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How Can I Teach My Children How I Prepare their Meals?

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Food Games

Some parents are afraid of taking their children to the kitchen because they fear they might get burnt or cut. However, involving them in gardening, shopping for ingredients, food preparation, and cooking teaches them valuable life skills. These include budgeting, shopping, food safety, nutrition, and more.

Parents should not be afraid of introducing their kids to cooking because experts have created exciting, age-appropriate kitchen activities. Online games help children familiarize themselves with cooking, farming, food, culinary arts, hospitality-related careers, and more.

Here is how you can teach your children how you prepare their meals using food education games.

Why Should I Teach My Kids How to Cook?

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Teaching kids how to cook is not easy unless you’re a parent who is a culinary instructor. It takes a lot of time and patience when teaching them how to wash vegetables and fruits properly, use a knife safely, follow a recipe and avoid taking shortcuts when cooking. But it’s important to teach them how to cook for the following reasons.

Provides quality family time: Investing time, money, and efforts in your children’s culinary skills is a good investment. It gives you quiet moments to bond with your child. It’s a perfect setting for your children to tell you what is going on in their lives, boost their confidence, impart wisdom about different cultures, and more.

It helps kids appreciate their parents’ efforts: Most young kids don’t know where food comes from. Teaching them about gardening and shopping for ingredients helps them appreciate the time, money, and effort it takes you to provide them with their favorite meal.

Preparing a meal together can boost their confidence: Kids are excited when they bake a cake or cook a delicious meal. It gives them a sense of accomplishment, especially when other family members like what the child made. This helps kids transfer such a sense of pride and achievement to other areas of their life.

Following a recipe without using any shortcut teaches them maths: Cooking involves using different temperatures, fractions of ingredients, and pans of different sizes and shapes. However, altering measurements can lead to an awful outcome the same way a wrong formula leads to a wrong answer.

Why are Food Games Important for My Kids?

Generally, kids don’t love eating food. Some of them play around with their food, while others sit at the dinner table with grumpy faces when they see a plate full of healthy vegetables. They only want something that is appealing or tasty.

For this reason, it’s important to train children about food as early as possible. As early as six months of age, parents can already introduce meat baby food to their little ones. By providing babies with manageable portions of meat, they can securely hold and explore the food through sucking and gnawing. This approach allows them to savor the flavors and experience the textures without the risk of choking.  

As babies become toddlers, parents can add more creativity to food preparation and introduce more food games.

Engaging your kids in different food-related games can be helpful and can transform their feeding habits. Here is how food games grow your child’s interest in preparing a meal and enjoying it.

1.    Encourages healthy eating

Kids will love taking milk or eating different types of fruits or vegetables when they love characters in a particular game. For instance, cutting the packet of milk and feeding the cat to score some points or feeding the snake with different fruits can help kids love what they’re eating.

One of the best examples of games to encourage healthy eating is food art, which can start in toddlerhood. Give your little one colorful fruits, vegetables, and healthy ingredients, and let them arrange and decorate their plate. They can make smiley faces, animal shapes, or even a food-themed landscape.  

Furthermore, you can create a story around the food you serve. For example, if you’re serving sliced carrots, tell a tale about how these “orange wands” have magical powers to make little ones strong and healthy. Use your imagination to make mealtime more engaging and interactive while introducing important life lessons. That way, you can raise good children who can confidently make healthy choices.

Actually, this removes major hurdles from what they think about a particular ingredient and gets them interested in various meals.

2.    Introduces different foods

Food games help children develop some comfort and make them excited when they see such foods in the grocery store. They help kids try new foods that they learn about in food games such as Cannolo Semplice, Cannolo Ripieno, or other Italian, Spanish, or Mexican pastries, as well as be eager to prepare them.

3.    Experiments with new flavors, textures, and tastes

Strong flavors dominate people’s palate, which develops over time. They can instantly recognize sweet, bitter, spicy, sour, and salty tastes. However, they are able to learn new combinations or spectrum of tastes with time.

Additionally, you can turn mealtime into a puzzle game to teach them about food textures by cutting foods into bite-sized pieces and encouraging kids to assemble them back together. For example, cut a slice of bread into shapes to teach them about soft food texture and have them arrange the pieces to create a whole picture. 

Offer different colorful fruits and vegetables that toddlers can explore through touch and taste. This activity is an excellent way to entice them to describe the flavors, textures, and colors they experience while enjoying their meal.

While children do not like these tastes when they form part of their meals, they are excited to mix them in guessing games. In fact, they are keen on discovering something new and combining new flavors, which is helpful when it comes to preparing their meals.

So then, help your children discover a collection of culinary-related online games and teach them how to prepare their meals.


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