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Female Vitality Blueprint Report: Is It Legit or Fake Program?

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Female Vitality Blueprint is a program specially designed for women to increase libido, and maintain energy levels. It teaches women how they can strengthen their pelvic floor to enjoy a healthy life.

This Female Vitality Blueprint is the best solution as it provides correct exercises to strengthen pelvic floor muscles and improve your lower abdominal area.

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What Is The Female Vitality Blueprint?

Women have to face many challenges during childbirth that make their bodies weak. Infertility problems in women will also make them frustrated and unhappy.

Studies prove that 70% of women never reached their orgasm. All this problem is due to pelvic muscle health. These pelvic muscles weaken when women get older and cannot enjoy satisfaction, making them upset and distressed. These muscles also get weak due to childbirth, improper diet, and lack of exercise.

NCBI study proves that 26.7% of premenopausal women experience low sexual desire. The symptoms of premenopausal are; irregular periods or skipping month periods, vaginal dryness, urinary frequency, and hot flashes.

There Female Vitality Blueprint was created by Alex Miller to educate women to exercise and stretch to improve their pelvic health. It is a powerful guide that explains women make their pelvic floor muscles strong without taking a dietary supplement or doing lots of exercise in the gym. She included simple stretching exercises every woman can do easily. These simple stretching exercises can be done at home.

So if you are a woman with weak pelvic muscles and want to improve your libido, then Female Vitality Blueprint is the best selection.

How Does Female Vitality Blueprint Work?

The author Alex Miller also has a female orgasm problem; from there, she realized that it is the leading issue in women.

Many studies prove that women having frequent urination have a low sexual drive and 43% of the women are suffering from it. This problem can be solved by strengthening the pelvic floor and increasing sexual desire.

Female Vitality Blueprint is an online digital program for women to strengthen their pelvic muscles to overcome birth complications, improve vaginal muscle, and get sexual satisfaction. This program helps in solving many weak pelvic floor problems such as urine leakage, vaginal pain, and vaginal dryness.

It is a step-by-step guide comprised of videos and a manual to restore the vaginal area and strengthen pelvic floor muscles to enhance sexual desire. This video contains stretching exercises and movements that take 10 to 15 minutes to complete. These videos also consist of breathing exercises and posture positions to enhance pelvic health and many more health benefits. You don’t need any equipment to perform this stretching; it can also be done at home without going to the gym.

This program is also for those women who want to increase their sex drive without taking supplements or medication. These boosting supplements and medicine have other side effects which may hurt your body. They must use Female Vitality Blueprint Program to improve sex drive by doing gentle stretching exercises and movements, which can be done in minutes.

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Author Introduction

The maker of Female Vitality Blueprint is Alex Miller, a fitness expert and women’s pelvic specialist. She lives in Vancouver, Canada, and has Pilates Mat certification from the Physical Mind Institute of Canada. She trained many fitness experts in different areas like weight lifting, treadmill, cross-fit and yoga, making her a professional fitness trainer. She also helped millions of women over the world to improve their overall health.

She uses all his expertise and experience in this program to make it successful and as per the Female Vitality Blueprint Reviews, many women get satisfactory results and enhance their sexual performance.

Overview Of Female Vitality Blueprint Program

There are not many programs online that talk about female orgasm dysfunction. But this is a serious issue from which 43% of women worldwide suffer. So the author, Alex Miller created this Female Vitality Blueprint to improve women’s health as she also suffered from the same problem.

Alex describes tight muscles in a woman’s body as the main reason for the female orgasmic disorder which slows down the blood flow in the vaginal area and makes low sex pleasure. She thinks that tight muscle between the shoulders and neck is the primary purpose of blockage of blood flow to the female pleasure area, creating a sensation in the vaginal area.

Therefore she designed this program, which includes stretching exercises to target tight muscles for circulating blood to the female vaginal area and remove irritation.

In this Female Vitality Blueprint program, you will find out essential exercises to strengthen pelvic floor muscles and improve blood circulation. The guide contains step-by-step instructions to perform these exercises.

You have to do these stretching exercises 3 to 4 times a week, and do it on alternate days to relax your body muscles.

You don’t need to buy expensive equipment such as a treadmill, cycle machine, or weight lifting items; you just need a yoga mat and chair to perform these exercises safely.

It consists of 3 stages of the movement sequence. Start from Stage 1 and move on to other stages as per your fitness level. It is suggested for the user tp spend 1 to 3 weeks on stage 1, then 4 to 6 weeks on stage 2 and the rest of the weeks on stage 3.

The author, Alex miller, also provides 3 other additional workouts video as a book bonus to get relief from back or body pain.

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Pricing And Bonus

Female Vitality Blueprint is also provided in both versions, hard copy and soft copy. If you want a digital program, get it for $37; the physical program costs you $47. You also have a 60-day money-back guarantee by the author. You will also get 5 bonuses:

  • Bonus 1 – Female Vitality Blueprint Informational Handbook
  • Bonus 2 – Vaginal Rejuvenation Method
  • Bonus 3 – How To Have a Vaginal Orgasm Handbook
  • Bonus 4 – Libido Hormone Enhancer
  • Bonus 5 – Stretch To Pain-Free Life

Bonus 1 – Female Vitality Blueprint Informational Handbook And Diastasis Recti Checklist

Female Vitality Blueprint manual and video help improve pelvic health by naturally healing layer syndrome, improving vaginal muscle, and blood flow with gentle exercise and movement to get a flat belly. It also includes 3 movement exercises to improve your posture. This program provides all the vital information about women’s health.

