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Massimo Boccia, DoctorTag : “L’Innovazione tecnologica può essere di grande aiuto per coordinare e gestire le varie FASI”

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, Massimo Boccia DoctorTag

In this so-called “PHASE 2” phase of the COVID-19 epidemiological emergency, we interviewed Massimo Boccia, CEO of DoctorTag, the first CERTIFIABLE, portable and wearable medical record. He tells us how his company is facing the new economic and social context.


First of all, how are you and your family in this period of COVID-19 emergency?

Very well, thank you.

Can you tell us about yourself, your career, how you started this company or how you joined the team?

The HISTORY of DoctorTag originates in 2015, when entrepreneurs in the service sector, ICT specialists, together with a GP doctor (with first aid experience) and an expert in ICT VET systems, conceive the idea of ​​a device that can become a PASSPORT DIGITAL HEALTH.

The BASE of conception provides: universal reading (smartphone and PC), applicable in everyday life as in emergencies, CERTIFICATION by a Doctor, a Personal SERVICE Center. The team and the idea are formed, but one immediately realizes that a decisive factor for success is having a good PRIVACY and SECURITY project. The study is entrusted to PIROLA / Pennuto / ZEI based in Milan and only when complete does the development of the software begin and at the same time the establishment of the MyTag4lif Srland, Innovative StartUp (necessary to “support” the Privacy project and the consequent PATENTS and rights that accompany the project). Since then, the improvement of the system has lasted over 4 years (and over 350K of F&F contribution in money and work) since, in addition to the TESTS, there have been continuous changes as a result of meetings with associations, companies and consultants; the AID Card becomes SMARTCARD and the MULTERVICES PLATFORM (personal service center and vehicle for core communications and services by distributing Companies / Associations) is developed, the “HEART” of the DoctorTag Business.

How does your company innovate?

What is DoctorTag?

DoctorTag is a ” DIGITAL HEALTH PASSPORT “. In the Wallet (card) and in the telephone of each user (App), the DoctorTag device is the solution to a universal need: the availability anytime and anywhere of Medical-Health and Emergency data CERTIFIED by a Doctor and viewable with “universal reading” “From smartphone and PC (even off-line).

DoctorTag is for companies and distributing associations a VEHICLE for a new way of communicating and providing “core” services.

Thanks to the MULTISERVICES PLATFORM it is possible to COMMUNICATE with large groups of people and to profile and build loyalty through the provision of DIGITAL SERVICES; it also allows you to create large BIG-DATA archives and carry out real spending reviews; therefore DoctorTag transforms the telephone into a Service Center and a “Digital Personal ASSISTANT”.

How does the COVID-19 pandemic affect your business and how are you coping with this crisis?

The difficulty of finding a partner or Investor increases, even if the sensitivity and interest in obtaining a system that allows you to have your medical information always and everywhere (even with remote sending) has certainly increased.

Have you had to make difficult choices in this emergency situation? And what are the lessons learned?

YES, we ” experienced firsthand ” that if DoctorTag had been in common use, many people could have asked for medical consultations and help by sending their own file, as well as we could have monitored the health of the individual and the community (PHASE1), now instead with DoctorTag we could have regulated accesses based on their “COVID” status (PHASE2)

How do you manage stress and anxiety during this time and how do you project yourself and your company into the future?

There is ” to eat your hands ” being the holder of a possible solution and not being able to make it available for lack of resources. In projection it is a negative experience since it is proof that merit does not always pay …

Who are your competitors and how do you plan to outdo the competition?

The main differences with the national and international “medical record” apps and devices are:

  •  DoctorTag allows you to CERTIFY the medical record data through a Doctor, thus giving credibility and applicability to the personal data shown
  • DoctorTag allows you to view the entire Medical folder even OFF-LINE (with the NFC function of the smartphone). The safety for your health CANNOT depend on the availability of the internet. In any case, DT has access from a UNIVERSAL smartphone and PC with automatic language change (also usable by those who DO NOT use a smartphone and / or PC)
  • DoctorTag is a vehicle for an internal MULTISERVICES PLATFORM that generates profitability, BIG.DATA and spending reviews. Both NOT Certified. Both without a Service Center.

As for the next ESF (Electronic Health Record), when this will be operational throughout Italy, we will integrate access with a dedicated KEY from the DoctorTag block menu; A “TAP” will therefore suffice to connect to the personal medical archive of the Italian Healthcare

Your final thoughts on this emergency?

Technological innovation can be of great help in coordinating and managing the various PHASES, as well as a reference for post-emergency with an expansion of the digitization of Healthcare and Administrative services.

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