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How to Grow Your Business on Instagram in 2024

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The best media channel for establishing connections with brands is Instagram. And fifty percent of Instagram users feel the app makes it easier to find new brands. Customers utilise the platform weekly to shop, which is even better for brands.

Those potential new clients might never discover your goods or services if you aren’t using Instagram for business objectives. This post will discuss developing an Instagram growth strategy that attracts and retains new followers over time.

Remember that Instagram doesn’t expand significantly or authentically overnight. You need real and active Instagram followers to grow your business eventually.

Let’s see whether you can use these suggestions to surpass that benchmark and successfully build your account.

How to Set Up Instagram for Business in 4 Steps

To turn an Instagram account into a business one, you must first create one. Anyone can do it for free. You can have up to five Instagram profiles, so if you’d rather keep your account private, feel free to do so.

Set Up Your profile

Several accounts could see on this menu; select a professional account. In such a case, tap it. Otherwise, select Switch to professional account under Account. Select Category to make it visible on your profile, then touch Continue.

Tap Next after using the slider to decide whether professional Instagram accounts should get promotional emails from Instagram. When you’ve added or modified the necessary contact information, use the slider to decide whether or not your profile should display those details.

Follow the instructions to link your account to your Facebook Page if you intend to link your Instagram business account with a Facebook business page.

Although it is technically optional, doing this is required if you want to use Instagram’s shopping services or run Instagram advertisements.

Add Your Bio:

Your Instagram bio should reflect your brand voice and define your company in 150 characters or less. You can also adhere to a thorough tutorial for writing a successful Instagram bio for a company. Most businesses also add their logos to their bios on Instagram.

You can also include a link to your website, most recent blog post, active campaign, or link tree. By choosing Edit profile, you can add contact information at any time if you didn’t do so when you created your account. The Contact button will subsequently be added to your profile on Instagram.

Action Buttons

If applicable, you can include a button that enables customers to make reservations for appointments or place food orders. You must have an account with one of Instagram’s partners to utilise this feature.

Click Edit Profile, then navigate to Action Buttons at the bottom. Instagram Story highlights are an additional method for maximising the space on your profile by giving extra details about your company or your goods.

Public Profile

If you want to use the Instagram platform to grow or run your business, you cannot use a private profile. You have to switch your account to business or public to reach out to the target audience. Your followers will surely help you to get some new followers.

If you don’t initially have a huge following for your brand or business, you can also buy Instagram followers Canada to grow your business organically. Keep in mind to buy real and active followers only.

Best Strategies to Use Instagram for Business: Follow These 6 Tips

1. Research your audience

Concentrate on the solution you offer rather than the merchandise you offer. It’s crucial to provide value to your customers on Instagram while maintaining a fashionable appearance. Never undervalue the value of visual content as your most crucial resource on this social media platform.

Focus on demonstrating the steps involved in providing the service if your company is service-oriented. Share advice to demonstrate your company culture or explain your objective. You can use a variety of Instagram formats to accomplish this.

Even after targeting your audience with complete research and background, if you still need to grow your Instagram business in a small span, it would be great to buy Instagram likes for each post.

2. Choose the Right Hashtags

Tagging makes it much simpler for customers to find out more or buy when you share content about your products on Instagram. A photo feed post may include up to 20 product tags. Make your Instagram post or Reel as usual and add the appropriate product tags.

Afterward, tap Tag products on the last screen before posting. There is excellent potential for cross-promotion and collaboration when you tag goods and trending hashtags from your own store or someone else’s.

Since users can select to follow hashtags they are interested in; your post may appear in the home feeds of users with a particular interest in your industry.  These are highly targeted potential fans who have chosen to see stuff similar to yours but have yet to follow you.

3. Post regularly

Getting more followers is simply one part of the Instagram growth equation. The second half is maintaining current followers so your overall follower count increases. That necessitates a constant stream of useful information that engages users without clogging up their feeds.

It will take some trying to get the perfect beat for your brand. Keep a tight check on your Instagram statistics while implementing any growth strategy to determine which tactics yield the best results.

4. Create a complete and effective bio

Your content is a common theme across Instagram development techniques. But you may also increase your following by paying attention to your Instagram bio. The most crucial thing is to make sure that your Instagram handle and profile name is pertinent and easy to understand so that users who are specifically looking for you on Instagram can find you and follow you.

Suppose more real and active followers are on your business account. In that case, people will naturally start trusting your business or brand if you incorporate a pertinent keyword into your handle or name. Your keywords are crucial.

This will motivate new visitors to stick around. If it applies to your firm, include a location as your final step.  All Local will profit from this since it can help you increase your local following and make it easier for other local brands to find and engage with you.

5. Focus on high-value accounts in your niche

If you follow and interact with accounts, the algorithm recognizes you belong to that niche. If you follow and interact with accounts, the algorithm recognizes you belong to that niche. With high-value accounts in your industry, concentrate on engaging quality.

The algorithm will be informed that you would be interesting to individuals who follow them if they follow you back, which is an even stronger indication.

6. Increase Your Followers

With a potential list of followers on your business Instagram account, you can reach enough people. Moreover, people also prefer to rely on businesses with a large fan following with active comments and likes.

If you want to grow your Instagram business account in real-time, engaging more followers by posting engaging content or researching your target audience would be best. If you don’t have high engagement because of fewer numbers of followers, you can also buy Instagram followers for better reach.

What Are the Advantages/Disadvantages of Using Instagram for Business?

Let’s start by discussing the benefits of having an Instagram Business account.

Advantages of Using Instagram for Business

  • Analytical data is useful for all organisations, and your Instagram account is no different. You’ll get access to Instagram Insights with your business account, where you can view information on your audience’s demographics, activity, and post statistics.
  • The contact option buttons that may be added immediately to your Instagram profile are another benefit of having an Instagram Business account. Make it very simple for your audience to understand how to contact you by phone, email, or at your physical address.
  • Growing your account and increasing your sales can be accomplished by purchasing Instagram advertisements or boosting an Instagram post. You can make advertisements directly in the Instagram app using your business account.
  • On Instagram, your bio is the only area where a clickable link can be included. And there are no signs that this will change soon.

Disadvantages of Using Instagram for Business

  • Even while Instagram Business accounts let you offer ways for your audience to get in touch with you, one of those contact options must always be direct messages.
  • You cannot restrict who can message you with an Instagram business account, unlike the Creator accounts on Instagram, where you can do so.
  • Instagram users have theorised for years that pay-to-play on business accounts limits their reach because doing so will require them to purchase advertisements.
  • The option to put a link in your story as a swipe-up is one of the most desired features of an Instagram business account.
  • You shouldn’t probably set your account to private if you are a business. However, with a business account, you cannot make your account private if you ever need to take a break from social media or wish to restrict your audience.

Once you’ve compared the benefits and drawbacks of Instagram Business accounts, you should have a clearer sense of which account is best for you. After switching, you can quickly revert to a personal account if you decide the Instagram Business account is not what you require. These pointers will boost your channel’s efficiency and draw in more viewers.


Kokou Adzo is the editor and author of He is passionate about business and tech, and brings you the latest Startup news and information. He graduated from university of Siena (Italy) and Rennes (France) in Communications and Political Science with a Master's Degree. He manages the editorial operations at

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