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Guest Posts: Everything You Should Know About Publishing It

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Guest Posts

Guest Posts : What comes to your mind when you hear the term ” Guest Posts ” ? Do you relate it to advertising? Well, that’s true!! It is a component of advertising, and similarly, advertising is a component of Marketing.

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Publishing guest posts is one of the widely used digital marketing practices used,

  • To build brands,
  • To improve digital strength,
  • To acquire more audiences and customers.
  • To build better relationships and nurture it for selling more stuff in the near future.

Advertising is one of the most common and hateful marketing trends that most of us don’t like. Many audiences skip ads on YouTube videos or install ad blockers on their internet browsers. Why not? Some Ads are very irritating, and any audience would like to see or watch stuff hassle-free.

This intensity of hate or dislike towards advertisement disrupts advertising campaigns and revenue. But there is also an alternative to overcome such a situation, and it is the power of “content marketing. ”

With the help of content marketing, it becomes easy to generate awareness of your products without letting the audience know that it’s a type of advertisement.

Here comes “Guest Posts,” which serve as an alternative to typically irritating advertisements. Well, it is not a new concept; big companies have practiced it for a while. If you were not aware of it, you should start using it.

From posting case studies, guest posting on other blogs (Guest Blog), making infographics, Product Reviews, Videos, etc. Guest Posts are one of the most incredible ways to expand your audience’s visibility and reach.

In this post, you will get all the answers regarding most general questions on Guest Posts, i.e

  • What are Guest Posts?
  • How to get Guest Posts?
  • What is a Guest Blogspot?
  • How to get Guest content on your blog and
  • How to sponsor a blog?

Also, you can make your own strategy and how much you should make a budget for guest content so that you get a better Return on investment(ROI).

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Let’s get started with our first question!!

What are Guest Posts?

Guest Posts are paid editorials or content. Companies like to pay for their content to be published on some other high traffic and high authority websites.

It is quite different from a typical advertisement. Where advertisers keep pushing words like” BUY NOW” or “50% off “. It is done so cleverly that the reader cannot get a clue that it’s an advertisement.

These types of guest content are mostly audience-oriented and are published in accordance with their interest. They are not like traditional posts but more like educational, case studies, and entertaining.

Even paying influencers to write your content can add more weight to it.

Example of a guest post:

You run an eCommerce business selling home decoration products. Since you had just started selling it online, it will be difficult for you to let people know something about your business. Now, you approach a website like and ask them to publish a guest post such that you officially announce the opening of your online store with worldwide free deliveries of unique handmade decoration products under 20$.

When a similar announcement goes as a guest post on a high-traffic website with a niche audience, you are bound to get people on your website who would love to check out what you are offering on launch day. This can generate sales, plus you will consistently get a niche audience referred from the guest website.

There are tons of other benefits of adding Guest Posts into your marketing plan. Let us know them.

Why do you need Guest Posts?

From the recent past decades, it has been seen that the organic reach had got reduced and over-controlled by big marketplaces like Facebook, Instagram, etc. It’s more like you will have to pay to these big marketplaces in order to get that organic reach of the targeted audience.

When you plan to increase your business reach or improve your brand trust, you have to make sure that your content reaches the right audience.

Creating content and posting consistently on your digital infrastructure will not improve your growth hack process. Here is the point where you need to consider guest post websites in your performance marketing plans. What are the benefits?

  1. It improves your brand trust.
  2. Getting a guest link to your blog or website improves your SEO strength.
  3. You get a niche audience traffic who can potentially convert.
  4. Gives higher engagement as compared to other advertising methods.

Most importantly, strategically pushing too many Guest Posts will boost your SEO strength such that your website keywords will see improved ranking on SERP that increases your website traffic. Potentially, in the future, with this marketing plan of publishing on Guest Posts websites, your own website will grow as a big authority in its niche.

Exciting. Isn’t it? So how to begin with Guest Posts? Let us know that.

