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Luca Busolli, CEO di Charity Wall : “Ora si è capita maggiormente l’importanza del digitale.”

Charity Wall è uno strumento che, tramite la blockchain, certifica l’impiego delle donazioni e permette ai donatori di monitorare, commentare e verificare costantemente lo sviluppo di ogni specifico progetto sociale.

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First of all, how are you and your family in this period of COVID-19 emergency?

“Thank you very much, we’re fine, luckily we haven’t been touched by COVID-19”

Can you tell us about yourself, your career and how this business idea was born?

“Charity Wall was born during a dinner, when the three founders, affected by the SMS scandal for earthquake victims, started talking about the donations they had made. They had all adopted a child from a distance, sent a solidarity text message for the earthquake victims and even donated 5 per thousand to non-profit institutions.

However, they did not know how our donations had been used, if they had really been used for the stated purpose and even if this use could actually be useful to the community.

So they started thinking about how, with their skills, they could help transparency in this sector. Hence the first idea of ​​Charity Wall to which Luca contributed with his skills in management and networking, Alessandro as a blockchain expert and Simone as a programmer “.

How does your company innovate?

Charity Wall can be defined as a ‘ Social Marketplace ‘ and ‘ an automated audit solution for the charity sector ‘ which, through BlockChain , tracks and certifies the use of donations and allows you to make donations in total safety and monitor, comment and constantly check the development of each specific social project.

We can use the word Social to describe it both because it is oriented to the service of the charity sector and because it allows donors and recipients to create a story about the various social projects that any registered user can view and comment on.

Donations can be in cash (you can donate in 30 cryptocurrencies and in 27 national currencies) and in this case Charity Wall tracks the contribution from the donor to the recipient and how this is spent. The donation can also be a commodity, in this case Charity Wall tracks the fundraising, purchase, donation of goods and receipt by the nonprofit and its use.

The ambitious goal that Charity Wall has set itself is to ensure that, through a system of transparency and traceability, the trust of donors in the charity sector can increase, favoring donations to social impact projects that guarantee transparency and ensuring that donations actually reach those who need it.

Charity Wall wants to track in BlockChain and make public all the documentation relating to the activity of non-profit institutions, as well as track and fully transmit the flows of donations between the various parties involved in the donation process.

Charity Wall applies the BlockChain to the fintech sector, to the notarization of documentation and its utility token for the exchange and traceability of goods and services, giving the possibility to donors to monitor and comment on each step of the donation.

Charity Wall integrates the documentation storage and transmission tools of a non-profit organization, adding the benefits of the blockchain. Furthermore, it can be considered an automated audit solution because all documentation demonstrating the use of donations is uploaded and authenticated in the blockchain through its portal and can be viewed and downloaded by authorized persons.

Charity Wall is aimed both at donors who wish to donate in total safety and have evidence of how their donations are used, and for non-profit organizations who want to transparently demonstrate the use of donations and with whom they can also receive donations.

Charity Wall adds a layer of transparency to the total flow of donations, will reduce the costs of charity removing middlemen, internal process documents of interested parties, improving digitization and accountability, developing greater efficiency and faster procedures .

Unlike what happens with crowdfunding platforms, which simply collect the money and send it to the current account of the campaign promoter together with the donor’s email address to allow the sending of the tax receipt and the reward if defined, the blockchain system works as a notarial certification tool for documentation due to its characteristics of decentralization, security, immutability and persistence over time “.

How does the COVID-19 pandemic affect your business and how are you coping with this crisis?

“The pandemic has unfortunately slowed down many agreements that we had been working on last year and that were in the process of being signed. This, however, has not stopped us and we have benefited from the pandemic by focusing on other objectives and developing new functionalities needed in this. moment”.

Have you had to make difficult choices in this emergency situation? And what are the lessons learned?

“The choices we had to make were of a strategic nature, above all linked to the development of new products that could interest and stimulate the market and to important partnerships. The ability to pivot and adapt to the market was essential”.

How do you manage stress and anxiety during this time and how do you project yourself and your company into the future?

“Our objectives remain unchanged: our target market is the United States and we also plan to expand into Europe thanks to the visibility provided to us by the various European competitions we have won.

Following this emergency we have had some requests to use our platform to help the economy of some states and we are in negotiations, for now confidential, with a European nation to become their tool for post covid fundraising “.

Who are your competitors and how do you plan to outdo the competition?

“There are competitors in both Europe and the US, but Charity Wall can offer a more complete solution.

The strengths of Charity Wall and the benefits it can bring to the social world are numerous:

  • utility token;
  • Blockchain transaction certificate;
  • widget
  • Donations in crypto and fiat;
  • Certificate of donation;
  • Web API;
  • Documentary control.

Charity Wall differs from competitors for the marketplace, the Web API for third parties, the utility token and the development of the payment token and escrow system that combine with the possibility of uploading and certifying any type of file in the blockchain.

Charity Wall can accept donations in 30 cryptocurrencies and 27 national currencies and is able to track any type of donation both in cash and in services and / or goods, supported by the certification of files in Blockchain.

The technological advantage of Charity Wall over its competitors will be maintained by continuing to develop new features with the aim of increasing the transparency of the donation process and the traceability of each step in an increasingly complete and simple way “.

His final thoughts on this emergency

“The emergency has certainly wasted a lot of time and rearranged some balances, but every crisis can be a source of development and improvements. Surely now the importance of digital and its strategic role in our lives has been better understood”.

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