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Free Instagram Followers: 8 Best Websites that work in 2024

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free instagram followers

Gaining more followers on Instagram can be a difficult and expensive task. It can take a lot of time and money to build up a substantial following on Instagram, but with the right strategies, you can get free Instagram followers without breaking the bank.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of free Instagram followers, tips to get free followers on Instagram without breaking the bank like buying Instagram followers, free Instagram followers tools and services, and best practices for getting free followers.

We completed extensive research to bring you this list. We hope to serve you well.

The PICK: Don’t read this long article. Our number one pick is UseViral

Top sites for free Instagram followers


UseViral is the world’s leader in social media services. Being a social media star is a big deal these days, whether you are an individual or an organization.

Instagram has become a major player in the digital world, and UseViral understands the enormous potential it holds. That’s why they offer free Instagram followers to help you get ahead.

Unlike other scams on the internet, UseViral provides only high-quality followers, with both free and premium plans.

The great thing about UseViral’s system is its simplicity. It’s extremely easy to get started, their user experience is simple and their customer service is second to none.

As they have been in the industry for over a decade their knowledge base is extensive. We were surprised that their team took a genuine interest in our goals and pointed us in the direction of the best packages for us.

They were authentic in their desire to see us grow. All of UseViral’s suggestions were not limited to recommending one of the products they sell. They gave us extra tips on engaging followers and increasing our follow-back rate.

UseViral is our pick for the top spot! A++ on price and service!


Standing out on Instagram is a must for anyone looking to promote their business, brand, or personality. With so many active competitors, it’s essential to make sure your profile is seen.

That’s why more and more influencers, companies, and individuals are stepping up their game on the social media platform. To stand out, gaining followers and likes on posts is essential.

SidesMedia makes it easy and cost-free to do just that. Unlike other sites that offer paid followers, SidesMedia’s followers are genuine and stay loyal.

SidesMedia has a range of premium services, though you can always opt for a free trial just to make sure the service is up to your standards.

Efficiently designed and flexibly programmed, SidesMedia is a great way to make sure you get speed, quality, and growth.

All it takes is a few minutes of your time to set up and the results are almost instant. Try it today and see for yourself!


ProjectInsta is a popular social media service provider that focuses on helping users to grow their Instagram accounts. The company is always on top of the latest trends and changes within Instagram, ensuring that its services remain safe and compliant with the platform’s rules and regulations.

ProjectInsta is a free-follower website that offers easy and efficient access to its services. Users can get up to 80,000 followers quickly and easily, with the company prioritizing user safety and security.

The followers provided by the website are genuine, being interested in the user’s content and profile.

The company has built up a large network of Instagram users by conducting itself in a transparent manner.

Their primary mission is to help users get the follower boost they need to make their profiles stand out and become noticed. With ProjectInsta, users can enjoy a steady and secure stream of followers without worrying about any potential repercussions.


Famoid is an innovative Delaware-based tech company that was founded three years ago. It offers specialized software solutions for a variety of industries, and is also well-known for its social media services. Despite only being a few years old, the company has already served thousands of satisfied clients around the world.

The name Famoid is derived from two words: “famous” and “oid” (short for “object identifier”), which combined means an object that will make you famous.

As part of its services, Famoid offers free Instagram followers, and claims that you can use their free tool every 7 days. All you have to do is enter your username, email address, and prove that you’re not a bot, and you’ll be rewarded with up to 100 followers in 6-12 hours.

Famoid guarantees that this service is secure and they don’t need your password or any other sensitive information.

So what are you waiting for? Give Famoid a try and see how quickly your profile can grow.

Mr Insta

Introducing Mr. Insta, a one-stop shop for social media growth and success. Launched in 2013, this company has quickly become a top choice in the industry, serving over one million customers in the same amount of time.

With a variety of services, they specialize in helping you grow your Instagram.

Whether you’re a novice or a pro, Mr. Insta has something for you. Their free package supports up to 25 real followers without having to follow any other profiles.

If you’re looking to take your Instagram game to the next level, their premium package can get you targeted followers (like male or female-only) without having to do any extra work.

With a dedicated team of professionals, Mr. Insta promises to deliver effective and safe services that can help you reach your Instagram goals.

Trollishy is a recent venture from Rise Up Digital FZE, a UAE-based company specializing in web designs and digital marketing. This company provides essential applications to the industry, and the platform was created to offer social media services to customers looking for an edge.

What sets apart is its commitment to trust and speedy delivery. Customers can take advantage of the company’s services to boost their presence on popular social media networks like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok.

With, customers can also access a free service to get 50 Instagram followers. All it takes is a few details – name, username, and email address – and the followers will be sent.

But isn’t just limited to Instagram. Customers can get services on other social media platforms as well, making it their one-stop destination for all their social media needs.


Idigic is a social media service provider that helps clients grow their presence on Instagram. They are well-versed in the platform’s terms and conditions and strive to provide a secure and safe service.

The company recognizes the challenge of gaining an advantage in this competitive space and have tailored their services accordingly. You can purchase followers, likes, and views with various packages to choose from.

Not only that, but the company also offers a comprehensive report on your Instagram followers. They take the time to compile the report to give you valuable insights on your account’s performance.

Idigic also touts great customer service, so whenever you have questions or concerns, you can give them a call for assistance. Furthermore, their “free followers” feature allows you to acquire Instagram followers without needing to provide a password.

You just need to enter your email and username and you’re all set with a secure account.

Social Captain

The online landscape is becoming increasingly competitive for those wishing to make a name for themselves. One measure of success on social media sites like Instagram is the number of followers and likes the posts receive.