How to begin with Guest Posts

To begin with Guest Posts, you can simply look out for influencers or websites that accept Guest Posts or write for you. You can make it a lot easier by searching on GOOGLE with keywords like” Guest Blog,” “Write for Us,” or “Guest Guest Posts. ”

A complete list of Guest post websites, guest posting websites, and guest blogs that accept paid posts will appear on SERP. You can check each and every website that will be the best match for you about their niche, Domain authority, charges, etc.

For influencers or reputed authors, you can simply pitch an email, quoting your requirements and budget.

Some of the famous Guest post websites you can check out for your reference :


Different Content formats for Guest Posts

To your surprise, Guest Posts are not limited or restricted to only a specific content format. It means you can simply pay for any type of content you like to target your audience. Whether for YOUTUBE, Twitter, etc.

Some different content format available for the guest post:

  • Blogs/articles
  • YouTube Videos or any video
  • Guest tweets on Twitter
  • Instagram and Facebook stories
  • Infographics
  • Podcasts and many more.

From the above list, you can see that Guest Posts occupy an extensive area on social media platforms. This shows that social media is a great source of Guest Posts. Still, when we talk about profitability and evergreen performance, a guest blog post is a more value-giving marketing idea.

How Much Money should you Spend on Guest Posts or Guest Post Websites?

There is no fixed budget for it to determine. It all depends on the Authority of the website, influencers, traffic a particular website gets, etc. Many marketers like to pay around 5$ to 1000$ per post, or it may even get higher. It all depends on your budget.

To make an easy start for you, I would recommend picking such an influencer with a high target audience. It does not matter whether they are popular or not. The only thing that matters is the Target audience reach. 10000 traffic with zero sales is worthless compared to 100 traffic with 2 sales.

To have better ROI with your guest post-marketing strategy, follow the strategy explained below.

  1. Identify the list of top 100 websites that accept Guest Posts.
  2. Filter the websites according to their traffic.
  3. Push mails in batches starting from high traffic to lower.
  4. Ask for the payment amount.
  5. Identify your monthly budget for the guest blog post.
  6. Start with the top 10 websites and calculate the ROI from guest content after 1 month.
  7. Repeat the above step and calculate the ROI every quarter.

This will give you an idea of the net amount to be spent on sponsors.


In short, a guest post is the type of paid advertisement which is generally published on Guest Post websites or social media. The only thing that makes it different from an advertisement is the context or format.

Marketers find it very useful because it allows you to advertise to your target audiences and help acquire potential customers. However, you also need to understand that it has some cons as well. Through Guest Posts, a person can mislead about their product and brand. All you can do is to consider all the factors and decide whether it is suitable for you or not.

Some Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Let us find out commonly asked questions regarding Guest Posts.

What is Guest Post?

Guest Post or Paid Post is a paid promotional content published or posted on any digital platform such as social media or blogs. This is typically used to generate brand awareness and targeted audience reach.

How can You Get Guest Posts for Your Blog?

Guest blog posts are one of the best ways to generate revenue on your blog. It does not matter whether your niche is low competitive or high. You can still find sponsors who will be interested in Collab with you.

To start receiving a request for Guest Posts for your blog, you should start from the following:

  1. Create a “write for us page” on your blog for inviting Guest Posts and pitches. This way, it will be easier for people to know that you accept Guest Posts.

Mentioning a contact form asking all the essential credentials like:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Website URL
  • Your Quote
  1.  Produce high-quality content on your blog so that it attracts sponsors. As long as you produce enough quality content on your blog, you will gain more audiences and sponsors who would love to sponsor you. The more you get popular, the more it reaches the audience, and the more brands will get attracted.
  2.  Start pitching to brands on your niche about content ideas they would like to consider for a Guest Post. Many companies love to pay if they found an interesting topic or idea that can really make a difference.
  3.  Spy on your competitors and check out their strategy. Which brands they are pitching and for whom they are doing Guest Posts. If they can do it, the chances are brands will consider you as well.
  4.  Maintain a healthy relationship with sponsors to receive more sponsorship posts in the future as well. It can help you in maintaining a recurring income from the same brand from time to time.

How Can You Get Guest Posts?

