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Efficiency of online aptitude tests to assess higher cognitive intelligence in recruits

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It is becoming a standard practice across several sectors to incorporate a knowledge and online aptitude test whilst screening prospective applicants for any job vacancy. With every passing day, the number of job aspirants is hugely increasing, and narrowing down their approach is burdensome unless employers use some filtration method. Aptitude tests competently work as one of the most significant filters in the initial recruitment phase. And if we talk about its correctness, that depends on how it has been modified and the standard of its strength and rules.

Correlation between Online Aptitude Test and job Competency

IQ level matters regarding trainability, aptitude test scores, and job performance. The fundamental factor that is taken into account while evaluating a candidate is fluid intelligence. Fluid intelligence is flexible thinking, the ability to reason, and problem-solving.

Thus, this establishes that your IQ level is the most important forecaster of job proficiency. The more your IQ is, the more entitled you will be for a complicated job profile via the attempted aptitude test. A connection subsists of 0.80 amid IQ level and job performance regarding higher level jobs. The better one executes at work, the quicker they can progress in career; thus, an affirmative link comes up between career status and IQ level.

Understanding the cognitive ability assessments

The general cognitive capabilities involve problem-solving, planning, paying attention, memorizing, abstract thinking, visualizing, comprehending complex ideas, understanding the surroundings, and experimental education. Collectively, these brain-based skills form two kinds of intelligence: crystallized and fluid intelligence in people, shaping their general intelligence. Cognitive ability assessments, also known as cognitive online aptitude test, is a psychological tool to assess cognitive skills.

Why must employers use cognitive ability tests during the recruitment process?

To find the right talent, it is very important to analyze how candidates approach a problem and find a solution by looking at several aspects. Every job function demands adapting, learning, and understanding associated with particular tasks. That is why assessments on cognitive skills come in handy, guaranteeing correct talent assessments.

Several benefits make cognitive tests highly appropriate in the recruitment process, as listed below:

  • Potential candidates

The cognitive assessment process helps offer accurate insights to find the most appropriate candidates. Identifying the prospective candidates according to their cognitive abilities is an effective way to make a productive workforce.

  • Onboarding Time

Time is an important factor in the talent-sourcing journey. With the assistance of these tests, it becomes an extremely focused approach for the recruiters to finish a hiring procedure by focusing on apt candidates only.

  • Simple to Scale

Computers help to do these tests. These tests are simple to manage and extremely scalable.

  • Efficient Screening

Employers can use the results from the cognitive skills tests to ensure only capable candidates go to the subsequent level of recruitment. It is an efficient screening tool to finalize the candidates at the primary stages of the hiring procedure.

  • Customization

Cognitive assessment tests are easily customizable. Based on the assessment needs, recruiters can make a customized test, using a blend of tests per the necessary job skills.


Finding the right talent for your company is one of the necessary steps toward building winning teams. But once you recognize suitable candidates, installing them as per their abilities in the suitable job roles is equally necessary. Cogent and well-made cognitive ability tests from Mercer | Mettl fulfill such needs of the hiring procedure and authorize recruiters in every possible way.


Kokou Adzo is the editor and author of He is passionate about business and tech, and brings you the latest Startup news and information. He graduated from university of Siena (Italy) and Rennes (France) in Communications and Political Science with a Master's Degree. He manages the editorial operations at

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