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Remote working: Conjunctural Situation or Structural Action?

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Félix Casado Virtual Cable

We talked to Félix Casado, CEO of Virtual Cable about desktop and application virtualization and he had the following to say about it:-

Tell us about you, your career, how you founded Virtual Cable.

Félix Casado: My entire professional career, since 1984, has been linked to the IT sector. Since virtualization technologies emerged, I have dedicated myself to that specific area, which allowed me to detect the need that customers had to be able to choose a much more flexible VDI technology than those that existed in the market and that was affordable to organizations of all types and sizes.

How does Virtual Cable innovate? 

Félix Casado: Virtual Cable develops and supports UDS Enterprise. It is a connection broker for desktop, application virtualization, and remote access to physical and virtual machines. In addition, to enable remote working and distance learning, our technology helps companies tackle the complexity of their IT environment, centralizing all software installation and maintenance tasks, which are carried out through a single console accessible via a web browser. It enables the mobility of employees, who can access the full catalog of software and applications of their companies at any time, from any place and device. It also adds an important layer of security and saves costs in the acquisition of new equipment. Its compatibility with virtually any technology allows, among other things, the choice of Open Source components to build an on-demand infrastructure, 100% adapted to the needs of the project and with very well-adjusted costs.

How the coronavirus pandemic affects your business, and how are you coping?

Félix Casado: Since the company was founded in 2011, our company has had a continuous double-digit growth, which has even been awarded several times with the certificate of “Excellence in Business Management” granted by El Economista newspaper.

We never saw the emergence of the pandemic as a business opportunity.

Many of our clients have always been price-sensitive: Universities, Public Administrations, NGOs, SMEs… Our software is also very successful in large companies from any sector that have asked themselves why more than 60% of their IT expenditure is dedicated to software licensing.

The only way the pandemic has impacted our business is that these groups have grown and now are even more sensitive and vulnerable.

From the very beginning of the pandemic we have launched special campaigns to support all affected sectors: Providing free cloud platforms to all SMEs worldwide, offering our product for free to Public Administrations and Universities, special discounts for large corporations…

What are the lessons learned?

Félix Casado: We have verified that the organizations that had already been betting on the most cutting-edge technologies have been the ones that have adapted faster and more easily to this new situation. Those who had implemented VDI technology either to reuse their older devices, to simplify the IT management of their entire IT fleet, or to allow the mobility of their employees, have only had to scale their infrastructure or make a few small adjustments to provide service to all their staff at the same time.

That’s the reason why we think that it is important to be at the forefront of new technologies and choose efficient solutions that become fundamental pillars of the IT strategy.

How do you project yourself and Virtual Cable in the future?

Félix Casado: I see ourselves helping organizations in more countries and more sectors. The pandemic lockdown has made the need to implement a technology like UDS Enterprise even more evident, has accelerated its adoption, and has made the IT departments of all companies discover that its benefits go far beyond remote working. Universities, educational centers of all kinds, public administrations, as well as other public and private entities around the world are every day interested in the advantages of implementing UDS Enterprise. In total, we already have more than three thousand references from more than one hundred countries. These figures show that our international expansion is on the right track, and that trust in our software knows no borders.

Who are your competitors? And how do you plan to stay in the game?

Félix Casado: From the beginning, we compete with large multinationals. But our software offers clear competitive advantages over solutions from big manufacturers. We are a small company that develops great software, which is technically up to scratch, and even delivers a broader range of features than its competitors. UDS Enterprise has the added value of being compatible with any third-party technology and has unlimited customization possibilities both on a technical level and on corporate image. Also, our commercialization method is different. We are committed to a model of subscriptions based on the number of users, with a flat rate from 350 users that make the projects economically viable. Our clients always highlight the efficiency and agility of our support service. We like to attend our clients in a personalized way and exhaustively follow up on all the inquiries we receive.

Your final thoughts?

Félix Casado: The lockdown period meant an acceleration in digital transformation. It initially involved the acceptance of remote working as the only way to guarantee business continuity, which led, secondly, to confirm that it is a really valid option for working. In many cases, it brings many advantages both for the company and for the workers.

Remote working is not a conjunctural situation, it is a structural action, and it has come to stay.

We will be here to assist all companies that need to enable a remote workforce with the help of our distribution channel.

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