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Did you know that for the last 200 years, more than 4.5 million people moved to the USA from Russia and the USSR? And the number keeps growing. In fact, the figure could be even higher. Recent statistical studies show that more than 50% of Russians aged between 18 and 24 would like to move abroad permanently. And The USA remains one of the top destinations for Russian immigrants. That’s why Yury Mosha’s WhatsApp help service takes on a new approach to successfully aid individuals in their immigration quest.

Why Potential Russian Immigrants Stall

What stops people from changing their place of residence? Apart from bureaucratic and financial factors, a great many people experience fears and concerns associated with immigration. The most widespread stalling reasons are:

poor knowledge of the language;

unfamiliarity with the laws of the new country;

differences in lifestyle and traditions;

fear of unemployment and the lack of a social safety net.

The market is now being flooded with Russian-language agencies, companies, and websites assisting people throughout the immigration process. Unfortunately, this diversity of resources does not seem to alleviate the anxiety of our fellow citizens. Often, such services can be untrustworthy, overpriced, or unable to provide substantial information and benefits to potential immigrants.

Immigrant Network As a Plausible Solution

A much more tangible alternative to such services is turning to fellow immigrants who have already settled in the United States and have been able to fully assimilate. Their experiences and knowledge are a valuable source of support and insights for the Russians who are only now planning to begin their immigration journey.

Yury Mosha’s WhatsApp Immigrant Help Service

Yury Mosha is a Russian-born successful entrepreneur who has been living and working in the U.S. for over a decade. He has fully mastered the new country’s assimilated and become part of American society, and led several successful business projects.

Since the flow of Russian-speaking immigrants to the USA has significantly risen this year, Yury has decided to help his compatriots by developing a relocation and adaptation service. Currently, the service is being tested, and it has already helped many people immigrating from Russia and neighboring countries.

As the first step, Yury had to work out the best platform that would work equally well on both sides of the Atlantic and could provide seamless communication to help-seekers and people with relevant knowledge. He decided on WhatsApp – an internationally popular messenger app – and the choice has proved to be excellent. Anyone who has a smartphone can get professional advice from a knowledgeable expert.

Get answers to your questions in private messages – free of charge

For users’ convenience, the service doesn’t have a fixed request format. You can simply ask a question in a WhatsApp chat and get a detailed answer from one of the specialists. You can learn how to:

obtain health insurance;

choose the best school for your children;

score the best real estate deal;

find employment, etc.

The answers to these and many other questions are literally at your fingertips. From the safety of your home, you will get all the information you need from people who are already living and working in the United States.

And, most importantly, the service is absolutely free.

The choice of expert compatriots for the service

At the development stage of a support service for Russian-speaking immigrants in the US, Yury Mosha selected a team of competent volunteers ready to provide assistance to their compatriots.

Despite the time zone differences, they respond to requests around the clock;

They provide accurate and relevant data;

They can also provide psychological support to those who experience fears and distress when taking a step toward a new life in the USA.

Service pros and growth plans

While the service is still in the testing stage, it can already boast a number of advantages over competitors:

It provides diverse information and knowledge from real people with first-hand experience in the matter;

It is available to anyone 24/7;

It is fully reliable;

It is free.

As of today, the service focuses on helping Russian-speaking citizens from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and other countries of the former Soviet Union. However, Yury Mosha is planning to expand the platform’s reach and organize similar assistance services in other countries with a large influx of Russian-speaking immigrants. He is also working on rolling out the service versions in Ukrainian and Uzbek languages.

Help Service for Russian Immigrants in the U.S. WhatsApp +1 347 265 61 86


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