Getting a Guest Post is not just getting revenue but also high-quality content for your website. The more high-quality content, the better will be your Domain authority and the more audiences.

Hence it acts as a two-way profit. You can get Guest Posts by doing the following:

  1. Create a separate guest page or write for our pages to receive pitches.
  2. Make your website or blog rich in high-quality content.
  3. Pitch content ideas to brands of the same niche.
  4. Do competitor analysis and watch out what strategy they are following to get Guest Posts.
  5. Determine which websites are trying to show advertisements on your website using Google AdSense. Pitch them your content ideas.
  6. Maintain a healthy relationship with sponsors to avail future sponsorships.

What is a Guest Blog Post?

Guest blog posts are promotional or paid posts that a company asked you to post on your website in return for some revenue. Most companies do this to target a specific niche of the audience in order to promote their product or services via blog posts. People usually trust and like to read high-quality blogs; hence companies use this platform for promotions or advertisement in the form of articles or blogs.

How can You Get Guest Content on Your blog?

While starting a blog, the first thing you must do is to produce high-quality content as much as you can and be consistent. This will attract audiences and hence traffic. As the traffic increases, it will get better organic searches, and most brands will also get attracted to it.

After getting high traffic and increasing your Domain authority, you need to create a separate page to get guest pitched from brands. On that page, make a form asking all the credentials like Name, Website URL, Content Ideas, etc.

You can also mail some brands in your niche and pitch to them about content ideas they would like to sponsor on your website.

Once you start receiving Guest Post requests on your blog, quote them your content standards and charges.

After acquiring sponsors, it’s time to retain them for the long run.

How to Sponsor a Post?

If you are looking to sponsor a post on social media, such as Instagram reels or Facebook stories, you must search for the niche and its number of followers. Next, pitch to their admins via their business emails and negotiate based on your budget and requirement.

Similarly, in blogs that accept Guest Posts, the first thing you must do is to search for a high domain authority website or blog of the same niche and high traffic. Pitch to them about your content ideas.

Sometimes brands also like to discuss their content ideas for you to sponsor on it. No matter the case, the content must be rich and worth reading. Pay as per their quoted charge, and you are done.


Top 55 Guest Posts Networks

Have you ever heard about guest posts before? Would you like to know more about them and write such blog posts? Actually, guest posts are a source of income – you get paid for generating this content.

Paid for posts have become a common name among copywriters, bloggers, and influencers. As a result, many popular bloggers have landed dozens of partnerships and guest post deals from major brands.

Fairly new bloggers have also won some of these guest content deals. Thus you may be wondering how they have managed to earn thousands of dollars in a couple of hours. If so, you’re fortunate because this guide will tell you about the top 55 guest post networks offering these blogging opportunities or that can link you with brands seeking influencers to run their campaigns.


What is a Guest Post?

Brands use guest blog posts to promote their products and services. Thus these paid-for posts are designed to inspire, educate and create brand awareness and campaigns.

Influencer marketing involves advertisers, brands, sponsoring party thus a type of guest post. Social media influencers are also known as social media stars who work with YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. So in this article, influencer marketing, and the guest post will be used interchangeably.

Now that you understand what guest posts are, the next step is to learn about different types of guest blogs available out there. They include:

Content Hub

It’s the most popular type of guest post for it provides eye-catching product images meant to attract the target audience. You may have come across this kind of paid-for posts with sneakers companies displaying delightful sneakers’ photos to attract and keep their target audience engaged. Besides displaying the product, the content has different links that are missing in the traditional advertisement.


This is common in YouTube, where you find advertisement videos that provide a lot of information and are pleasing to watch. Since the videos are eye-catching and the content is inspiring, viewers are motivated to like the ad and/or subscribe.


These are posts that contain to-the-point information, thus popular and fun to read.


These are well-crafted magazine articles or blog posts that are hard to tell whether they are paid for by the brand they’re talking about.

These types are shared on social media such as Facebook ads, YouTube videos, email marketing, and so on.

