drink any additional water. Get to the test center as quickly as possible, and submit your sample within five hours, but if you are a heavier user or smoker, try to submit it within two or three hours of ending the urination process.

Here’s How To Increase Your Chances Of Passing

If you’re going to use Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse to pass a drug test, then you can dramatically increase your chances of passing by doing the following. As I mentioned in the instructions, you need to detox for as long as possible before the day of your test.

Now, sometimes it isn’t possible. If you are facing a drug test at short notice, then you just have to rely on the potency of the detox drink. But, if you’ve got a few days’ notices, or you’ve applied for jobs and know you could be facing interviews and subsequent drug testing, then you’ve got preparation time.

Increase your chances of passing by doing a detox:

  • Get yourself some Toxin Rid pills from Test Clear
  • Even a 24-hour course of toxin rid pushes out far more toxins
  • Do as many days as you can before your test
  • Use Rescue Cleanse 90 minutes before you leave

My other top tip for increasing your chances of passing a drug test using Rescue Cleanse detox is to make sure that you are clean before you leave.

Even the best detox drinks for drug test success can fail if you just have too many drug toxins pushing themselves out of your body at the time.

Get yourself a couple of cheap home drug test kits. Five panel ones are fine and don’t cost a lot of money.

Just before you leave, do a drug test. In the unlikely event the Rescue Cleanse has failed, then you have two choices:

  1. Use the second bottle of Rescue Cleanse detox Urinate a couple of times, and then leave. Try and urinate once more before you submit your sample.
  2. Swap your strategy back to the fake urine one, by using high-quality fake urine like Sub Solution. However, this will be impossible if it’s a supervised test.

Do Not Buy These THC Detox Drinks

Now I’ve told you about the potency of Rescue Cleanse, and how it’s the best for passing a drug test, I’m going to tell you about detox drinks you should avoid.

Especially at short notice, it can be tempting to grab something locally. Perhaps in a smoke shop or even a Walmart option.

These are the marijuana detox drinks that just are not potent enough to flush out the toxins and maintain the appearance of your urine:

  • QCarbo 16 & 32
  • Magnum
  • Stinger detox range
  • Quick Clear detox
  • The Stuff
  • Small Detoxify bottles
  • Ultra Eliminex

These are all either poor quality, or sold in bottle volumes that are too small to genuinely flush out the body and flood it with things found in urine.

You need a full 32-fluid-ounce detox drink. Rescue Cleanse is 32 fluid ounces in size.

Best Alternative: Mega Clean

If you can’t get your hands on Rescue Cleanse, then Mega Clean 32 fluid ounces size is the best alternative. However, it’s only the best alternative if you can get it bundled up with Toxin Rid pills from Test Clear, and you have 24 hours before your test.

Buy it from Test Clear, do the 24-hour detox, and then follow the instructions to pass your test on the day using Mega Clean.

On its own, if you can grab it locally, it is the best option apart from Rescue Cleanse. However, without Toxin Rid pills bundled in free, it’s not as potent. But with them, and doing the 24-hour detox, it’s comparable to Rescue Cleanse without a pre-cleanse detox.

Where To Buy Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse In store?

You cannot buy Rescue Cleanse in stores. If you see it for sale anywhere like eBay or Amazon, or any general retailer, it’s a fake.

The only detox drinks you can buy from stores or general retailers are the poor-quality ones that I’ve already mentioned.

Rescue Cleanse Review Conclusion & Where To Buy

This Rescue Cleanse review conclusion is that it’s the most potent detox drink on the market.

If you need to pass a drug test, and you want to use a detox drink, then it is the most potent option available to you today.

Mega Clean with the pre-rid pills is a good second-place option, but with a 24-hour detox Rescue Cleanse is unbeatable.

Rescue Cleanse is only available from the Clear Choice website at Test Negative. Rescue Cleanse costs $55. That’s more expensive than nearly all of the bad detox drinks I mentioned earlier, but is comparable to Mega Clean.

So for $60, grab a bottle now. If you can get a 24-hour course of Toxin Rid pills as well, then do that. Prepare now, so that you don’t get caught out when you face that important drug test.


Kokou Adzo is the editor and author of He is passionate about business and tech, and brings you the latest Startup news and information. He graduated from university of Siena (Italy) and Rennes (France) in Communications and Political Science with a Master's Degree. He manages the editorial operations at

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