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Will Malaysia Rakyat Survive in this Type of Economy with the Country Already in Political Turmoils?

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Ellis Lee Kingsley International School

Ellis Lee of Kingsley International School tells us about their vision of raising a new generation of entrepreneurial achievers.

First of all, how are you and your family doing in these COVID-19 times? 

Ellis Lee: We are doing well.

Tell us about you, your career, how you joined Kingsley International School

Ellis Lee: I joined in 2012 as a relief CEO cum Principal and current CEO of the school.

How does Kingsley International School innovate? 

Ellis Lee: International School education (UK).

How does the coronavirus pandemic affect your business finances?

Ellis Lee: High withdrawals due to the business at risk; expatriates repatriated; local business failing.

Difficulty to settle bank loans and moratoriums are slow to be responded to by lending banks.

Did you have to make difficult choices regarding human resources, and what are the lessons learned?

Ellis Lee: Yes. Decreasing staff counts. Utilizing to the max and minimized costs.

How did your customer relationship management evolve? Do you use any specific tools to be efficient?

Ellis Lee: Yes, harnessing technology to the max. This push also greatly encouraged everyone involved to think critically and be innovative in reaching the customers.

Did you benefit from any government grants, and did that help keep your business afloat?

Ellis Lee: No, being private, the government did not help much, but this probably helps more – we started getting more aggressive in our move to survive independently.

Your final thoughts?

Ellis Lee: The government bodies must make better decisions Together and not give conflicting directions. The Education Ministry must stop segregating local and private schools as private schools are also contributing to nation-building. They must be fair and consider the private operators with decisions to be more inclusive towards them.

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