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Cybersecurity – A Career That Will Stay In-Demand In 2021 And Beyond

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The SolarWinds breach showed that cybersecurity threats worsen every year, and the stakes are higher since the digitalization of data. The cost of cybercrime is estimated to reach $6 trillion worldwide by the end of the year, and therefore the demand for skilled cybersecurity experts is higher than ever. New York Times reported that around 3.5 million open positions in cybersecurity are available worldwide in 2021. There is a 0% unemployment rate in the cybersecurity sector, and the rate has stayed consistent since 2011. In these conditions, there are many reasons to have a cybersecurity diploma, or more precisely 3.5 million reasons, the estimated number of unfilled jobs.

The world is facing a cybersecurity skills gap

The statistics show that there are not enough trained cybersecurity experts to fill the available jobs, mainly because all positions require extensive knowledge and experience. And the gap will only get bigger as new risks emerge because it’s challenging to keep up with the trends. Organizations state that the cybersecurity skills gap affects their ability to secure sensitive data, leading to cybersecurity and regulatory compliance issues. The need to fill their open positions is vital that organizations are willing to hire candidates who still study to get their degree or individuals with no degree at all, as long as they have the skills and experience needed.

In demand skills

Considering cyber security resume example the multitude of available positions in this field, the varying needed skills to fill one are seemingly endless. But in 2021, development and operations skills and cloud security knowledge will remain essential.

Cloud security – organizations worldwide embrace cloud infrastructure, and the trend won’t slow down in the near future. But cloud technology also poses specific risks, and this makes cloud security a valuable skill to have.

Development – DevOps and security application skills are also in demand because as new threats arise, cybersecurity experts must be equipped with the needed aptitudes and tools to fight them. Cybersecurity professionals should be able to develop solutions that can detect threats, automate tasks, and provide solutions.

Other required skills are : threat intelligence, risk management, incident response, access management, data privacy and security, security governance and strategy, and health information security.

Reasons to follow a career in cybersecurity

Cybersecurity can be a solid career choice because it promotes employment, pays a good salary, and much more. Let’s check the reasons why people think a cybersecurity career is promising in 2021.

High salary – if you’re looking for a job that pays well, cybersecurity may be the ideal choice for you. The sector has a high demand and low supply of qualified professionals, and the salary is quite good. The average cybersecurity specialist makes around $90,000, while the other average workers make around $40,000. With the right education and experience, you can expect to gain double than most workers.

You don’t actually need a certification – this career path may sound difficult, but it doesn’t require a degree to work in this field. Education is an obstacle for most career paths, but it’s quite the opposite in this sector. The best cybersecurity specialists are usually self-thought or have degrees in other domains that most times are unrelated. However, having a diploma can help you get more respected.

Plenty of job openings – the greatest benefit in this field is the high number of job openings. Considering that the number of cyber threats is increasing daily, it’s most likely the job openings in this sector to never end. With statistics as listed above, you can quickly figure out that the industry isn’t experiencing unemployment issues. In the USA, there have been over 500,000 job openings, even during the pandemic.

Challenging but exciting work – when working in the cybersecurity sector, expect to deal with challenges daily. However, most of your tasks will be exciting to perform because your role in the digital era is to improve online security and ensure that the systems supporting daily activities are running properly. All other industries rely on cybersecurity to keep them safe.

Remote work – even before the pandemic, most cybersecurity experts were working remotely because they usually collaborate with more organizations at the same time. While in some other sectors, this may be a negative point because most jobs require socializing and collaborating with other specialists. For most cybersecurity professionals, remote work is ideal.

Varied options – if you get a diploma in cybersecurity, you can select the sector you prefer. New roles emerge daily, and old ones evolve, so you should expect to have access to a diversified pool of options. For example, you can work as an ethical hacker that takes part in big bounty programs, or you can discover flaws in security systems.

Best places to get a cybersecurity job

Washington DC is the best city for cybersecurity jobs because the government agencies located there hire cybersecurity experts. If you get a job in Washington, you can expect to gain even £84,628. Singapore is the second-best place where to work as a cybersecurity expert. In fact, Singapore is considered one of the best destinations for specialists looking for jobs in the IT and cybersecurity sectors. If you land a job in Singapore, expect to earn around £55,577. Recent graduates and cybersecurity professionals looking for a job usually prefer Singapore.

Luxembourg is considered the destination with the highest salary in the industry. Cybersecurity is booming worldwide, but it looks like the best-paid experts are in Luxembourg, with £110,768.11.

If you prefer to work remotely, look for job openings in Brazil because it’s described as the best country for remote jobs. Besides Brazil, other places that provide excellent working conditions for remote specialists are Colombia, Portugal, Spain, and Italy.

Other great places to apply for a job if you work in the cybersecurity sector are Germany, Belgium, Canada, Austria, England, Saudi Arabia, and Japan.


Cybersecurity professionals can find job openings worldwide, especially because the sector encourages remote work. As noted, some geographical locations have a higher demand for these positions, and it’s expected the Asia-Pacific region to experience a surge in the following years.


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