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FoliPrime Hair Support Serum: Crucial Report Reveals Facts

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If you are searching for a natural hair loss solution that can stop hair fall and start new hair growth, then FoliPrime is one of the options you may be considering.

FoliPrime is one of the most popular hair fall solutions in the market. Moreover, FoliPrime has many positive testimonials, an extended money-back guarantee, and high customer satisfaction ratings.

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When you want to stop your hair fall and regrow new hair on the bald spot, it is necessary to select the appropriate supplement available in the market.

Numerous hair loss supplements are available in the market, but not all are good. Some deliver results for a short period, and some can even damage the scalp.

This page will provide you with everything you need to know if FoliPrime is a good supplement to help you stop hair loss and start new hair growth. Moreover, we will inform you about its ingredients, how to use it, and what results you can expect.

You will also discover if this hair serum is worth your time and money. Moreover, you will find out what you can do to get a maximum discounted price.

No one can tell you better if the supplement can help in reversing the hair fall than the person who has actually used it. So, we will look at what customers say about this hair support formula.

We like to apologize in advance if you find this article long because we don’t want to hide any information from our readers. Knowledge is power, so we want to provide enough of it to help them make an informed buying decision.

What Is FoliPrime?

FoliPrime is a fast-absorbing and lightweight hair support serum that combines botanical ingredients with vitamins, minerals, and other natural substances to boost cell development at the scalp.

In addition to boosting cell renewal, FoliPrime also helps you combat dry, brittle, and thin hair and breakage by nourishing and strengthening the hair follicles.

FoliPrime is a clean formula that nourishes thinning hair and helps you achieve thicker-looking hair strands with its clinically proven ingredients.

Unlike most hair growth options, FoliPrime comes in liquid form. Although tablets and capsules are more traditional forms, delivering the ingredients directly to the scalp is a more powerful way to deliver essential vitamins, minerals, and other natural substances required for rapid hair growth.

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FoliPrime Hair Growth Benefits:

  • Multi-action hair growth solution
  • Controls hair fall and dry scalp
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Add shine to the hair
  • Boost cell growth on the scalp
  • Nourishes thinning hairs
  • Moisturizes to prevent swelling and breakage
  • Improves hair density
  • Protects hairs from damaging effects of sun, pollutants, and harmful chemicals
  • Helps in getting thicker-looking strands

Who Can Use FoliPrime?

FoliPrime is a hair support formula designed for men and women suffering from hair loss, hair fall, thinning hair, dry scalp, and other hair problems. FoliPrime is a 100% natural supplement and doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals or genetically modified ingredients. It is a famous women’s hair loss solution in the United States and Canada.

These strong points make FoliPrime the best option for someone looking to end hair fall and start new hair development.

FoliPrime is also for women who regularly use styling tools like flat irons and curling. It can nourish your hair and help you get a wavy bounce in your hair again. If your hairs look dull and dry, they have lost all their moisture. FoliPrime can help you with that as well.

As mentioned above, FoliPrime is the multi-action growth solution. You can use FoliPrime to prevent hair loss, restart hair growth, stop hair damage, and add shine to make your shreds look thicker and shiny.

How to Use FoliPrime Hair Growth Serum

  • FoliPrime comes with a dropper, so you have to use the dropper to apply the serum on the scalp or at the hair loss affected area.
  • Use finger pads to gently massage the serum on the affected area.
  • Don’t use a scarf or hat to cover your head.
  • Use it every morning at least 3-5 times a week.
  • Make sure you take before and after pictures to track your progress with the FoliPrime serum.
  • You will see results after 4-6 weeks.

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How FoliPrime Supports the Hair Regrowth Process

FoliPrime hair growth formula targets the root cause of hair thinning, hair loss, dandruff, and other hair problems. The root cause of these problems is vitamins and nutrient deficiency in the scalp that shrinks hair follicles.

FoliPrime ingredients nourish the scalp with essential vitamins and minerals to start new hair growth and strengthen the hair follicles.

Moreover, FoliPrime contains ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties to reduce swelling and toxins on the scalp for proper nutrient absorption.

All the ingredients provided in the supplement are supported by several studies which proved these natural substances improve hair and scalp health. For example, Niacin, a key ingredient of FoliPrime, is known for treating alopecia.

Similarly, Turmeric is another ingredient of FoliPrime that has anti-inflammatory properties to reduce chronic inflammation in the body and scalp.

Let’s take a brief look at FoliPrime ingredients.

FoliPrime Ingredients Profile:

The FoliPrime formula contains these active ingredients:

  • Lemon Peel Oil

Lemons contain various nutrients that strengthen hair follicles to stop breakage. They are known for their antifungal and antibacterial properties. Several hair products use lemon oil to control oil buildup around the follicles and maintain a healthy scalp.

  • Castor Oil

Castor oil is known for its several health benefits, including hair health. It contains a powerful combination of vitamins, fatty acids, and proteins to nourish the scalp. Additionally, it contains a natural chemical ‘ricinoleic acid’ to improve blood circulation in scalps, making them strong and preventing hair loss.

  • Turmeric

We all are familiar with Turmeric’s several benefits, from reducing swelling or inflammation to improving skin health. Several studies have proved that the turmeric compound ‘curcumin’ helps prevent hair loss and increase hair growth by blocking the DHT hormone – a hormone responsible for hair loss. Moreover, it is also included in Juvenon BloodFlow-7 supplement.

  • Niacin & Biotin

Niacin (vitamin B3) and Biotin (vitamin B7) are two essential vitamins for strengthening hair follicles. These vitamins improve blood flow to the hair follicles, support growth, reduce scalp inflammation, and promote thicker hair.

