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LE CADEAU FRANÇAIS®, des cadeaux d’entreprise Made in France



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Founded in 2015 by Alfred de Louvencourt, Le Cadeau Français is the specialist in  corporate gifts made in France with services (personalization, delivery, etc.).

Our mission is to  select  the best products from the French expertise, the customize, the  pack  and  deliver  instead of our customers.


Companies entrust us with the realization of their Customer gifts, Commercial challenges, Event gifts or even End of the year gifts.




We select original, premium and ethical products in 2 product universes:  gastronomy  and lifestyle items It is possible to mix the two in a mixed box.

1. Lifestyle objects

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2. the boxes

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We offer companies to  mark  their objects  and personalize their  packaging,  so that their business gifts are unique and vectors of their  corporate communicationThe company sends us its graphic charter and receives a proof within 24 hours. Personalized packaging is highly regarded and sets us apart from the competition.


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Nous composons des coffrets cadeaux d’entreprise sur-mesure, de A à Z.

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Le Cadeau Français est une aventure entrepreneuriale qui réunit des compétences complémentaires : sourcing, graphisme, commercial…




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Où acheter un cadeau d’entreprise ?

Si vous cherchez à acheter des cadeaux d’entreprise pas chers, vous pouvez vous rendre sur le site de notre partenaire Vous pourrez y trouver n’importe quel type de cadeau pour chef d entreprise. Les goodies d’entreprise vous permettront de promouvoir votre marque sans pour autant vous ruiner. En allant sur le site de notre partenaire, vous découvrirez un grand choix de cadeaux d’entreprise, comme des stylos, des articles de poche, des articles de sport… Vous pourrez ainsi les offrir à vos employés pour pouvoir communiquer sur votre entreprise. Cela vous permettra d’augmenter sa visibilité.

Advertising items play an essential role in developing your communication. You will find on the site of our partner ecological advertising goodies, coming from sustainable development. By customizing your promotional items as much as possible, you will be able to stand out from the competition. Do not hesitate to trust our partner, who has been supporting its customers for 17 years in their advertising campaigns by object. So you know where to go to buy customizable corporate gifts to promote your company’s brand image over the long term!

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