Popular Guest Posts Blog Niches

They’re many profitable niches that you can consider as well as more attractive to readers. They include:

  Health Blog Posts

Everybody wants to be healthy, thus the health-conscious attitude across the world. You will land numerous guest posts and influencer campaigns when you focus on diet plans, workout sessions, or weight loss programs. Further, your blog will attract several readers, and many guest post networks and brands will be ready to work with you.

  Personal Finance

The most trendy blog posts under the personal finance niche are saving tips, debt management, budgeting, investments, how to earn passive income, or different types of personal loans.

  Fashion Blogs

These are posts that deal with trendy outfits targeting different categories of audience or weather seasons.

  Beauty Blogs

It’s a popular niche that offers the best product recommendations for your hair or skin.

  Food or Recipe Blogs

Many people want to improve their cooking skills, and therefore they go online to search for healthy food recommendations or recipes. Brands are ready to work with bloggers or influencers that can take their products to the target market.

How Can You Land Guest Post Deals?

A guest post network is the link or a middle man between bloggers or influencers and brands who wish to promote their products or brand. Basically, they link you with the available guest post blogging opportunities because they directly work with these brands.

Here are the top 55 guest post networks you can work with or sell your guest blog posts.

  1. Acorn Influence

Acorn works closely with different influencers and bloggers, thus ranked as the top guest posts network.

That means new freelancers can register with the platform and connect with big brands such as Kraft, Nickelodeon, Johnson & Johnson, NBC Universal, Smuckers, Murad, and Procter & Gamble.

  1. Activate

Activate has a large number of blog and social opportunities and has been adding new bloggers regularly. The payment method ranges from an upfront flat payment rate to a quote for your work. Still, some opportunities are non-cash, and these include product-only partnerships or “goodwill” charity opportunities.

The platform allows you to create a digital media kit that helps brands to have a visual representation of your style and portfolio. It also has a Talent Management Tool that allows your agent to pitch and negotiate projects on your behalf.  You will work with brands such as OLAY, fabfufun, dang, Ketchum, Prudential, apartment therapy, tinder, H&M, among others.

  1. Adly

This is a digital marketing software that connects brands and agencies with celebrities and influencers to drive sales and engage its audience.

Using Adly’s tools, influencers generate earned media and boost engagement via data-driven audience targeting, real-time events, and in-stream social advertising.

The platform is trusted by brands such as Verizon, AT&T, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, NBC, The Walt Disney Company, American Airlines, NBCUniversal, American Red Cross, and more.

  1. Ahalogy

Quotient acquired Ahalogy in 2018, which enabled it to combine its social capability with quotients digital out-of-home (DOOH).

Prior to this, the platform began as a partner for Pinterest but switched its focus to social media marketing and trend-driven influencer content. Ahalogy uses Muse to guide brands’ campaigns as this proprietary product analyses trends, influencer data, and audience insights.

You will receive an email notification when there are opportunities, and you will see a dashboard showing campaign requirements when you log in to your account.

  1. AspireIQ

The leading influencer marketing platform has the best-paid blogging jobs for Instagrammers. Thus bloggers state the work they are interested in and set their pay. These jobs are Instagram posts, videos, reviews, and blog posts, etc.

Some of the top ecommerce brands that its more than 6 million influencers work with are Quip, iHerb, Coola, Newell brands, Bombas, Purple, Ruggable, and Glossier.

  1. Best Buy Influencer Network

This influencer network has been partnering with influencers and brands for almost 10 years. It was relaunched in Fall 2021 after an unprecedented pause due to Covid-19. The platform notifies influencers when there are open projects and request them to participate. The project team reveals your application, and if selected, you become the Best Buy Influencer for the project.

  1. BlogDash

The most trusted network site has over 100,000 content creators. BlogDash has numerous guest post offers and well-paying gigs from different niches, topics, and categories.

  1. BlogHer

The network works with content creators focusing on the female demographic. The SHE Media is the home to BlogHer, SheKnows, and Stylecaster and celebrates women living by their own definitions. Thus to land a guest post gig here, you must be a blogger generating content that caters to women’s needs such as self-care, fashion, beauty, health, and wellness, among others.