This program also solves the diastasis recti problem which occurs in pregnant or postpartum women (after giving childbirth). It occurs when the abs muscles vanish by pregnancy stretched or bulge belly after pregnancy. Doing the Female Vitality Blueprint exercises will able you to reduce your belly fat. You will also get a diastasis recti checklist to take a record of daily improvement and track your overall progress during this program.

This diastasis recti checklist contains a pre-made table to track your progress before starting this program, during the program, and when the program finishes. After 10 weeks of using this program, you can monitor your progress easily.

Bonus 2 – Vaginal Rejuvenation Method

Vaginal Rejuvenation Method is a 10-minute video guide that explains how to improve vaginal orgasm with simple exercises.

In this video, you will see exercises to tone the core muscles, increase stamina, heal diastasis recti, and get a flat stomach. Regular exercises strengthen pelvic muscles, and you will get a smart slim body.

Bonus 3 – How To Have a Vaginal Orgasm Handbook

This book guide women on how to achieve vaginal orgasm. When your vaginal muscle is ready, contract and release during sexual intercourse to achieve intense pleasure from the vaginal area. This handbook also revealed the secret that a vaginal orgasm is 10 times stronger than a clitoral orgasm.

This book teaches men and women about the penetration method to reach orgasm without external stimulus.

The author also confirms that by using this Ebook method, she and her husband feel a massive improvement in their feelings. It also boosts sexual performance that you will never experience before in your life.

Studies verify that 81.6% never experience vaginal orgasms or clitoral orgasms to reach there.

This book is also for those women who never had a vaginal orgasm but get ill or sick by using toys to satisfy themselves manually.

Bonus 4 – Libido Hormone Enhancer

As we get old, sexual desire starts decreasing; to enhance it, you must perform the exercise to reinforce it. This bonus manual includes breathing techniques to improve your libido hormones in the body. These breathing techniques can perform any day or night time and also used these techniques during intercourse.

Bonus 5 – Stretch To Pain-Free Life

The last bonus is the 3 stretch to pain-free life book to solve your back and bone pain while performing exercises.

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Female Vitality Blueprint Benefits

You can get many benefits from this program and be able to change your life forever.

Strong Pelvic Floor Muscle:

The exercises and stretches in Female Vitality Blueprint give pelvic muscle strength. While doing regular exercise, you will feel relaxed in your tight pelvic muscle and make your body flexible. The process will transport healthy blood containing nutrients and oxygen to your pelvic muscle, making strong vaginal muscles.

Easy Exercises:

The author Alex Miller is a fitness coach and helped many of their clients, so she knows the human body perfectly and designed these exercises according to it. You don’t need any expensive equipment to perform these stretching.

This program contains easy stretching and breathing exercises you can do at home without a fitness expert. It includes step-by-step information on how to perform these exercises without hurting your body.

Improve Blood Flow:

She discovered that tightness in the shoulder and neck might affect blood flow to reach the lower body. For this, she introduced 3 step movement sequence to remove the blockage in the blood vessels and make blood easily circulate to the vaginal area to increase sensitivity in the vagina.

Help In Weight Loss:

These exercises and stretching also help women who have bulged stomachs due to pregnancy or postpartum and want a flat stomach. Women who are worried about the fat stored in their belly can do these exercises to get rid of fatty acid stored in the belly due to an imbalanced diet or lack of regular exercise. They can also use Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic to lose weight quickly.

Boost Stamina:

These exercises will boost stamina to enjoy long sex without frequent urine. It balances your hormones and increases the body’s energy level which they can use during sexual intercourse.

Many Female Vitality Blueprint Reviews of women confirm that they have reached their vaginal orgasm and clitoral orgasm, which is a challenging task for every woman.

Your partner can also do these exercises to increase stamina, which is most needed during penetration. And you both get pleasure with each other.

She also includes other women’s solution methods in her book, like balancing hormones, increasing stamina, boosting sexual desire in men and women, and making strong vaginal muscles. It also helps the woman to enjoy foreplay with their partner.


Many women still feel embarrassed when discussing intimacy and orgasm with their partner or friends because they make fun of them and hurt their reputation. The author also suffers from this situation and cannot share it with her closest friend. So she decided to make the Female Vitality Blueprint supports women in this matter.

This orgasm or intimacy problem can affect any woman regardless of age. This issue also affects their relationship or marriage to end up.

She taught women to reach orgasm as easily as men do without hard work.

These exercises will assist women in solving urine leakage and bulge belly problems.

Department of Urology In Brazil declares that 43% of women who suffer from urine incontinence have sexual dysfunction problems.

You can buy this book from their official website, not from any of your local shops or stores because they will not include bonuses with this program. Initially, this program’s price was $157 but Alex Miller is providing a discount and it is now available for $37 for a digital program, and $47 for a physical book. And also, if you don’t like these exercises or find it hard to do them, you have 60 days to get your money back.

So every woman must try it get their vitality back.

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