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How to Increase Views on YouTube (Useful Hacks & Tips) 2023

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Increase Views on YouTube


Looking to increase your views on YouTube? YouTube is one of the greatly engaging social platforms that exist today. And the power of this network is huge, both for nonprofits and businesses. Many of them are buying views, likes, and other stats, but such practice doesn’t dismiss the need for a thorough strategy that is targeted for earning more of those.


But why do people want to buy real Youtube views?

Views in particular are vital for growth because they bring virality and recognition for the authors. Earning many views for your YouTube account is the first concern you meet on your path to vogue. Luckily, by now some many useful hacks and tips can be found across the internet. To save your time, we have prepared the most effective of them in this article.

Aside from these tips, you can also buy YouTube views from different companies to boost your video visibility. They offer a number of packages for social growth. Typically, 500 views will cost you less than $5. Moreover, these platforms provide a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their services.

Pay For Promotion (and Buy Youtube subscribers)

Along with third-party paid services that show you how to buy subscribers for Youtube, some options are provided by YouTube itself. The network offers six types of ads that can be utilized for successful growth:

  • Trueview Ads. This is the most widespread Ads that we notice on the platform. It’s a short (no longer than 6 minutes) film that is displayed before or while a viewer attends to a video. It is possible to skip it, and advertisers only monetize it as the watch time is over 30 seconds. Users can choose what kind of ads they prefer to see, hence your promo videos will reach an interested audience.
  • Non-skippable in-stream Ads. This type of commercial is the same thing as Trueview, but it is, surprisingly, non-skippable.
  • Bumper Ads. This advertising is also displayed before the beginning of the actual video, and it has to be smaller than 6 seconds. Usually, those are exploited as short calls-to-action and become part of a bigger promotion campaign.
  • Sponsored cards. The most subtle form of ads that is present on the platform. It usually appears as a small info icon at the upper right corner and can be expanded manually by a user.
  • Overlay Ad. That’s probably YouTube’s classic form of commercial. It is a small banner at the underside of the video. It can contain either text or a picture and a link.
  • Display Ads. These are also classic commercial banners that are implied to the YouTubes interface. For the matters of channel promotion, this would appear the least beneficial type of ad.

All other types, excluding maybe overlays, are quite helpful if you yearn to achieve more views, likes, or subs to your profile. That is because YouTube ranking systems are smart and properly-organized content is winning the audience that is considered as the target group.

Organize Your SEO

Speaking of categorization, for all your activity to be fruitful, you must dive into YouTube SEO and comprehend how it works. The main instrument of your power here would be keywords. This is the tool that triggers the algorithms of the network and advances you to climb up in ranks. Proper keywords improve the perception of your content multiple times, so you have to do thorough work on the subject.

How To Define The Terms You Need

This task is easy and hard at the same time. For the promising result, you must engage in a deep analysis of your niche, competition, and user behavior. The simplest method is to gaze through the search results that appear when you enter a suggested keyword. Your goal is to learn a perfect balance between general and specific terms.

How To Imply The Keywords

You possess three main options to input your keywords:

  • Titles
  • Captions
  • Video descriptions

Each would be an assistance for YouTube systems to categorize your materials properly and suggest it to the right crowd, granting unstoppable growth of stats on your profile. By using the right terms you prepare your content easily discoverable for users, and you ensure that it will emerge in the suggested category for users who showed interest in the industry you occupy.


Also, to help the system recognize your content, you should add tags to your videos. This can be done within the Basic info section, in the video uploader. Tags should be entered into the field separated by commas. Try to avoid long and complicated words, and again, preserve the balance between general and specific terminology.

YouTube Visuals And Branding

The visual appearance of your channel and videos is a vital thing to consider if you want more views. Humans rely on their vision mostly, so making your content look attractive is a natural thing to do. Whatever else you do, you have to understand that visuals can really change the game. General rules for decent channel visualization are:

  • Unite your materials by branding, to ease the recognition of it
  • Maintain a consistent style that will define your video and distinguish it
  • Aim for minimalism with bright accents that associate with your theme and give users a hint about your subject
  • Add personalized details that would liven up your content and enhance the connection with the audience.
  • Have quality editing in your videos. If you’re unable to do it yourself, use a professional video editing company.


This tiny image holds great power in it. This is the first thing that the user will detect when they discover your video in search results. So, you have to impact your potential viewer strongly enough so they wish to open your content.

There is no universal recipe that would work for anything because all people are different and they react to different aspects. The main principle to follow here is that your image must be simple and readable because it’s really small. A wonderful option is to put in animated thumbnails that indicate the essence of your video and trigger that interest of users.

How About The Content?

Of course, the king of growth is content. It is what attracts viewers extensively and works for you to become an authority in your slot. Nothing can beat original and interesting content when it comes to winning the attention of the public. Driving this power is your ultimate strike in gaining more recognition on YouTube.

