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How data aggregation revolutionizes today’s businesses

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How data aggregation revolutionizes today s businesses

No businesses today can thrive without a prominent presence on the internet. The COVID-19 pandemic made E-commerce the top priority for many companies worldwide. Today, even the most traditional shops and businesses can benefit from data aggregation. Web scraping, data acquisition, and customer tracking provide smart solutions that help to satisfy clients.

With so many companies competing in an unusual struggle for data collection, the tools that systematize and accelerate these tasks are in high demand. Some businesses buy access to organized data sets to get an advantage. Others give visitors access to an API to prevent aggressive scraping and its effect on web traffic. In other cases, efficient, well-optimized web scrapers are the great collectors of dynamic public information. However, to get the most out of these powerful tools, the efficiency of data collection must greatly exceed human capabilities.

Some companies use forcefully overly aggressive scraping, non-human traffic, and DDoS attacks. Because different websites calibrate their defensive algorithms differently, some efficient data collection tasks may lead to an unprecedented IP ban. Such circumstances present an unfortunate dilemma – do we choose complete safety to sacrifice efficiency?

Fortunately, there’s no need to make this choice if you have a great residential proxy provider on your side. Well-organized scraping operations can squeeze out high levels of efficiency and keep the main IP address covered. Click here to read more about one of the best residential proxy providers and their benefits to today’s businesses. For now, we will focus on businesses on the rise thanks to data aggregation.

Flight and travel aggregators

Observing the rising market of travel aggregators is a great way to better understand the benefits of web scraping in a relatively simple environment. Such intermediary websites focus on efficient data collection. Organizing this information in an easily accessible way provides a useful service to customers and competitive traveling agencies. Travel aggregators focus on great web scraping tools and IP addresses from a reliable residential proxy provider and earn a profit with affiliate marketing and targeted advertisement.

We encourage tech-savvy individuals to test and play around with open-source scrapers and data collection tools to simulate the travel aggregators on a smaller scale. Such practice helps to gather technical proficiency and save money by analyzing the best deals available.

With an increase in scalability, you may soon notice the need for a residential proxy provider.

Property and real estate aggregators

Property and real estate aggregators are very similar to their flight and travel counterparts. They use web scrapers to collect and systematize information related to property and real estate with numerous locations in the country or around the globe. With data collection operations cranked up with the help of residential proxy providers, visitors have a far better view of existing real estate deals.

Successful aggregators rely on many concurrent data collection operations to constantly improve their services. Marketing automation for real estate on a gigantic scale allows the best property and real estate scrapers to cooperate with numerous real estate agencies and help underappreciated competitors reach a wider audience. With the help of a big property aggregator, you can reach out to the best resales, rentals, good real estate agents, and even find new projects.

The rise of marketing analytics

Big companies with a strong presence on the web even found data analytics teams to get the most of the collected data. While some manage to get by, others put their company and brand into the hands of experienced marketing analytics companies. As another type of business that benefits from data aggregation, they engage in various forms of web scraping with the help of residential proxy providers to develop new strategies and grow brands on the internet.

Finding an experienced marketing analytics company can do wonders for your development. There are many criteria that can be analyzed to create new business strategies and a more advantageous situation. Experts know when to use already existing data sets for the improvement of a product or a service. Comparing old consumer behavior with client activity in the same market can help to get a bird’s eye’s view and make adjustments. With the help of a residential proxy provider, such activities greatly surpass human efficiency and yield very quick results.

We can already observe how big of a difference data aggregation has made on many companies with online shops. However, targeted advertising and other intrusive ways to use data aggregation are often controversial. Some big tech companies have been caught using aggressive data aggregation in an unethical way. If you do not pay for a service, you are the product.

On a more positive note, data collection lets us create many unique and dynamic tools that simplify and improve our search for the best deals. Massive amounts of information help talented data scientists create the most convenient services we have ever seen. With a humane approach to data aggregation, it will continue to bring great improvements to businesses and our lives.


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