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How Having an MBA Will Help You Start A Business

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How Having an MBA Will Help You Start A Business

If you’ve ever thought about starting your own business, you’ll know what a challenge that idea is. After the initial excitement, you’ll realize just how much work there is to do and what you need to consider, and even if you have a great idea, you might not have the experience or the confidence to push ahead with it.

Sometimes this is a good thing. No matter how wonderful it is for people to have their own businesses and the freedom and feeling of achievement that comes with it, if the business acumen isn’t there as well, that business can quickly fail, and any confidence you had will be lost. So, what can be done? One option is to gain experience in business by working for someone else, and although this is a good idea, this alone might not be enough; you won’t necessarily learn everything you need to learn to avoid potentially devastating pitfalls. An alternative, in that case, could be applying to study an online MBA. Read on to find out why this might be your best option if you truly want to be successful in business.

You’ll Gain Essential Business Knowledge

An online MBA will, before anything else, give you a huge amount of essential business knowledge, and this is something that you will only otherwise be able to gain if you were to work somewhere for many years, slowly climbing up through the ranks, and achieving a high position. By taking an MBA, you’re effectively bypassing some of this need to gain experience, and even though it is still a good idea to work for someone else to pick up insights into the business that you might otherwise miss out on when you have an MBA to your name as well, you won’t have to wait for quite so long to start your business – you’ll gain the knowledge and experience you need much more quickly.

This is one of the main reasons why aspiring entrepreneurs choose to apply and study for an online MBA. Although their ideas are creative and they know that people would want to buy from them, they don’t want to waste the opportunity they have when they launch; there is only one chance to make a first impression, after all. This is why a delay to their business launch to gain essential business knowledge and experience is often the best option. This will build the foundations for a much more sustainable and profitable business in the long term, which should be kept in mind.

You Can Specialize

When you start looking for an online MBA, you’ll find numerous different courses to choose from. This can be exactly what you, as an entrepreneur, need for your business. There might be elements that you are more interested in or benefit your startup more than others. Taking a general business MBA is a great option too, of course, but if you need something particular, perhaps because you want to sell abroad, or you know you need to be able to manage an IT department, or anything else, there should be an online MBA that suits you.

By choosing the right MBA for your needs and your startup business’s needs, you can better design a path to success. To do this, you’ll have to look at your strengths and weaknesses and determine whether you want to improve your strengths or boost your weaknesses and turn them into strengths. Once you know this, you’ll know what direction to go in and how to work towards what you want.

With such a wide range of courses available, each one benefitting different entrepreneurs in different ways, you can be sure that, after making the right choice for you, your new business is going to benefit from the knowledge you’ll gain.

Better Management Skills

When you start your business, you may well be working alone, and you might not think that having management skills is going to be necessary; if the only person you have to manage is yourself, why learn about how to manage other people?

The question you should ask yourself is whether or not you intend to hire people in the future. Often a startup business owner will have this in their plans, and their intention will always be to step back at some point and hire others to do the work of the business so that they can concentrate on growing that business and finally enjoy the freedom that business ownership should bring with it.

If this is part of your business plan and you don’t have any management experience, you might be nervous about making your first hire, putting it off when your business needs more people working to make it thrive. However, with the knowledge gained from your online MBA, you’ll be much more confident to make that hire, and expand your business, because you’ll know that you have excellent management skills.

The bigger your business grows, the more these management skills are going to become essential, so even if you don’t have any employees right now, learning how to be a better manager will never be a waste of time; you’ll always be able to use those skills at some point in the future.

Additional Soft Skills

No one knows everything; that’s why it’s so important to keep learning in life. The more time you spend learning, the more you’ll know, and the more use that knowledge can be, particularly, in this case, if you intend to start your own business.

Yet it’s not just business skills that you’ll learn when you take on the challenge of an online MBA; you’ll also learn a lot of ‘soft skills’ which might not be directed related to running a business or managing people, but that will help you become a better business owner and eve enhance your personal life in some instances.