  1. Blogmint

This is an influencer marketing platform with over 40,000 influencers, micro-influencers, and vloggers working with more than 358 brands. Content creators with a blog are rated using a BlogScore, and the more traffic and engagement, the more opportunities.

The network is trusted by brands like Toyota, LG, Honda, Amazon, ICICI, Axis Bank, Pernod Ricard, etc.

  1. Blog Meets Brand

Rated as the most popular blog network, Blog Meets Brand has numerous guest post opportunities. The network has an easy-to-sign-in process, and social media influencers and bloggers from different niches, topics, and categories can join. You will connect with well-established brands such as C&B, American Heart Association, Walmart, Motorola, M&M’s, Nutrisystem, and Neutrogena.

  1. Bloggin’ Mamas

As the name guests, this is an influencer agency that promotes mothers. This is the first mom blogger network and was found in 2010 to offer paid deals to bloggers providing resources, mentorship, and training that improves moms’ social media marketing skills.

Some of the brands you will work with when you join Bloggin’ Mamas are Pfizer, Nissan, DHL, Mattel, McDonald’s, and more.

  1. BrandBacker

The influencer agency helps brands to engage and grow their audience with the help of influencers and creators. The 30,000+ influencers and creators generate original, high-quality content to help companies convert potential customers.

You will receive paid posts from brands such as L’Oréal, NeoStrata, Redken, Finesse, Johnson & Johnson, Fragrance Outlet, and more.

  1. Cohley

This is a content generation and testing platform. The network is built for innovators, hustlers, and team players determined to change how companies create content and generate high-quality visual assets.

Thus it connects content creators with successful brands such as OLLY, Google, Shutterfly, bumble, HARRY”S, PayPal, Adore Me, and more. Cohley content platform is looking for the best talents to join it on this journey.

  1. Collectively

The social influence network is part of You & Mr. Jones and uses its most innovative technology to bring together bespoke services. Thus the company connects Fortune 100 brands with star bloggers and their audiences.

It has influencers and bloggers from diverse digital media backgrounds, such as paid media, traditional advertising agency experience, and influencer marketing.


The platform recently rebranded to focus more on creating content through micro-influencers. has over 500 million influencers and two plans that helps brands to find ideal influencers for their campaigns.

The influencer marketing platform is trusted by companies such as Walmart, Colgate, Freeyumm, Parkland, Vasanti, Garden of Life, and more.

  1. CreatorIQ

The platform brings together brands and creators and helps them run their marketing campaigns at scale, as well as provides them space to tell their stories. CreatorIQ uses advanced technical innovation to make influencer marketing data-driven, brand-safe and transparent.

Brands such as Amazon, Airbnb, Dell, Disney, Mattel, and Unilever use this platform to tell their story and connect with influencers.

  1. FlyOut

This is a great and free-to-join agency to get paid for jobs. FlyOut requires your blog to have a legal niche, functional user interface, at least 100 exceptional articles, and 100,000+ organic traffic per month.

  1. Grapevine Logic

This is a platform that matches brands with influential YouTube creators to run their promotion. You can opt in the Grapevine marketplace if you have a successful YouTube channel with 10,000+ subscribers or 5000+ followers on Instagram.

You will work with brands such as Coca-Cola, Trello, Gatorade, PepsiCo, society6, and more.

  1. Grin

The influencer marketing software platform solely focuses on ecommerce and creates a direct relationship between brands and influencers. It’s an all-in-one relationship management platform that helps create a more valuable brand and an authentic influencer network.

With its ecommerce integration, Grin serves the best brands such as CONAIR, SKIMS, organifi, Macy’s, Tonal, L’Oréal, ipsy, OLAPLEX, and more.

  1. HYPR

The influencer platform connects brands with influencers using their Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube postings. The agency relies on data rather than opinion to link the brand with an ideal influencer for its campaigns.

The agency views its influencers as a commodity; thus, it provides tools and options to easily engage, evaluate and measure performance.

