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We talked to Gilad Bornstein of FlatWorld about revolutionizing the world of remote work, and he had the following to say:-

First of all, how are you and your family doing in these COVID-19 times? 

Gilad Bornstein: We are all well and in good health. Thank you. 

Tell us about you, your career, how you founded FlatWorld?

Gilad Bornstein: Our mission is to disrupt the world of remote work and enable companies to build and scale their business by finding them the best match for their needs and the company’s DNA. We founded FlatWorld to make the task of remote hiring seamless, fast, easy, and spot-on. By doing so, we can impact employees’ retention rate, increase their engagement and their performance.  

Our passion for revolutionizing the world of remote work has been driving us long before the pandemic-induced a new normal.

We have been there. We know what it is like to search for the best talent like a needle in a haystack of endless candidates. The best developers, the best talent, and the best match for growth are not always under our nose.  

I am a seasoned executive with a robust track record in leading engineering organizations, from ideation to commercialization. Having led multiple teams of dozens to hundreds of engineers both in-office and remote, I am exceptionally cognizant of the needs and challenges involved with recruiting and retaining great remote talent.

I hold more than 10 granted patents and am relentlessly committed to innovation, acceleration, and performance improvement. As Flatworld’s chief executive, I am focused on disrupting the world of remote work to enable organizations to meet their growth objective. 

Maya is an Organizational and Occupational Psychologist who brings extensive domain expertise in the development and execution of talent-centric growth initiatives. She has served in multiple leadership positions, including Head of Human Capital at Deloitte Israel.

Maya is deeply passionate about bringing together psychology and cutting-edge technology to enable companies to achieve their strategic goals.  

How does FlatWorld innovate? 

Gilad Bornstein: We bring our clients the most dedicated team of professionals with the most cutting-edge algorithm to reach remote-talent matching optimization. 

We deliver our clients with a focused list of high-quality candidates curated by our remote-matching AI algorithm. 

We designed stringent vetting to assess a candidate’s professional skill-set, deep psychological insights, and remote preferences. We evaluate and grade the candidate fit for remote-work and to the company’s DNA (culture, values, mission, vision, firmographics, and demographics).The process is fully automatic and can sometimes be completed in less than 72 hours. 

How does the coronavirus pandemic affect your business finances?

Gilad Bornstein: We are scaling fast, mostly among startup companies that decided to leverage the pandemic in-order to transform into a remote-first company. The remote work is not going to go away even after we get a vaccine. Gartner has stated that 74% of companies surveyed are planning to shift to more remote work post-Covid permanently. It becomes clearer that executing a remote-growth strategy is utterly different than a local recruiting strategy. We succeed to rise above the noise by optimizing the matching in a way you wouldn’t find in a marketplace or an HR agency that typically only provides you with a list of the “top 1%”. 

How did your customer relationship management evolve? Do you use any specific tools to be efficient?

Gilad Bornstein: As a fully distributed company with employees across 5 different countries, our customer relationship management is based on transparency (data) built into async-communication based processes.

Everyone says remote work is not for everyone – but what does it truly mean?

Gilad Bornstein: The conversations mostly are around isolation/work-with-people. Drilling down it translates into a list of soft skills and specific personality traits that are necessary for a person to thrive in the remote work environment and to maximize his/ her potential. In the search for the top 1% of tech – developers, most companies overlook those parameters and will struggle to retain employees’ engagement and productivity over time. 

Being a great technical person doesn’t mean you’ll be a great remote-worker and thrive and enjoy in a remote-environment. The technical assessment is not enough. The top 1% of tech-devs will ensure tech and experience, but in a remote-setup where your pool size is 100 or 1000x, you need to improve the filtering.

Also, looking just from the prism of isolation and productivity is not accurate enough. It requires learning more about candidates’ time management communication and adaptability skills to know if they will perform well. 

Not all the fully distributed companies work the same – can you tell them apart? Why is it important when searching for talent?

Gilad Bornstein: Different companies have different DNAs – companies are set apart by the value proposition they offer their candidates, the same way they differentiate themselves from their competitors when pitching to a client. Some are small and fast; some are more synchronous, some are async. Some appreciate innovation and proactiveness, and others are looking ‘to get things done’ quickly and seamlessly. Each has different quality definitions. 

At small startups, the typecast of the founder has a great impact on the company’s values and the ‘way they do business.’ 

It is like an equalizer- Push the company to make hard choices and prioritize different traits: speed versus ownership versus independence versus communication. There is a greater chance of optimizing the hiring. 

What will happen the day after Covid -19 when we could do anything from anywhere (with the limitation of time zone)?

Gilad Bornstein: We analyze the recent trends and forces that impact the market, and we have a few understanding of where we are heading. We will be seeing an increasing number of candidates for every role, all from the top 1% – from across the globe. 

Companies will be spending extended hours trying to find the right fit. The risk of finding the right talent using traditional recruiting processes will increase. Internal recruiting teams will need new tools in their tool-box to make the switch to remote-hiring.

Companies will have to strengthen their collaboration and build partnerships with tech companies, experts in remote recruiting, to build an effective, fast, and professional recruiting process, law on cost and time respected for all. They will have to provide a high and attractive candidate experience for top candidates who are now extended their opportunities globally.  

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