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How to organize a Covid-19 vaccination campaign for your employees



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Since the release and validation of the covid-19 vaccine, employers and employees are increasingly considering a physical return to the workplace. Indeed, being vaccinated today makes it possible to offer a more serene and less risky environment for workers to return to their workstations.

The need is even greater in an organization where the physical presence of the employee is necessary for it to continue functioning. The biggest challenge, however, is to lead a vaccination campaign to a successful conclusion. This is what we are explaining to you here.

Vaccine against covid-19 in the workplace: the option of an occupational physician?

The option of staff vaccination by an occupational physician is no longer relevant. The vaccine against covid-19 in the workplace is done more effectively by clinics and healthcare facilities which ensure a complete vaccination campaign for staff for an effective resumption to face-to-face meetings, and work. The reason is very simple.

Indeed, since the official launch of vaccination campaigns in companies especially in the US and the European countries, only a few thousand occupational physicians have actually ordered doses of vaccines in sufficient quantity. Due to the Covid-19 vaccination protocol governing the medical labor inspectorate, doctors had to limit themselves to an order of just a few bottles per person per week.

The application of the vaccine against covid-19 in companies then became complex if it had to be entrusted exclusively to occupational physicians; the management of companies being at the time, forbidden to make any procurement procedures.

Vaccine against covid-19 in the workplace: the internal option validated!

Fortunately, in just a few weeks, companies have no longer been obliged to use an occupational physician to organize in-house vaccination campaigns. The official authorization was given to them following the shortcomings observed in the application of the first decision. The process for requesting and supplying the Covid-19 vaccine by individuals (legal entities) has been simplified.

Indeed, the question that arose regarding permitting companies to vaccinate employees was really useful to maximize the places of vaccination and achieve greater results.

Today, a nurse can inject the vaccine, as long as the storage and administration conditions are met. Therefore, managers use platforms specializing in the organization of internal vaccination campaigns in order to guarantee the health safety of their employees and a safer working environment.

After the simplification of the process of applying the vaccine against covid-19 in companies, managers who wish to organize massive vaccination campaigns within their premises no longer have to worry. However, is it enough for them to call on professionals who will put in place all the equipment and logistics necessary to have their staff vaccinated?

What are the steps for organizing an anti-covid-19 campaign in a company?

To speed up your staff vaccination, it is important to set up appropriate vaccination systems. Also, you need to understand that a vaccination campaign observes a strict procedure that must be absolutely followed.


Before implementing any vaccination against covid-19 in a company, the champion team must take into account the needs of the staff in order to adapt it to the culture of the company. Also, the vaccination campaign plan should involve the entire management and the nursing teams.


Professionals in charge of the vaccination campaign will take care of finding nurses to spearhead the exercise, based on the preferred location and dates. The medical team will then inform them about the vaccination protocol to follow.

Monitoring of the vaccination campaign

Throughout the vaccination mission, the team in charge of the covid-19 vaccine injection campaign will have to monitor and ensure a smooth running of the procedures put in place and remain the sole point of contact for the company.

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