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Soutien scolaire: 5 raisons de ne pas s’en priver!

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soutien scolaire

Why resort to tutoring?

Receive help at your own pace

Do your lessons or your children’s lessons in class seem too fast? Few explanations that you want have been given to you? A private teacher will allow you to learn at your own pace. No embarrassment to ask for the explanation again, the tutor is available to teach you according to your expectations and your level.

The ease of finding tutoring tutor

School support has become more democratic in recent years. The following data bear witness to this: a third of high school students this year in France have had recourse to tutoring. Just like one in five middle school students has benefited from it. Thousands of teachers make themselves available to support the students. So how do you choose the right one? Many online platforms exist. The Les Sherpas tutoring platform , a start-up created by two young French graduates from high schools, allows you to find your ideal teacher! Primary, college, high school, higher education courses for adults are offered.

The private lessons platform connects students and parents with caring and brilliant private teachers. The teachers are in fact hand-picked. The Sherpas have all joined renowned schools, for example HEC or Sciences Po.

home tutoring

Simple logistics to use tutoring

Home tutoring

Academic support is facilitated by the proximity between the teacher and the student. At home, lessons are given more easily. School support works because the student is at home. School support is personalized. The homework help offered to the child at home will be conducive to his pace.

Online tutoring

Confinement ou non, le soutien scolaire en ligne est logiquement une révolution ! Vous avez trouvé LE prof parfait mais il se trouve à l’autre bout du pays ? Avez-vous vos heures comptées ? Avec, des outils toujours plus propices, le soutien scolaire en ligne trouve toute sa place ! Simple et rapide, prendre des cours particuliers en ligne devient de plus en plus courant.

Soutien scolaire gratuit: les premiers cours offerts !

La plateforme, Les Sherpas, citée précédemment donne la possibilité à tous les élèves d’obtenir leur premier cours offert avec le prof particulier. Alors pourquoi s’en priver ? L’annonce du prof semble intéressante mais vous hésitez entre deux profs ? Vous voulez être sûr que le ‘’courant’’ va passer et que les méthodes de soutien scolaire adaptées vous conviennent ? Testez-les sur Les Sherpas.

School support and confinement

It is during this particular period that the pupils will need even more academic support. They take online courses where it becomes difficult to interact with fellow students and communicate to avoid any uncertainty with their national education teacher. The tutoring tutor will be crucial in this context. It will give students the opportunity to resume their lessons at their own pace, whether online or at home, while having privileged contact with the teacher.

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