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ERWAP Energy Kits : A catapult for Nigeria in the prevention of air pollution mortality from cooking with fossil fuels



erwap energy kit

Tell us a few words about the founders and how the idea came

My name is Rashidat A Bamgbose. I am a business development strategist, Tony Elumelu fellow and Youwin awardee. I completed my Master’s degree in Energy Economics from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

During my period at the University of Ibadan, my lecturer presented a video documentary on the detrimental health effects of cooking with unclean fuels amongst households in Nigeria. Since viewing that film I have been motivated to work at finding a solution to the everyday problem of cooking with wood and charcoal fuels. A problem that directly affects the future health of many Nigerian families.

It was while in the course of finding a solution to this problem that I donated stoves and pellets to four vulnerable women … disposing the health endangering stoves they were using. They loved the stoves and fuel pellets.

I then established the “Cookstovepreneur” network; empowering more women with a means of livelihood as a result.

I’ve established a partnership with the Nigeria Ministry of Health and Ministry of Environment to raise awareness about climate change. Via this partnership, we have distributed educative infographics material to over three hundred households in Oyo State … distributing over one hundred of our locally made clean energy kits to needy families.

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Your products and services 

ERWAP Energy Kit

The ERWAP Energy Kit consists of the ERWAP Biomass Gas Stove & ERWAP Fuel Pellets.

ERWAP Biomass Gas Stove

Our biomass Stove has an inbuilt combustion system and a fan draft that enables cooking to be safe and smokeless. The stove uses gasification technology which creates environmentally friendly gas from the burning of dry biomass pellets created from environmental waste products.

The ERWAP Biomass Gas Stove is very simple to use, inexpensive to operate and uses a pollution free technology. The stove is portable and does not require exhaust piping or special burner-heads. Our stove is unique in that, unlike the present method of cooking for many Nigerian families, it prevents exposure to the emission and inhalation of health endangering carbon exhausts.

ERWAP Fuel Pellets

The fuel pellets are produced from presently underutilized bio-waste resources through the use of compressing and drying technology that turns bio-waste into a low moisture fuel making it easy to be burn

Your success factors 

•  Cheap to operate … saves 55% cost of fuel
• Clean cooking … protects families from exposure to toxic fumes and smoke
•  Easy to operate
•   Designed locally … made in Nigeria
•  Via seminars and education sessions in local communities we will educate the populace on the necessity of using our stoves and pellets .. selling our products
•  “Cookstovepreneur” network existing of “local women” trained and empowered to sell stoves and pellets; and provide customer support and service

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

Thanks to its fan draft gasification technology our biomass gas stove and biomass pellets make the cook feel like they’re cooking on a gas or electric cooker. No cooking solution in Nigeria is as affordable and efficient as the ERWAP Clean Energy Kit. At present, we are the first and the only biomass gas stove and fuel pellets kits existing in the Nigerian marketplace.
Our fuel pellets are produced from biowaste resources. ERWAP Biomass Fuel Pellets are high-density pellets that offer high-temperature cooking, smoke-free cooking; with and no added pollution for the environment.
Our ERWAP Clean Energy Kit offers our customer base a significant cost saving when compared to cooking with charcoal at wood. Presently most low income Nigerian families spend over three hundred Naira per day to cook with smoky, environmentally unfriendly charcoal … while one kilogram of ERWAP Biofuel Pellets will allow them to cook for one full day at a cost of two hundred fifty Naira.

Your business model (how do you make money?)

Our business model:

Sales of ERWAP Energy Kits (biomass gas stove and 5Kg of biomass fuel pellets) are priced at a retail price of twenty thousand Naira (Retail Price $45 USD); at roughly a 25% Profit Margin. To allow us to properly serve our primary target market we offer a “Lease to Own” program for our ERWAP Energy Kits. Kits can be purchased with a small down payment; and paid for over a three to six month payment period; dependent upon the cash liquidity of the buyer.

A few words about your competitors

In Nigeria, there is presently no direct competitor for our products or services. Our present competitors lie within the firewood “three-stones” traditional cooking method, charcoal stoves and kerosene stoves market segments.

In the past there has been a few, unsuccessful, programs targeted and launched at solving this issue; but, those programs have either lacked a properly implemented population awareness/acceptance program or an affordable solution for the average Nigerian consumer. Former programs could not be accessed by the people who need them the most … the lower economic class. Our test program has proven that we have already leaped that hurdle.

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