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We talked to Daniel B. McWhirter of MPC Fitness App about workout and fitness, and he had the following to say:-

First of all, how are you and your family doing in these COVID-19 times? 

Daniel B. McWhirter: We are all doing just fine. Right now, it’s just about taking the right precautions and limiting exposure to infection while still maintaining a fairly regular lifestyle. Exercise is important to make time for every day. This helps keep us mentally sharp and positive. 

Tell us about you, your career, how you founded MPC Fitness App. 

Daniel B. McWhirter: I am primarily a web developer, graphic designer, and digital marketer, who started out as a broke kid with a computer. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts but no job prospects. I worked at a rental facility for sports and helped them with operations and their social media marketing. After that gig had ended and I moved home for the summer, I approached various “mom and pop” shops in the area and cold-called them with an offer for cheap website design. I would then walk to their store, meet them in person, and learn all about their business, take photos of products, etc. Then I would work on the site for a couple of days and return to their store for reviewing the website and payment. This turned into a steady freelance gig for a few clients, and that’s how I met my current business partner. I was always scouring Kijiji for people who needed a website, or graphic design helps each day to ensure my pipeline of prospects and clients was steady. I responded to a job posting and began building a Fitness App for a small gym. After a couple of years, we ended up partnering officially and turned the MPC Fitness App into a brand name across Ontario and Canada, as well as with some clients in the U.S. 

How does MPC Fitness App innovate? 

Daniel B. McWhirter: MPC Fitness App is hands-down the best company in the fitness app industry, without a doubt. All other fitness apps and coaches just get you on their system and throw you a workout plan to follow, usually in the form of a PDF or a list with photos. Our app is a little different because it has all of this but also has a compassionate, professional team of strength & conditioning coaches that are continually working with our clients. They work in-person with clients at our gym and then sit on their computers after working to meet email or zoom call with virtual clients across North America. And these aren’t your regular GoodLife Fitness type of personal trainers. These guys work with many moms, dads, children, and athletes in the Burlington community, as well as professional athletes. We also work with multiple professional Holistic Nutritionists and Naturopathic doctors, who help us construct our customized meal plans and programs. We are looking at a new partnership for grocery delivery – this way, you can get a 100% customized meal plan, and the food will be delivered to your door! MPC Fitness App is designed by a team in Amsterdam, leading in the fitness industry. They continually innovate with new virtual cartoon cartoons who talk to you as you workout and provide a little bit of motivational phrases as you follow along. We set ourselves apart from competitors by re-adding the human element. As COVID-19 hit, there was an immediate need for the MPC Fitness App and our services. Our team is with you every step of the way, and you can email or text or DM ALL of your questions about hormone balance, dieting, etc., and our team will give you a thorough answer that explains WHY the science works. And our team meets on a weekly basis to discuss training principles and mentor each other. Other fitness apps are just that – fitness apps. Whereas with MPC Fitness, you get elite coaching expertise at your fingertips, with an experienced, compassionate personal trainer helping you reach your goals. 

How the coronavirus pandemic affects your business, and how are you coping? 

Daniel B. McWhirter: COVID did not negatively impact our team. We were moving a little slowly on marketing initiatives prior to COVID, so it gave us some time to step back, assess, plan and prioritize our goals and KPIs moving into the second half of the year. Once May 2020 hit, our revenue started to really increase. COVID was a blessing in disguise for our business, as the temporary pause that the pandemic initially caused gave us the time needed to iron out kinks in our customer journey, social media marketing, and overall User Experience. 

Did you have to make difficult choices, and what are the lessons learned? 

Daniel B. McWhirter: Sometimes, when it comes to strategy, personnel, operations, or systems. Lessons learned:

  1. Fail forward.
  2. Make mistakes, and have confidence in your decision making as a business owner.
  3. Always research, plan, assess, and prioritize the most important activities for each day. 

How do you deal with stress and anxiety? How do you project yourself and MPC Fitness App in the future? 

Daniel B. McWhirter: Exercise. I make sure to go play basketball or lift weights almost every single day. It takes my mind off the work and allows me to let out a little bit of stress/annoyance when battling against technology all day. There are all sorts of research on the positive mental benefits of exercise, and I take it seriously. I am failing my clients, partners, and employees if I am not up early and working out hard, cooking healthy meals for myself, or taking time to enjoy some creative expression through music and art. I have high expectations for my company. We have the potential to be a #1 player in North America in our industry, especially as we continue to carve out new niches for customers that are looking for something just like MPC Fitness App. 

Who are your competitors? And how do you plan to stay in the game? 

Daniel B. McWhirter: I don’t want to mention names, as there are some HUGE players that are sponsored by large corporations. My blinders are up for the most part, though I do make sure to dabble with other fitness apps throughout the year. This helps me see what their customer journey and experience is like, how do they onboard, and do I feel like there is a human being on the other side? Or is it just an automated system because the company is just prioritizing profit. We plan on staying in the game by remaining nimble and agile. We listen to our customers and continually develop our programs and services to deliver FAST and LONG-LASTING results. You are never just a number in our automated system. You can reach out with all of your health/fitness/hormone questions and anxieties at 1 am, and expect a timely and detailed response from your trainer – someone that deeply cares about helping you see results. 

Your final thoughts? 

Daniel B. McWhirter: When you work with our company, you’re considered family -, and we treat you as such. I believe that this approach is important today more than ever, with an increasing reliance on digital services with a personalized touch. 

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