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How PortraitFlip Became One Of The Pune’s Fastest Growing Startups



PortraitFlip Became One Of The Pune s Fastest

People often say that gifting comes from the heart and is the purest form of showering love.

However very few of those people truly know the art of exchanging gifts.

While the mass ends up giving the closest thing at hand, PortraitFlip is busy creating a graceful gifting experience.

How Did It Happen?  

PortraitFlip is an E-commerce that turns photographs into handmade paintings.

A Rs 23,000 startup that firmly believes that a handmade custom painting is the best way to express love and warmth.

It started in 2017 in a dorm of Vellore Institute of Technology, Chennai as a solution to a sorry tale.

Sunny’s (Founder of PortraitFlip) friend was trying to scavenge the internet for a handmade painting to gift his girlfriend. Tough luck with the few majors that were charging a bank to deliver to India.

However, Sunny saw a silver lining and decided to help his friend by creating a company that turns photos into handmade paintings.

Necessity is the mother of inventions, rightly said!

What Does PortraitFlip Do?

PortraitFlip converts all kinds of photos into handmade paintings.

Old, new, borrowed, blue – you name it and PortraitFlip can create it for you.

The vision of the company is to empower the artist community by providing them better living standards and creating a new experience of gifting.

Sunny says that people hardly put thoughts into gifting instead end up exchanging a commonplace item in the name of love.

A gift should be unique to every receiver and should not be sold in a common store in the first place. A gift should speak of the efforts that the giver has put into it.

Just convey your thoughts, and PortraitFlip puts the effort. It makes sure it helps the customers by providing a smooth experience with a personalized gifting idea.

You see the manner of gifting is worth more than the gift itself.

What Does PortraitFlip

What is PortraitFlip’s Contribution to The Community?

Although it started as a sick-hustle for Sunny to sway through the whims and fancies of his college life, PortraitFlip is contributing to two major unspoken problems across the globe.

More than 190 artists who were on the verge of giving up their passion for some 9-5 jobs are being supported and promoted for their talent.

PortraitFlip is empowering and bringing to the foreground the hidden gems across the globe.

While enhancing the customer’s gifting experience, it is also healing scarred hearts.

Art Therapy is a way of dealing with stress, anxiety, and a blue mind.

Studies say that creating or looking at art can calm your mind and boost your mental health.

PortraitFlip’s Trustpilot platform is filled with customer reviews that talk about the emotions that ran through them when they saw the artwork. The start-up is unknowingly helping a cause that is never talked about openly.

PortraitFlip Today

It has been two and a half years since PortraitFlip has been flipping and transforming photos into handmade paintings.

A graduation string that started with an investment of Rs. 23,000 is now yielding a turnover of Rs. 6 crores since inception.

The startup has been delivering the happiness box in form of Pet Portraits, Compilation Portraits, Family Portraits, you name it and they create it Portrait. It has secured a TrustPilot review of 4.6 out of 5 becoming one of the most famous go-to services for handmade paintings.

It has branched tie-up with two studios that shelter more than 190 artists across the globe. PortraitFlip’s team of ten in-office warriors are thriving hard to push the startup towards a better tomorrow.

What Are PortraitFlip’s Future Plans?

PortraitFlip is planning to hit a turnover of Rs. 15 Crores by the end of 2021. The startup is also looking forward to a bigger artist base by increasing it to 500 artists including Indian art maestros.

Within two years of the startup, Sunny realized that 70% of the revenue has derived from Pet Portraits. With this though the Pune-based startup is forethinking of entering the Pet Market. The planning has begun with the launch of its sister website called dogisworld, and the motivation remains strong to excel in that industry too.

Besides becoming one of the leading startups, PortraitFlip is working on the responsible duty of generating employment for potential youth. It has plans of growing its in-office team twofold by the end of this year.

Sunny firmly believes that a strong and active team of young, enthusiastic youth can influence a startup drastically.

With a head full of dreams, PortraitFlip is steadily moving towards a better future.

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