Soft skills are not related to your work, and they’re non-technical, but they can make a big difference. They include communications skills, time management, critical thinking, collaboration and teamwork, interpersonal skills, adaptive thinking and flexibility, and more. Put these together with the business and management knowledge you will take on during your MBA, and you’ll find that you have a well-rounded, complete business education. There shouldn’t be any problem that you have to face that something you gained from your online MBA won’t help you solve.


Has the idea of networking been of interest to you in the past? Perhaps it’s something that you’re aware of but that you’re not entirely sure of the benefits that you’ll gain from it. Maybe you understand the benefits, but you don’t know how to get started. This is a common issue, and it can leave some businesses and business owners languishing, unable to move forward because they don’t know what to do or who to turn to for help.

When you can network – a skill that you will learn through your MBA, either specifically or because it’s something you start to do by yourself – you will give yourself the best chance of success. Networking means meeting with people who have the strengths to compliment your weaknesses and whose weaknesses your strengths can bolster. Between you, you might even be able to work together to create one exceptional business, something that would never have happened if you didn’t apply for your online MBA.

Even if you don’t find a business partner, networking can help you find investors, mentors, or opportunities that you would otherwise never have known about. An MBA will give you plenty of knowledge and insight, and the fact that you can network at the same time means you can gain so much more besides.

Eye-Catching Credentials

For many people, having an MBA is all about choosing the job they want at the company they want and earn a great deal of money doing it. Once they have completed their online MBA and have those letters on their resume, the world will open up to them, and they really can have all that choice and freedom (although, of course, the work they do will be challenging; that’s why the MBA is required).

What if you don’t want to work for someone else because you intend to start your own business? Surely the MBA on your resume won’t impress anyone or mean anything because there is no one to see it. If you’re not applying for jobs, why is it important?

It’s important because it shows that you’re a great person to work for, for example. You will be more able to attract the top talent – perhaps those with MBAs themselves – once you are ready to hire people because they will know you are serious about your business and that you will know how to run it well. They will feel confident, in other words, working for you because they know they can get on with their own tasks, and you’ll be running the business in the right way.

Your MBA might also be useful when you’re looking for investors. Again, they will know that their money is going to a business whose owner is dedicated to what they are doing and who knows how to run a business; they are much more likely to see a return on their investment rather than lose it all because of this. The investment will often be required to grow a business, so having this additional boost to your chances is never a bad thing. Having a degree from an online MBA means you’ll know how to write an accurate and detailed business plan as well, which is certain to be needed.

You’ll Get Ideas

If you know you want to start a business, that’s a great beginning, but trying to find a route to go down, sourcing the products that people will want to buy, looking for the service that is missing from people’s lives and that you could deliver is much harder than the very simple thought that starting a business would give you what you want in life.

However, knowing that you want to start a business is something to hold onto because it will help you choose the path to go down to get where you want to go, and even if you’re not sure what your business is going to be or do, applying for an online MBA is a great step to take. You will learn all you need to know about running a business so that, by the time you do come up with the right idea, you’ll be able to launch it thanks to the experience and knowledge you have gained through your studies.

Your MBA might even help you to get ideas about what kind of business you could run. We don’t mean taking other people’s ideas, of course; that would be highly unethical, and it would immediately mean that you are setting up a business with a direct competitor, making it a much harder journey to take. We mean that, through listening to people, understanding their pain points, knowing what it is that they need, even by hearing about past students or particularly impressive entrepreneurs, you’ll start to get some more ideas. Once the ideas start flowing, you’ll also determine which one is best for you because you can link it to the knowledge you have gained.

Learn from The Best

It doesn’t matter how much experience or knowledge you have, you can always gain more, and although, once you have started your business, this is something that will happen almost every day, before that it’s wise to gather as much information as you possibly can so that when you launch, you’re ready to do so.

If that knowledge can come from the very best minds in business, as it will when you study for an online MBA, then you are starting from a much further point than most other people, with a vast wealth of business knowledge behind you. You’ll need to learn these things anyway, so why not learn them from the best?


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