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Fully Vaccinated Americans shouldn’t Wear Masks, Says CDC

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Covid-19 Facemasks

Are you fully vaccinated against coronavirus? If yes, that’s great. The world is engaged in the biggest vaccination drive in history. Covid-19 is a pandemic that has affected various economies. However, there is good news since nearly 19.2 million doses are being administered every day.

The US is one of the 172 countries engaged in this coordinated exercise. As a result, roughly 231 million injections have been given, and nearly 6.8% of the world’s population is vaccinated.

This raises a pertinent question of whether to continue wearing your mask. Let’s see what the CDC and experts say about your face covering.

Masks are Still Necessary for the Fully Vaccinated, Says Experts

The best vaccines are believed to be 95% effective. But are you fully protected after the 2-dose series? Some Americans think so, and many are gearing towards returning to things that they did prior to Covid.

Most people were shocked by Tucker Carlson’s anti-mask rant. The Fox News’ host urged people to publicly harass those wearing face masks. He actually regarded putting masks on kids as child abuse and likened wearing one in public as exposing oneself. The cable TV personality encouraged his listeners to harass individuals with facemasks.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has also eased its wearing of facemasks guidelines. It says wearing masks by vaccinated individuals is not mandatory unless when in crowded places. Still, unvaccinated Americans can step out without masks as well.

Covid-19 Vaccines

What do you think? Should you harass strangers for having their masks on? Or still, should you ask them to remove or else call the police? The fierce backlash on social media due to the Fox News Host indicates otherwise.

The majority felt that the anti-masks comments were demonstrably false information and incitement against parents and children, as well as an abuse of the child services systems and the 911.

The top infectious disease official, Anthony Fauci, says that things can return to normalcy when 70%-80% of Americans are vaccinated. As a result, nearly 2.74 million doses are being administered daily. Still, the current pace of 19.2 million doses per day globally is not enough. It will take a number of years before achieving an acceptable immunity level.

On the other hand, additional manufacturers are bringing new vaccines into the market. So, the US is likely to vaccinate 75% of its population in the next 3 months. Israel has managed to conduct a nationwide vaccination campaign hence the declined Covid cases and deaths.

Still, experts recommend the wearing of masks after vaccination because of their effectiveness. Further, it’s also believed that the virus mutations may outweigh the effects of vaccinations during the early stages. But, the speedy vaccination rates will eventually defeat the spread of Covid-19. The two doses from Moderna, Pfizer, and BioNTech vaccines taken some weeks apart are believed to offer good protection against coronavirus.

Indeed, drugmakers have vowed to produce more vaccines while clinical studies on whether children should be vaccinated are underway. However, the younger population that is unvaccinated is still a threat, and the already vaccinated Americans are not enough to quell the outbreaks, say healthcare experts.

What Next for the Fully Vaccinated Americans?

There are several promising vaccines across the world. However, only 7 of them are available and in limited quantities for the 172 countries across the globe. That means nations are investing billions of dollars in vaccine development technologies, testing, manufacturing, and vaccination.

These efforts clearly indicate that the world is still not yet safe, and people should be cautious when stepping outside their houses without a facemask. Many people hope that the opening of all adults to Covid vaccination by President Joe Biden on April 19th due to increased new vaccine supplies will enable states to resume normalcy soon.  Likewise, the carefully calibrated step by the CDC’s new guidelines will lead Americans back to the road to normalcy.

All the same, 7.8 billion people are yet to be vaccinated, and one nation’s efforts are not enough to keep its citizens safe. Through concerted efforts, however, the entire humanity has a greater chance of ending the scourge that has triggered a global economic calamity and the death of more than 3.1 million lives since the start of 2020.

Advocating for the revival of financial activities and social life by individuals such as Fox News Host can lead to another surge of infections as well as hospitalizations instead of the desired return of freedom. In its place, Americans should push for improved care, new vaccination production, and availability in addition to adherence to the long-standing CDC guidance.

The infectious disease expert, Dr. Mike Saag, welcomed the decision but reminded Americans that they are not there yet. Many people should be vaccinated, and healthcare experts should continue studying the possible shifts in the pandemic as well as the variants.

In summary, vaccines are meant to protect people from getting sick and return them to normal activities again. The recent Covid-19 has 2 dose series meant to protect you against the virus. It should allow the entire world to return to normalcy and continue with the day-to-day activities they engaged in before the pandemic.

The new CDC guidelines allow individuals to enjoy their walks, run, biking with their family without wearing masks. Fully vaccinated can also engage in small outdoor gatherings without masks. However, that doesn’t apply to those who are yet to receive the one-shot of the Johnson & Johnson formula or the two Moderna or Pfizer vaccine doses.

Remember, everyone is still learning about the Covid-19 vaccines and their effectiveness on different variants. Therefore, like other people worldwide, Americans should make a wise decision whether to continue wearing their masks when engaging in outdoor activities or not. The wearing of mask requirement is still favorable, and citizens should choose wisely. They need to understand mask-free existence is possible but has relative risks.

So even as you debate whether to wear a facemask or not, maintaining the 6 feet social distance and keeping off poorly ventilated or crowded spaces is important.

Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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