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Inkdome ti aiuta a trovare il tatuatore professionista più adatto per il tuo stile

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Who are the founders and how did the idea come about? 

Inkdome’s founders are Eric Larsen and Alessandro Cordova . The initial idea came from Eric , who, helping several tattoo artists to find clients, decided to digitize everything. Not knowing exactly how to move, he started the training course ” The Startup Training ” held by Alessandro at Bocconi University. Alexander, who sees over 200 business projects every day, falls in love with Eric’s idea. And so this marriage called Inkdome was born.

What are your main products and services?

Inkdome is a service platform dedicated to the world of tattooing. The tattoo artist through our Inkdome Artist app can buy the supply for his work at discounted prices, manage electronic invoicing, find new clients, participate in seminars, offer a financing service to his clients and organize his work.

What are the origins of your success today and what will drive your success in the future?

The origins of our success are probably the same ones that will favor our future success: We bring technology to a historically traditional sector but which today has young talents as protagonists.

What makes you unique?

The foresight.


Your Business Model?

The application is free, tattoo artists only pay to use certain services. To access e-Invoicing, the tattoo artist pays an annual license, the seminars have a registration fee, and we deduct a percentage from purchases in e-commerce and from the use of tattoo financing.

Who are your competitors?

Tattoodo , an American startup. He deals with procuring clients for tattoo artists.

Your website?

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