It’s trusted by brands like Revlon, Dentsu, Havas PR, National Geographic, Mediacom, and Pepsi.

  1. Influencity

The influencer marketing agency’s initial goal was to publish tweets from influencers; however, it has shifted focus to Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. Brands can easily filter into the 70 million influencers’ profile in its database find a perfect match for its audience and products. These influencers digitalizes brands’ manual campaign process.

Influencity serves brands like Samsung, Kellogg’s, Dentsu, OMG, and WPP.

  1. Influence Central

This guest posts agency operates differently from others. The platform displays only opportunities that fit your profile instead of displaying all guest opportunities for bloggers and influencers to choose from. For that reason, you have to fill your profile accurately and include your social properties in order to get the best opportunities and more frequently.

Another difference is that the Client criteria play a crucial role during the selection, and so do your interaction and history with the platform. You must be reliable, deliver beyond the clients’ expectations, and have an authentic writing style. Influence Central payment is set upfront.

  1. Intellifluence

This is a popular and largest warm influencer marketing network for both new and experienced bloggers. The agency links these bloggers with brands and gets paid for writing reviews. The site has no long-term contracts and offers built-in messaging, payments, and influencer discovery tools.

This end-to-end platform will link you to brands like Ghostbed, Perfect Locks, Capriotti’s, and 1-800-PetMeds.

  1. IZEA

This is one of the largest guest posts network working with well-established brands such as Mercedes Benz, The Home Depot, HGTV, Mattel, Target, Alaska Airlines, among others.

For that reason, IZEA works with photographers, YouTubers, bloggers, and Instagrammers, focusing on different niches, categories, and topics.

  1. Impact

The platform has a marketplace built solely to help influencers monetize their brand and connect with top global lifestyle and fashion brands.

You will work directly with brands you know and love, such as BONOBOS, Glassier, Levi’s, Adidas, Journelle, The RealReal, TechStyle, L’Oréal, and more.

  1. Kitchen Play

These are guest posts food opportunities. This blogging network has fewer jobs compared to other platforms, but it has fair pay and responsive staff than others. It also has more health-focused food campaigns.

You will work with brands such as AeroGarden, Dandy, Lindsay Olives, Opal, Avocados Mexico, Whole Foods, and more.

  1. Klear

The influencer marketing platform has many opportunities and believes that people trust influencers and no ads. Thus using its smartest influencer discovery tool, brands can easily find influencers for their campaigns.

This agency is trusted by MSL Group, KAYAK, JPMorgan Chase, Estee Lauder, Ogilvy, Coca-Cola, Adidas, Turner, Unilever, and more.

  1. Linqia

The paid-for posts work with influencers and bloggers focusing on parenting and lifestyle niches. The guest posts network has pretty good pay, particularly for bloggers who can create posts that generate more traffic and reaches a wider audience.

Some of its customers are Nestle, Unilever, NBC, Kimberly-Clark, McDonald’s, Jersey Mike’s, and Walmart.

  1. Markerly

This is an original influencer marketing strategist working with Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits, government agencies, and upcoming brands.

Thus the network connects brands with influencers who help them shine online. Each influencer is linked to a brand, and they are expected to make relevant contributions and guarantee results.

Some of the Markerly clients are Alessi, Coca-Cola, Michelin Dasani, AARP, Nike, FitTea, and CamelBak, among others.

  1. Mavrck

The network has a variety of niches ranging from food to travel to lifestyle. The pay on this platform varies a lot. You will find some campaigns with extremely low rates and others with higher rates. Through the Mavrck index base, brands can find influencers based on content category, demographic information, or personal preferences.

When you complete your profile, the platform will send you an invitation to partner with brands that finds you a good fit for partnership opportunities.

  1. Onalytica

The influencer platform connects brands with a community of influencers and creators that generate inspiring content.

It has a global database of more than 700,000 social media influencers and works with brands such as Samsung, Microsoft, Amazon, hp, AT&T, British Airways, bp, mitie, SAP, Lenovo, among others.