Try To Mix Entertainment And Education

There are two major reasons why people come to YouTube. Either it’s relaxation and fun, or the need to acknowledge something. Hence, the best type of content is the one that teaches us something, yet remains fun and loses mentor tone. Strictly educational videos don’t have to be boring and emotionless.

Laying in some wit to your content means making it more friendly and easier to digest for your spectators, delivering positive emotions and associations with you as a creator. Just remember yourself in high school – did you appreciate the teacher who was too official and strict to you or the one who was lighter and funnier in their communication? That’s the same here.

Follow And Analyze Modern Trends

Each network has its trends, and YouTube isn’t an exclusion. But this matter also requires research. Trends are mostly very specific for a certain category of the audience – age, gender, profession, etc. So before implying an idea you wish to piggyback on, you have to analyze the prospects of your viewer’s reaction to it. Redoing mindlessly all that is new on the platform will leave your viewers frustrated and irritated, and this will be immediately reflected in your stats.

P.S.: In fact, anything that you like to implement in your strategy has to be examined. But experiments are useful for your growth too, just keep the adequate quantity and timing of them.

Interacting With Others


YouTube is a social network, so people expect communication with you. To upgrade the amount of views on your channel, you should include a direct message towards your viewers into it, which provokes them to enter a conversation in your comment section. Ask people to share their thoughts about the themes that are stroked in the video, or offer a discussion for the following video topic.

Anyway, it is not enough to encourage people to get to your comment section. You have to contribute to the discussion actively, maintaining it and keeping it spinning. Engaging your audience this way is improving your status as a specialist in the niche, or, in the case of a lifestyle blog, as a pleasant and charming person.

User-Generated Content

People like being appreciated, especially by bloggers they follow. On YouTube, this statement is true as well. Encourage the community to create videos or related artworks, and show these in your materials. First of all, this is an extraordinary addition to your content plan. Secondly, that is what would strengthen your connection with the audience. People will be pleased to know that you are all in a relationship with them.


An effective method to attain more views and overall attention to your profile is to host a contest, setting certain rules for viewers to win. For the sake of watching process becomes more engaging for your viewers, you can organize a puzzle or quest and hide clues within your videos.

Such games not only help you earn more views and likes but entertain your viewers and motivate them to subscribe, to catch the extra opportunity to win.

As for the prize, this is a decent method to collaborate with brands for sponsorship. You can promote a discount or exclusive offer from the brand, or create your merchandise and push it with contests to improve the interest in it.

So then, YouTube Marketing is a powerful tool for brands. In fact, it combines SEO and Video which are excellent elements for your channel. Incorporating the above-mentioned tactics will definitely grow your views more than you imagined. Still there more tricks you can implement.

Other Ways To Get More Views

Cross-platform Promotion

To gain more influence online, it is natural that you would occupy more than one social platform. And being multiplayer is what benefits to stimulate your content growth and widen your viewer base.

To motivate your viewers to subscribe to your materials on various platforms, you should deliver exclusive content for each. In such a path you can attract new eyes to your videos, and support the interest of existing viewership.

Address The Influencers From Your Niche

Pushing your content through influencer marketing technique is a nice idea not only for brands but for nonprofits too. This direction you can win your target audience and gain better results. Even one share can multiply your views and bring you a ton of recognition and engagement. But remember that this method often has a price, so you must be ready to spend some budget on such a promotion.

How Transcription Services Change Everything

As a Youtuber you can’t disregard the worth of text. You still have to include text, like video captions, description, tags, etc.

A transcript of your YouTube video can repurpose your content. Why is it so helpful? As a matter of fact, you save time. This way you promote  more while making less. You can reuse the content in your video for SEO purposes, gain authority, reach audiences and promote your message. Through a transcription service that transforms videos into text you can reuse your content in many ways!”


There are various methods that help to bolster the amount of views in your channel exponentially. But besides the efforts, you must be patient too, because nothing will come in one minute. Another vital quality for a nice blogger is being attentive to the details and swift trends that emerge in the community. Take your time and always look for opportunities.

Also, the most significant ingredient that brings views, likes, and recognition on YouTube is a bright and open-hearted personality. Just be yourself and put together videos about your true passion. Showing your genuine involvement and devotion to the content you make is what attracts people for sure.

I'm a passionate full-time blogger. I love writing about startups, how they can access key resources, avoid legal mistakes, respond to questions from angel investors as well as the reality check for startups. Continue reading my articles for more insight.



  1. Alexis

    06/15/2021 at 12:10 PM

    That’s quite interesting. To be a blogger on YouTube is hard. Especially at the very beginning. Recently I have tried to host a contest on my channel and I really gathered more viewers. So I think that all these tips can work.
    Will try all of them for sure 🙂

  2. Viraltecho

    09/11/2023 at 11:47 PM

    I love this blog post! I’ve been trying to increase my views on my YouTube videos for a while now and this article has been really helpful. Thanks for sharing!

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