Rather than looking for websites that offer fake followers for a fee, those in search of social media success should opt for Social Captain.

This service provides only genuine followers and likes for Instagram accounts, meaning all engagement comes from real people who actually enjoy the content.

Social Captain offers various packages to choose from, but one can always opt for the free starter package just to be sure. An additional advantage of choosing this service is its lightning-fast delivery. After entering their username, users can expect to see results in no time.

The sign-up process is also straightforward and straightforward, eliminating the need for any complex procedures or passwords.

Furthermore, in the unlikely event that one is not satisfied with their services, a 100% refund is guaranteed. With Social Captain, they are sure to get quality service that exceeds their expectations.

Introduction to Free Instagram Followers

If you are looking to increase your Instagram following, the first thing you need to understand is what free Instagram followers are. Free Instagram followers are users who follow your account without being asked to do so.

These followers come from other users who have already interacted with your profile in some way, such as liking a post or commenting.

Free Instagram followers can be a great way to get a jump start on your Instagram journey, as these followers are already interested in your content and are more likely to engage with it.

Benefits of Free Instagram Followers

Having free Instagram followers can be incredibly beneficial for your Instagram account. Not only can it help you get more engagement, but it can also help boost your credibility and help your posts reach a wider audience.

Additionally, having more followers can help you gain more exposure and help you reach potential customers and influencers.

Having more followers can also help you get more brand recognition, as well as help you build relationships with potential customers and influencers. It can also help you build relationships with other influencers, which can be beneficial for collaborations and partnerships.

Finally, having more free Instagram followers can help you increase your reach and help you promote your products and services more effectively.

Tips to Get Free Instagram Followers Without Breaking the Bank

There are several tips and tricks you can use to get free Instagram followers without breaking the bank. Here are some of the best tips to help you get more followers without spending a lot of money :

  • Utilize hashtags: Hashtags are a great way to increase your visibility on Instagram and reach more potential followers. Be sure to research the best hashtags for your niche and use them consistently in your posts.
  • Create engaging content: Creating content that is engaging and shareable will help you get more followers. Try to be creative and post content that is relevant to your niche and will pique the interest of potential followers.
  • Engage with other users: Engaging with other users is a great way to get more followers. Commenting, liking, and sharing other users’ posts can help you get more followers and can even lead to collaborations and partnerships with other influencers.
  • Use influencer marketing: Influencer marketing is a great way to get more followers without spending a lot of money. Reach out to influencers in your niche and ask them to promote your account to their followers.
  • Run giveaways: Giveaways are a great way to get more followers without spending a lot of money. You can run giveaways for products, services, or even for free Instagram followers.

How to Utilize Free Instagram Likes

Another great way to get free Instagram followers is by utilizing free Instagram likes. A free Instagram like is when a user likes your post without being asked to do so. When a user likes your post, it can help increase your visibility and reach more potential followers.

To utilize free Instagram likes, be sure to create content that is engaging and shareable. Additionally, use hashtags and engage with other users to increase your visibility and reach more potential followers.

How to Get Free Instagram Followers Without Spamming

Getting free Instagram followers without spamming is a great way to get more followers without annoying other users. To avoid spamming, be sure to post relevant content and use hashtags that are related to your niche.

Additionally, be sure to engage with other users in an authentic and genuine way, and avoid posting too often.

Free Instagram Followers Tools and Services

There are also several tools and services you can use to get free Instagram followers without breaking the bank. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  • Social Media Automation Tools: Social media automation tools can help you increase your followers without spending a lot of money. These tools can help you automate certain tasks like following and unfollowing users, liking posts, and more.
  • Follow/Unfollow Tools: Follow/unfollow tools can help you get more followers without spending a lot of money. These tools can help you follow and unfollow users automatically, which can help you increase your followers quickly.
  • Instagram Growth Services: Instagram growth services can help you get more followers without spending a lot of money. These services can help you target specific users and increase your followers quickly.

Best Practices for Getting Free Instagram Followers and how to buy TikTok followers

There are also some best practices you should follow to get free Instagram followers and to buy TikTok followers safely without breaking the bank. Here are some of the best practices to follow:

  • Post consistently: Posting consistently is one of the best practices for getting free Instagram followers. Posting regularly will help you stay top of mind for potential followers and will help you build a loyal following.
  • Engage with your followers: Engaging with your followers is one of the best practices for getting free Instagram followers. Commenting, liking, and sharing your followers’ posts will help you build relationships and will encourage them to follow you back.
  • Follow relevant users: Following relevant users is one of the best practices for getting free Instagram followers. Following users in your niche will help you reach more potential followers and will help you get more engagement.
  • Use hashtags: Using hashtags is one of the best practices for getting free Instagram followers. Researching the best hashtags for your niche and using them consistently in your posts will help you reach more potential followers.
  • Promote your account: Promoting your account is one of the best practices for getting free Instagram followers. You can use influencer marketing, run giveaways, and use other strategies to promote your account and get more followers.


Gaining free Instagram followers can be a great way to jump-start your Instagram journey without breaking the bank.

Utilizing free Instagram followers, free Instagram likes, and the right tools and services can help you get more followers without spending a lot of money.

Additionally, following the best practices outlined in this article can help you get more followers without breaking the bank.

Although we wouldn’t recommend this for a long-term solution. It’s important to note that having a good number of followers when people are viewing your profile initially adds significant credibility to your brand or personality.

It’s of great benefit to increase the ratio of users that will follow you after seeing you for the first time.

Ensure that you use a reputable business like UseViral or Sidesmedia. We hope you have enjoyed this research piece. Get Growing!


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