  1. One2One Network

The network provides guest posts opportunities to a community of influential, socially connected women. This women-founded platform aims to ignite conversation, engage them in proactive promotion, and spread awareness about specific brands that they discover and embrace.

Therefore influencers and content creators get opportunities to market brands and promote their messages.

  1. Open Influence

The influencer marketing company was formerly known as InstaBrand and initially focused on fashion. Today the platform is the tool of choice for many brands such as Tinder, Star Wars franchise, Etsy, Estee Lauder, Dove, Aveeno, San Pellegrino, and more.

Influencer marketing will connect you with brands seeking influencer marketing services. The platform focuses on visuals such as photos and videos.

  1. Plixxo

The platform connects brands with digital media influencers to produce the most awesome campaigns. Companies share their brief, and the platform matches them with a list of influencers.

Some of these brands are Cadburys, Nike, Fastrack, Westside, puma, and more.

  1. Pollinate Media Group

The network was created to help brands create authentic content away from monotony. This guest post platform allows creativity, connects bloggers with brands, and helps companies to harmonize their marketing. Pollinate matches influencers and brands perfectly to avoid language barriers.

Today, the platform has 2500 bloggers creating content for 30 industries. Some of its clients are World Market, Aloha, The land of Nod, Target, Sharpie, Rubbermaid, Restaurant Brewhouse, and The Honest Co.

  1. Popular Pays

This is a creative collaboration software that links brands to influencers and content creators at any scale. The Pop Pays platform helps well-established or emerging brands track influencers’ and creators’ performance in one place.

The agency is powering the following brands with software and content: Lyft, Hyatt, Delta, Frito-Lay, Google, and more.

  1. Pulpkey

The technology-backed influencer marketing network connects brands with millions of creative influencers to manage their campaigns. These internet influencers and creators give an ad a human voice and make engaging content and post.

The agency is trusted by brands such as nestle, kingfisher, storytel, Western Union, TransferGo, Diageo, Bombay Shaving Company, OPPO, PayPal, The Times of India, Amazon, and ZARA, among others.

  1. Real Clever

The full-service influencer marketing agency has a website with a clean dashboard and advanced tools. It’s also designed in a way that influencers can understand instructions for each campaign they pick. The goal is to generate exceptional content that creates social change and tells brand stories effectively.

Some of its clients are Pampers, Amazon, Chevrolet, Clorox, Chobani, Disney, Dove, Dixie, and LG.

  1. SeedingUp

This is a platform for guest posts and online marketing services. The site is a marketplace for digital marketers and has been connecting influencers and brands since 2005.

Some of its services are blog marketing, YouTube marketing, Offpage SEO, SEO services, content service, and social influencer, all available in different languages.

  1. Social Fabric (SoFab)

This influencer posts agency has a community of creators that generate authentic content such as reviews, blog posts, and social media promotions like Instagram and Facebook. The blogging network leans heavily on food content, although it has other lifestyle-type opportunities.

Besides posting original content on this platform, you have to be a resident of either Canada or the US as well as have over 1000 followers on your social networking platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or Pinterest.

  1. Soapbox Influence

This is a social agency that works at influencing consumers’ purchase decisions. Thus, its influencer’s opportunities involve crafting stories for brands and harnessing social to drive sales. Soapbox works with energetic marketing mavericks and storytellers to build brands via authentic conversations.

Join the network and work with brands such as Tyson, Kimberly-Clark, Mattel, Ricos, and Bimbo.

  1. Social Native

Social Native is an AI-powered creative platform that has reinvented how brands generate content. The network connects epic content creators with the most influential brands globally. These brands are General Motors, Walgreens, and Polaroid.

Register with the Social Native platform and begin creating professional content or edit existing assets for these brands.

  1. Socialix

This is an influencer relationship management platform. Its goal is to help brands manage their influencers and measure and improve performance with the help of an end-to-end solution.

Therefore brands can centralize their influencer community, uncover the best content creator, and link their existing technology with Socialix. This is a brand-oriented platform.

  1. Sway Group

The platform has been around for several years and has a broad range of opportunities in niches such as health, food, parenting, among others.

