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DeliveryBros : Africa’s on-demand delivery network




Tell us a few words about the founders and how the idea came :

 The founders all worked together at a previous start-up and developed the idea while discussing about the problems of e-commerce after work. 

Your products and services :

Deliverybros is building Africa’s largest on-demand delivery network. Deliverybros facilitates the movement of parcels, laundry and medicine from one point to another within major African cities using technology to match customers who need Pick-up and Delivery services to logistics companies and individual riders who are on the Deliverybros network. 

 Your success factors

Offer fast Pick-up and Delivery services

Excellent customer service

Ability to scale rapidly into other African cities, Currently just launched in Kisumu Kenya and launching in a few weeks in Accra, Ghana.

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing

Unlimited fleet of delivery assets and fast pick-up and delivery using technology

Your business model

We get about 25% commission for every requests we match from a customer to a Logistic partner on our network.

 A few words about your competitors

We currently do not have any competitor operatring with our model as must traditional logistics company are joining our delivery network. Our only competition could be Uber, if they decide to enter the Logistics market.

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