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(Anglais) Startup Festival Montréal, le rendez-vous des startup canadiennes



Known for its festivals and entrepreneurial scene, Montreal has been chosen for the second year in a row as the setting for the International Startup Festival (


Focused on technology entrepreneurship, the event draws innovators, startups, investors and clients of the economics of innovation and new technology from around the globe.


This year’s festival will feature big names on the startup scene; Dan Bricklin, Paul Mockapetris, John Wood, Cindy Gallop, Stowe Boyd, Dave McClure, Howard Lindzon and Craig Walker will be some of the many speakers on hand this coming July 11th to 13th. StartupFest is the perfect opportunity to collaborate with some of the champions of the global technology and startup scenes.


The event program, centered on the theme “Startups that Matter,” consists of, amongst other things, keynote speakers, elevator pitches, tent expos, workshops, conferences, real money prizes and fun activities—not to mention the opportunities to expand one’s network while having a great time with good company.


So whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to keep abreast of changes and connect with potential investors or a VC looking to find your next hot deal and see where the industry is headed, make sure to check out the event at


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Vous pouvez aussi suivre l’évenement en Français grace a notre collaboration avec Babelverse! Cliquez ici pour plus de détails:


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