  • Stinging Nettle

Stinging nettle is a common ingredient in herbal medicines. It is rich in silica and sulfur, which minimize hair thinning and breakage and start new hair growth.

  • Capsaicin

Capsaicin is the compound of chili peppers and is popular for reducing pain. However, it is included in the FoliPrime due to its properties of stimulating dormant hair follicles and support in increasing hair volume.

  • Zinc

Zinc is an essential mineral in the body that is required by over 100 enzymes to perform chemical reactions. Moreover, this mineral plays a vital role in hair tissue repair and growth by controlling the oil near hair follicles.

  • Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid is the natural chemical found in the fluids available in joints and eyes. Many skin care creams, lotions, oils, and ointments use this natural chemical to make skin flexible and remove wrinkles and facial lines. It also moisturizes hair strands by keeping them elastic, hydrated, and healthier.

  • Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil contains many antibacterial, antifungal, and antioxidants to reduce inflammation and support healing. It also prevents dry scalp by preventing chemical buildup from making your hair grow at the normal rate.

After analyzing all these ingredients and reading supporting studies by prestigious universities, we conclude that FoliPrime is a multi-action formula that blocks the DHT hormone, renews hair follicles, increases hair density, and combats hair loss.

Anyone suffering from hair loss can use this hair serum to stop hair loss and promote overall hair health, like density and volume.

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FoliPrime Customer Feedback:

According to the official website, FoliPrime is maintaining over 90% customer satisfaction since its launch. Additionally, 8 out of 10 customers said they would recommend this hair loss solution to their friends and family.

One lady who got a couple of bald spots after pregnancy found that her hair started growing in the bald spots, and she is happy to see new hairs in the middle of the scalp and on the edges.

Many other users have posted similar or better results after using FoliPrime serum. Many are happy to finally find a hair loss solution that really works!

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However, everyone is different, and results can’t be the same for every person, but that doesn’t mean living with the fear of getting disappointment or losing your money because FoliPrime is supported with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Buying FoliPrime – Special Offers and Where to Buy


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FoliPrime is only available through its official website as the manufacturer has not authorized any third-party store or site to sell this supplement.

Many manufacturers are now selling their supplements from the official website to cut down the middle person and ensure their customers receive a top-quality product at the maximum discounted price.

Every FoliPrime bottle contains 60ml of liquid that you have to use every day for 3-6 weeks for optimal results. Every FoliPrime bottle contains enough content for a month’s supply.

Although you can purchase a single-bottle package, if you want long-term results, we suggest a 3 or 6 months package.

You can select one of the three packages found on the official website:

  • Package 1:1 x FoliPrime Bottle (30-Day Supply) at $69 per bottle
  • Package 2:3 x FoliPrime Bottle (90-Day Supply) at $59 per bottle
  • Package 3:6 x FoliPrime Bottle (180-Day Supply) at $49 per bottle

Whatever package you buy doesn’t matter; all FoliPrime packages come with free US shipping. Customers within the United States will get their package within 5-7 working days. However, customers from outside the United States will have to pay $16 shipping charges, and they will get the FoliPrime package within 10-15 working days.

You can start with a single-bottle package, but multi-bottle packages give a good discount, and you will save shipping charges if you order from outside the USA.

FoliPrime is available in the following countries: United States, UK, Ireland, Australia, Canada, and other European countries.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Is FoliPrime available on Amazon real or fake?

A1: No! FoliPrime is only available on its official website, and the one available on Amazon is fake, so avoid it.

Q2: Can I apply these drops to my four-year-old daughter’s head?

A2: Yes! There should be no problem in applying FoliPrime serum to your daughter’s head. It is just a blend of essential oils for every hair type, and its benefits are even visible for people with no hair loss.

Q3: What are its ingredients?

A3: If you visit the FoliPrime official website, you can see the bottle’s label under the reference page. We have tested this product for over six months, and it works. I hope it will help you in making your buying decision.

Q4: Should I use it before or after dry shampoo?

A4: We recommend people to use it twice a day, in the morning and before going to bed. It’s a non-greasy product, and it dries and blends quickly. People love this product and getting new hair growth.

Q5: Can I use FoliPrime serum with rogaine?

A5: We don’t recommend using FoliPrime with any other tropical prescribed medicine. We even don’t recommend to use this serum with natural skincare supplement like Derma Prime Plus. You can consult your doctor for suggestions before using this hair serum.

Final Few Words:

If you have read this article until this far, you must have come to know if FoliPrime serum can support you in areas you need help.

FoliPrime is not an expensive hair loss solution, but we understand many people live with a very tight budget these days. They put so much focus on comparing prices that they don’t want anything except the cheapest option.

Cheapest hair loss solutions are cheap for various reasons. The formulation they contain is not being tested, and the manufacturers of these products often save time and money by sourcing ingredients from unreliable vendors. Moreover, some of these products contain a heavy dose of minoxidil, a drug that causes rashes and allergies.

These cheap hair loss products don’t include any money-back guarantee. It is because their manufacturers are fully aware of the product’s failure. Additionally, these products don’t go through a multi-step testing procedure that ensures product safety, potency, and efficiency.

Buying these cheap hair care products is like putting your health at risk; we are sure no one wants to do that.

When you buy FoliPrime serum, you are actually investing in your long, healthy, and shiny hair. You will also get a money-back guarantee that you can use within 60 days. If you are unsatisfied with the results within this period, you can ask for a refund.

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