Each guest post opportunity provides an outline of the campaign and specific influencer requirements. You will see Instagram-specific opportunities for bloggers with huge Instagram following but small blog following.

Also, in most cases, Sway builds licensing in its brand application, allowing customers to use your content on their social media platforms and website in perpetuity. However, you may choose to avoid such contracts or select such contracts with higher pay.

  1. Tagger

This is an all-in-one influencer marketing network. The platform helps brands connect with millions of influencers to help them to plan their campaigns, uncover content insights, and understand their audience.

Some of these global agencies and brands are Allison + Partners, Warner Music Group, boohoo, VaynerMedia, and Omnicom Public Relations Group.

  1. Tap Influence

The influencer marketing platform works with content creators that generate posts that inspire and that can actually sell. Tap Influence is used by top brands across the world under influencer categories such as beauty, fashion, food, and lifestyle.

  1. The Blogger Programme

The influencer marketing platform has more than 42,000 influencers and bloggers. The blogger program messages you directly when there are new opportunities. It works with brands seeking high-quality content such as silkskin, Durex, bubble, Luxe Designers, Sketch, trivago, Inaya, ENU, and more.

  1. The Hivency Solution

The platform has combined brands and influencers’ or ambassadors’ expertise in order to launch collaborations and marketing campaigns that both authentic and impactful. The Hivency Solution will link you with your favorite brands like Pandora, Chantelle, LVMH, TFI, WB, and SEPHORA, among others.

You can also join its Hive community for tips, collaborations, challenges, meetings, and many other opportunities.

  1. The Mission List

The campaigns are run by Women Online, whose objective is to support social media activations geared towards creating positive change globally.  Its blogging opportunities are directly mailed to influencers with helpful information on areas like education, public health, and parenting.

Some of the frequent opportunities are adverse child experiences, vaccination, and sex education. The Mission List has competitive rates that can either be upfront or sometimes ask you to list your deliverables for a set fee. So join the network and get on its email list for such opportunities.

  1. The Motherhood

This is a modern influencer marketing agency that links brands with a community of influencers to enable stories to travel to different neighborhoods. You will work with brands from different categories when you join this platform. They include finance, fashion, food, beauty, home, parenting, lifestyle, education, technology, DIY, and more.

The motherhood has partnered with brands such as Amazon, Walmart, Johnson & Johnson, Kimberly-Clark, United Way, Neutrogena, OSHKOSH, and Royal Canin, among others.

  1. Tribe Dynamics

The platform was founded in 2012 to help iconic brands in their influencer marketing campaigns. Tribe Dynamics has the best-in-class software and service that helps you to unlock your brand’s influencer marketing potential.

Some of its iconic brands are WSJ, Forbes, The New York Times, eMarketer, campaign, AdAge, and WWD.

  1. Triberr

The marketing suite brings together small business owners, social media influencers, bloggers, marketers. These content creators run brands’ content and marketing campaigns to help them build online communities, promote and amplify their content.

These brands are sears, Almay, Toms, Xerox, COX and more.

  1. Upfluence

The self-serve platform connects SMEs with influencers who can monitor their campaigns and generate more sales. The Upfluence software helps brands filter over 4 million influencer profiles and find organic influencers suitable for their website audience and customer base.

Some of its customers are Amazon, KAYAK, Zappos, Verizon, PayPal, and Microsoft.

  1. ValuedVoice

This is an amazing site for bloggers with an active blog and social media account. This helps you to earn more money from guest posts and reach a wider population range. ValuedVoice has a referral program where you earn $5 when you refer your friend and help them get their post approved.

  1. #paid

This is a platform that helps brands in their marketing campaigns by matching them with creators. #paid platform will compensate you and other creators fairly because it values the time and effort you invest in creating authentic content for its clients. Once you create your profile, the agency will find a campaign that is your perfect match.

You will get opportunities to work with brands such as Uber Eats, Visa, Nestle, VOLVO, MISEN, Oransi H.M., Frank and Oak, Canon.



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