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Glorby connects you with local people and companies to help you with Tasks

Written by Samuel Ejeh

Glorby connects you with local people and companies to help you with Tasks around the home or office in Nigeria. A safe, reliable online and mobile marketplace that allows users to outsource jobs and tasks to others in their local area.

Customers list the task needed to be done, select from a variety of Taskers with specific specialities and price points and a network of pre-approved contractors (Taskers) are ready to complete the job.

Never been that easy to find help! Book and Pay directly in the App or here on our website ( Glorby´s Background check partner perform background check on every Tasker before they come up online on our platform. This way you can feel safe to let strangers come to your home to perform tasks.


We started the idea by combining the new trend : Sharing Economy with Digital Communication through a Smartphone App and a Responsive Website

The idea about Glorby started in 2015, the goal was to create jobs in a new and innovative way, back in Norway the un- employment rate is very low compare to Nigeria and hence the idea could only be great in Africa – Chris quickly shared the idea with me as his  closest business partner and not long after Glorby is Live in Lagos

Glorby empowers Nigerians who have skill and vocational knowledge to earn money with without owing an office or shop and removing the “I don’t have capital” syndrome. You can now book Glorby Taskers for your tasks and errands in Lagos. We have  a breath taking record of 600 Taskers registered Taskers in the first 30 days of  launch.

Founders :

Christoffer Bolseth (Chief Executive Officer) A serial entrepreneur from Norway, he started his first company in the industry of construction with excavators and transportation. In 2010 he moved into investments and real estate. Now has invest his capital to several business projects around the globe. Especially in Africa, to create new job opportunities and to build better societies.

Samuel Ejeh (Country Managing Director) – A Nigerian born, began his experience gathering from UAC handled projects for Lagos State Government and a Dubai based Private Firm in UAE. Currently he is investing into his dream lifestyle of creating happiness for people.

Participating in the major development of the African countries, improving the economic conditions and bridge the gap between rich and poor are some of their greatest vision.

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